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SimpleCoach 2022 Game Notes
« on: September 02, 2022, 09:05:38 am »
Muskingum University @ Washington & Jefferson College

- Season opener for both.
- W&J in white with grey stripe tops, black shorts and white socks.
- Muskingum decked out in all blacks.
- Kind of nervous to see how Muskingum does.  They are building something lasting and need to come out strong.
- Muskingum trying to connect on the ground.  W&J just trying to get control of the ball.
- Typical bit of a chaotic start to the game.
- W&J content with defending whats ahead of them.
- Muskingum keeping possession, just struggles to connect past midfield.  Credit to W&J for their defense for that.
- Seems to be a battle of the midfields.  Both teams making it difficult to advance the ball from midfield.
- Muskingum seems to be closer to getting in the box and challenging the W&J keeper.
- Muskingum#7 and #13 are key to the possession game.
- Both teams seem a little hesitant on the attack.  Half a step too slow.
- First shot of the day goes to Muskingum#6 who tries for long range.
- Muskingum has the better of the possession, and more of an idea of what they want to do with the ball.
- Constantly looking to connect to feet.
- W&J is making it difficult from a defensive stand point, but not really making anything happen up top.
- 22 minutes left in the half.
- Muskingum back 4 is also making it difficult for W&J.  Closing down the passing lanes pretty effectively and not giving space.
- And against the run of most of the half, W&J gets the goa ahead goal.
- Ball sent out wide to W&J#3 who beats her defender and goes into the box.  Ball is dropped back to the 12 where it is hit on frame as its going to goal, a W&J forward gets her foot on the ball and changes the course of the ball and buries it.  Muskingum keeper could do nothing.
- Muskingum 0; W&J 1
- Seems almost unfair, but that’s soccer.
- 10 minutes left in the half.
- Goal has given confidence to W&J.  Think Muskingum needs to reward itself with a goal.  If only to settle down and not get caught up in W&Js enthusiasm.
- Ok.  1-0 at the half.  After the goal, W&J really starting coming at Muskingum and showed a bit of the metal.  Muskingum looked uncertain and shaken by the goal.  Halftime comes at a good time for the Muskies.
- 2nd Half
- WHAT A GOAL!  And like that Muskingum makes a statement in the statement.  Smart heads up set play.  Dead ball just beyond midfield.  Looking to float the ball in, instead ball is played wide right to Muskingum#18(?) and is one on one at the top of the box.
- Takes a touch and from 22 yards out hits it with her left and ball goes upper left hand corner.  Keeper makes a great effort but is left helpless.  Seriously, what goal with not even a minute into the second half.
- Muskingum 1; W&J 1
- W&J continues with control of the ball.  Muskingum trying to get it going, but not yielding.
- And W&J gets the go ahead goal with another brilliant strike from 25 yards out.  W&J#11(?) gets the ball, makes a couple of moves and hits a bomb far post.  Think Muskingum Keeper should have done better, but it was kind of surprise.
- 32 minutes left in the half.
- Muskingum 1; W&J 2
- Test of metal now for Muskingum to get this back on track.  Need to get some possession and get the equalizer.
- W&J defensive posture is just real solid at the moment.
- No surprise all three goals came from shots and not through balls.
- Oh my gosh.  And just like that W&J scores a third.  Ball from 30 yards out sails high and drops in just under the cross bar.  Difficult ball to handle but think the Muskingum Keeper should have done better.
- Muskingum 1; W&J 3
- Muskingum is now in a deep whole.  They need to make something happen against a W&J team that is really making it difficult.
- At this point W&J is closer to a fourth than Muskingum is to a second.
- 20 minutes left in the half.
-  There is a sense of urgency with Muskingum now, that’s leading to errors.  Need to settle down and just get the 2nd.
- W&J is feeling good and keeping Muskingum pinned back.
- For ten minutes since the goal it seems like Muskingum can't get past the half.
- Wow, and Muskingum claws one back!  Deep throw in is knocked around and sent across to Muskingum#6, who receives the ball at the 18.  Beats a defender and hits a ball near post over a diving Keeper.  GREAT GOAL!
- With 7 minutes left, Muskingum 2; W&J 3
- Should be a cracker of an ending!
- Muskingum is still in the fight.  Looking to get the equalizer. 
- Massive corner kick with 4:45 left leads to a PK!  Not sure I saw what happened, seems the video froze up, but the ref consulted with he AR and stuck to it.
- Muskingum#6 buries the PK to tie it up!  Hits it solid to the W&J Keeper's left.  We are level.
- Muskingum 3; W&J 3
- Now W&J is throwing it all forward for a goal.
And the game ends.  What a great game by both teams.

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Re: SimpleCoach 2022 Game Notes
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2022, 06:32:35 am »
McDaniel College @ Virginia Wesleyan University

- Virginia Wesleyan in white tops, grey shorts and white socks.  McDaniel is in their all greens.
- McDaniel has started the game by forcing the play into VWU half.  Trying to put them under pressure from the outset.
- Camera is a little drunk.
- Front three for McDaniel do press well.
- Both teams are lacking a bit of precision, but it is the first game….
- VWU gets its first shot with 39 minutes left on the clock. 
- McDaniel knows when to release the ball out of pressure to break quick.
- Neither team is being patient with the ball.
- McDaniel does make it difficult for VWU to get across midfield.  Press is tough to deal with.
- 32 minutes left in the half and it is going back and forth.
- VWU is making its way deeper and deeper into McDaniel's half.
- I do think McDaniel has more control of this game than VWU.  McDaniel is not being decisive on the attack.
- Looks and sounds like a good crowd on hand tonight.
- 16 left in the half
- Ball is switched to the VWU left wing who takes a touch and hits a laser that the McDaniel keeper makes a big time save on.
- Was a great save and thing the best opportunity of the half. 
- 6 minutes left in the half and the frenzy seems to have subsided.
- VWU is a bit on its heals.
- And half.  Healthy game of two good teams going toe to toe.  Think McDaniel has been the aggressor while VWU was somewhat reactive.
- McDaniel in the first 15 minutes is back to doing what it does.  Going on the attack and trying to be relentless for every ball.
- McDaniel double/triple teams the ball.
- VWU is struggling to get the ball for any extended period of time.
- 29 minutes left.
- And like that, against the run of play, VWU goes down the field, gets into the box, and fires a shot from 12 yards away and puts it past the McDaniel keeper.
- McDaniel 0; Virginia Wesleyan 1.
- 27 minutes left in the half.
- And McDaniel just got close to equalizing.  Ball off the cross bar, and clear for a corner.  Shot from range that I think caught, well, everyone off guard.
- 24 minutes,  VWU is keeping everything in front of them, and McDaniel is struggling to get the ball forward. 
- VWU takes advantage of the press and catches McDaniel off guard for their quick breaks.
- With 22 left in  the half, McDaniel has a look on goal from a corner.  Header goes over the ball.
- 19 left and can see the frustration in the body language of McDaniel players.
- McDaniel is dangerous on corners.  Another opportunity.  This time keeper saves it.
- VWU still can be dangerous.  McDaniel defenders need to be mindful and keep tabs on their forwards.
- McDaniel#17 is one heck of a ball player.
- 12 minutes left.
- With 9 minutes left, and after a great build up on the right side, VWU just made a spectacular 1 had save on what was a certain goal.  McDaniel is now being very aggressive going forward.
- 8 minutes left.
- Time is not a friend when you are hunting for a tying goal.
- 4 minutes
- VWU just clearing the ball as far as they can. 3 left.
- Clocks run out on McDaniel.  Game over.
- Another surprise score.  But regardless some intelligent well played soccer.

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Re: SimpleCoach 2022 Game Notes
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2022, 07:04:02 pm »
Amherst 4 Middlebury 3

Before the MSOC epic between the same two teams, I did get 65 minutes or so of this game and thought I would share my thoughts.  I arrived and it was 2-0 to Amherst, but it's not exaggerating to say that all I saw until halftime was Middlebury possession, with Amherst looking dangerous on the break.

Middlebury scored early in the second half and without knowing anything about the teams involved, my gut feeling was that Amherst might give up another goal.  I was wrong! Amherst actually gave up two, but only once it was 4-1.  Two devestating breakaway goals, gave the Mammoths what should have been an unassailable lead, but Middlebury did some assailing and got it back to 4-3.  On the balance of what I saw, the result was a touch tough on Middlebury, but I didn't see the two early goals, so can only judge on what was in front of me.  Irrespective, a good game, with some nice skill on display.