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Week 11

Wed 1/24
Wilkes @ Misericordia 6:00pm
Transylvania @ Hanover 7:30pm
Nichols @ Endicott 7:30pm
Piedmont @ LaGrange 7:30pm
WPI @ Springfield 8:00pm

Thu 1/25
Sul Ross St @ Concordia (TX) 8:30pm

Fri 1/26
Trinity (TX) @ Centenary (LA) 6:30pm
Cortland @ Brockport 7:30pm

Sat 1/27
Morrisville St @ SUNYIT 1:00pm

Sun 1/28
WashU @ Emory 12:00pm
West Region / Re: MBB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by blackhawks4 on Today at 11:33:34 am »
The SCIAC isn't the strongest conference, especially compared to its west coast counterpart NWC, this year with CMS stumbling mightily out of the gate like you noted.

Historically speaking the NWC has been better, but also remember that the SCIAC champ ended Whitworth's season last year (in Eastern Washington)

Whitworth has been good in previous years and started high in the preseason. For better or for worse, some pollsters have been slow to make changes in their top 25. Especially when they have some solid wins at UPS and home against North Central (Ill.) and the only two losses are to Whitman and a very solid CCIW team, Wheaton.

In a decade, WW has never advanced into the sweet 16, yet they continually get ranked as one of the 16 best?  Doesnt make sense.

And just to make sure I'm reading this right, we're justifying the #7 WW ranking with wins over unranked UPS and North Central Illinois, and a loss to unranked Wheaton?

West Region / Re: MBB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan) on Today at 11:31:19 am »
How is Occidental 14-2 (with losses to Whitman in a nail biter and a non D3 team) and receiving 2 votes for Top 25 and WW is #7 in the country?  Apparently none of the voters watch hoops on the west coast. 

Also looks like Claremont has figured it out again.  But those early nonconference losses (two to Wisconsin schools and to Puget Sound and Fox) have put the nail in coffin for an at-large bid

Oxy has been on my radar from day 1.  They looked great against Whitman and I'd love to be voting for them.  Unfortunately, until they provide a little more consistency, it's going to be tough.  They're picking it up in conference and well on their way to getting my vote, but they had too many close games against teams a Top 25 squad should squash.  There are probably, especially this year, 100 teams (or more) who could be anyone on a given night - the problem is figuring out which teams are maintaining the level of play necessary to do it consistently and against top level opponents.

Oxy's got all the makings of one of those teams, but they need to prove it a little more - at least for me.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: University Athletic Association
« Last post by deiscanton on Today at 11:29:09 am »
I just talked to Noel Hodges of the Brandeis women's team.  She sustained a minor injury to one of her ankles late in the contest vs Rochester, and will not be able to play today vs Emory.  It is hoped that she will be available for next weekend.
Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan) on Today at 11:19:43 am »

Note to D3 Editorial crew:

Scranton is 5-1 in conference play, not 4-1.

They are not a half game behind Juniata, they are currently tied for the lead.

Got it fixed - someone missed checking the "conference" box for the Catholic game.  I also added the links to this year's and last year's schedule - apparently I missed that over the summer.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Today at 11:13:12 am »
I saw this on one of the UMHB QBs....I think he was the one that got hurt after a play...or maybe the one that got sacked alot....guess it could be that other one too. Spot on analysis - that's my specialty.  ;D

On the coaching stuff it is more than just the program they came from or their coaching tree. A great deal of it is where they go and the commitment from that University. The KSU stuff is interesting but the guy cam from Syracuse which - well I guess if it was basketball I could see it, but it isn't. Aside from an upset win every now and again what has Syracuse football done to set the coaching world on fire? The DC is going to be limited in terms of overall system wide changes because it isn't his show. So Kaufman may have all those great things that a few of these former D3 guys like Campbell and Candle have but how much input is he going to have on the overall team approach? Grinch did a great job at WSU as DC but he had a great HC and will have another one at OSU. He changed the tone and culture of the D - but wasn't tasked with overhauling the program.

This is a good point.  Campbell and Candle are both benefiting from a good support system.  The UT administration supports football.  ISU has made substantial financial investments in their program as well.  Kent is unquestionably on the other end of that spectrum.  I grew up probably 20 minutes from Kent's campus, my mom is a Kent alum and I can't say I ever heard anyone talk about Kent St. football in anything other than a derisive tone.  Hoops, sure.  Even baseball, yes.  Football?  Never. 

The deck is really stacked against anyone taking that job.  Aside from perennially losing you're also geographically sandwiched between your hated rival 12 miles to the west who wins more games than you AND has exponentially better facilities and YSU 40 minutes to the east...a winning FCS program with tradition, an actual fan base and big names attached to the program.  If you're a kid which would you choose last?
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by 4samuy on Today at 11:08:20 am »
My updated Central Region rankings.  This is the order I believe the Central region teams should be stacked up for consideration in the Top 25 poll...

("notable wins" - wins vs teams in the Top 25 conversation)

My Central Region Ranking
1. Wash U (13-2, 4-0 UAA) - vs Tufts, at Illinois Wesleyan
2. Illinois Wesleyan (14-3, 7-1 CCIW) - at North Central, at Wheaton, vs Augustana
3. UW-Stevens Point (12-5, 6-0 WIAC) - at UW-River Falls, at UW-Whitewater, vs UW-Platteville
4. Wheaton (13-4, 6-2 CCIW) - vs Baldwin Wallace, at Whitworth, at Augustana
5. Augustana (14-3, 6-2 CCIW) - vs North Central, at Wash U
6. UW-River Falls (12-4, 3-3 WIAC) - at UW-Whitewater, vs UW-Platteville
7. UW-Whitewater (14-3, 4-2 WIAC) at UW-Oshkosh
8. UW-Oshkosh (13-4, 3-3 WIAC) - vs Augustana, vs UW-River Falls
9. UW-Platteville (14-3, 4-2 WIAC) - vs UW-Oshkosh
10. North Central (12-5, 5-3 CCIW) - vs Wheaton

I'd probably have the top 8 in a Top 25 ballot at this point...and would be ready to swap out that 4th WIAC spot next week based on results.

As I have posted about on the CCIW board, the current gap between Augustana (#8, 434 points) and Illinois Wesleyan (#24, 66 points) is ridiculous.  As is the gap between Augustana (#8, 434 points) and Wheaton (ORV, 2 points).  These gaps are based on preseason expectations...and we're just too far into the 2017-18 season for that bias.  And let me stress -- I think Augustana is a great team.  But there should not be any significant Top 25 separation between the Vikings and IWU and Wheaton.

WIAC Standings Through 1/20 (road wins noted)
*UW-Stevens Point 6-0  at River Falls, at Stout, at Whitewater
*UW-Platteville 4-2  at Stout
*UW-Whitewater 4-2  at Oshkosh, at Eau Claire, at La Crosse
*UW-Oshkosh 3-3  at La Crosse
*UW-River Falls 3-3  at Whitewater
*UW-La Crosse 2-4  at Eau Claire
*UW-Eau Claire 1-5
*UW-Stout 1-5

CCIW Standings Through 1/20 (road wins noted)
*Illinois Wesleyan 7-1  at Wheaton, at North Central, at North Park, at Carroll
*Wheaton 6-2  at Elmhurst, at Augustana, at Carthage
*Augustana 6-2  at Carthage, at Elmhurst, at North Park
*North Central 5-3  at North Park, at Carroll, at Millikin
*Carthage 5-3  at Illinois Wesleyan, at Millikin
*Elmhurst 4-4  at Millikin, at North Park
*Millikin 1-7
*North Park 1-7
*Carroll 1-7

Nicely done Q! 

Also remember, although they are not in the top 25 but are third in your regional top ten, Stevens Point was handled pretty good by Augustana at a neutral site in the Dells.
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by hasanova on Today at 10:48:45 am »
E&H gets the home win over RMC and is alone in first place. Lots of games yet to play, so anything can happen. The top four teams -- E&H, RMC, W&L, and GC -- still have to face each other once each, so if they can take care of business in their five remaining games against the other eight they can each secure first round byes and just duke it out for the top seed.
In a bit of cruel scheduling fate, the Quakers face all three on the road down the stretch.  May not be a bad thing, however, as GC's oddly had more success away than at home.
West Region / Re: MBB: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by rlgyank on Today at 10:39:32 am »
Dubuque is a scary team to play. As my son said after the game last night, "I hope we don't have to play them in the tournament". Dubuque is 3 games out of the 6th spot, so they are going to have to win a lot of their remaining games to get in, but if they do, watch out.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by kiko on Today at 10:36:35 am »
Greg, I have no problem with Augie "earning" their win.  They did play good D toward the end.  I was just commenting that they didn't really play all that great -- yes, they do what they do -- we've all seen that over the years, but I just think they are, with performances so far this year, over-rated.  That's all.  As we've seen, they didn't just "do what they do" twice already in league play.   As we all say, any road win in the CCIW is good.  And, they got one against your guys tonight -- but it was pretty close, even with them running guys in and out, as you mentioned.  Lake is struggling, so things could have been different and you would have had the big upset.  Luckily, I don't have to "deal with" anything.  My TITANS did just fine and are sitting solo atop the league at the turn, to my surprise, even as an IWU shill.  If anyone has to "deal with" stuff, it would seem to be the NCC team and fans.  Just IMHO.


If you are disparaging Augie for getting out of the Crackerbox with their pull-away-late win last night, I wonder what you think of Illinois Wesleyan, who came away with a one-point win in the same venue versus the same opponent just one week ago.

Oh, right -- that's totally different...
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