Author Topic: 2022 All-America Teams - FYI Plan  (Read 312 times)

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2022 All-America Teams - FYI Plan
« on: December 05, 2022, 05:00:18 pm »
Chris Shirk posted this on the men's board the other day. I realize this board is much "quieter" but there is a least some activity, so I wanted to share with you.

"At the outset of the season, Jim Hutchinson and I (aka did not plan to do the Top 25 or All-America teams this year. We ended up doing the Top 25, but as of yesterday we still had no plan to do the All-America teams. Today, however, I can share that we will do our best to name All-America teams one last time. After keeping the website running one more season than we intended, albeit without any columns or articles, it felt wrong to not close the season with All-America teams. That said, we have no set timetable. Our families and personal well-being will come first during the holiday season. So I wouldn't expect the teams to be released any earlier than in most recent years (i.e., a month into the new year).

Over the years we have appreciated the interest in our rankings and awards and the compliments we recieve. We believe and are told that both are positive additions to the D-III soccer community. We have always striven to do the best we can and have enjoyed providing an alternate to the NSCAA/USC rankings and awards. While we won't miss the long hours and sacrifices that were required to pull off many of the things we have done at, we will miss the satisfaction of contributing to the D-III soccer community in a meaningful way. And we genuinely and earnestly hope that the things we had a hand in over the years continue to exist and evolve in some form, whether through a revitalized or something competely new.

So, be patient with us, but keep your eyes out for All-America teams in the new year."

Jim Hutchinson
Jim Hutchinson
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