Author Topic: D3 Transferring (CCIW to NACC or Midwest)  (Read 576 times)


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D3 Transferring (CCIW to NACC or Midwest)
« on: October 16, 2022, 06:40:52 pm »
Hi all,

I have a player who is interested in entertaining the idea of transferring from a CCIW school to possibly a NACC or Midwest conference school. We recently learned that the CCIW won't allow immediate eligibility if this player was to transfer in conference. But their parents spoke with the NCAA office and it was stated they SHOULD be good to transfer and be eligible right away to outside conference but to check the bylaws to see if there is any regional restrictions. Well, we looked all over and can't find anything concrete of course. Does anyone know if a player transfers from the CCIW to outside conferences if they are eligible right away. (Yes they meet all the other grade and credit requirements.)