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Point up 22 with 2 to play, feels good to get a win.  BVU only predicted 7th out of 9 in the IIAC, but I'll take the morning solid road win. Nate Dodge with 28 with 8 3s. No Bublitz or Delmore.

Teams in the 2st or 2nd provisional years are NOT eligible. There's a list in the conference changes board in the multi-regional page.

Iím already confused and the season is about 10 minutes old.
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by umhbalum on Today at 06:22:05 pm »
I think the Cru wins by 24 next Saturday.....  just kidding.  ;D

I think it will be a close game and most likely come down to who has the ball last or just a couple of plays.

Both teams in my opinion are very closely matched.

Go Cru!
South Region football / Re: FB: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« Last post by WashJeff68 on Today at 06:16:09 pm »
Good to hear from you, ExTartan.

One has to think that the future of the PAC looks pretty good, even with the loss of TMC.

Next year would expect the ďbig fourĒ to be back, and some others (e.g. Grove City) to be completive.

One more week until this board begins itís long winter/spring nap hopefully waking in the late summer for another year of engaging banter!

Safe travels next week. I was tempted to try to get to Washington/Frostburg next Saturday, but not in the cards.

Jeff in East Tennessee
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by firstplaceloser on Today at 06:14:06 pm »
Good riddance. That style of soccer doesn't belong in the elite 8. Cya next year, Amherst.

I have a feeling someone is going to get very offended by this
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by UfanBill on Today at 06:04:43 pm »
    After being down 28-7 at halftime the final score...35-28 Cortland, was a disappointment but actually Union made a very serious 2nd half run at Cortland to get back in the game. In the first half Red Dragon QB Steven Ferreria had all day to throw thanks to his O-line and he used the time to find receivers that he didn't miss. The Cortland D also stuffed Union on three attempts from the one yard line, intercepted a pass in the endzone and thwarted a last second drive at the nine as the half expired. ... In the 2nd half Union came out determined, Cortland let up a little and it became interesting. A fluke play turned out to be the difference. A short Cortland FG attempt was partially blocked by a Union defender and went sideways away from the goalposts. It hit a Union player standing at the goaline and bounced back into the lap of a Cortland lineman who then stepped into the endzone for a TD. That made the score 35-14. Two subsequent Union TDs left them just short. My prediction of a low scoring game turned out all wrong. Union had 430 yards of total offense and 30 first downs. It was their defense that could not put any pressure on Ferreria and had trouble handling the Cortland WRs. Congrats to the Red Dragons. i look forward to what coach Behrman can do with the Dutchmen next. They have a lot of good players coming back and with another solid recruiting class it should be fun.
South Region football / Re: FB: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« Last post by ExTartanPlayer on Today at 06:04:12 pm »
Major props to both Case and W&J. Great to see both teams advance.

Tough one for the Tartans in the ECAC game. Never really got in sync.

This class of CMU seniors was a great group. We had some individual record-breakers in Benger & Prather, as well as some major contributors on defense. While I had hoped they could break through for a league title at some point, three straight bowl games and a career record of 26-17 is a nice step back towards league title contention and regional-ranking-level competition.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by dlip on Today at 06:03:57 pm »
Congrats to RPI on a great showing today and an overall great season! The Engineers were a great representative for the LL and dlip is proud to have rooted for them today. What a job Isernia and the boys have done.

****ing Union today...just a very very poor showing. Dlip still feels it was an EXCELLENT season and is proud of the overall body of work. He is just admittedly very disappointed in today's loss.
    Disappointing end to a good season...but the Dutchmen program is back in the hunt...couldn't have asked for more this season....good luck next year

Thanks Bartman!!! The Pumpkinheads shall return tough as can be in 18'. +k pal, always fun talking FB with you!
South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by WashJeff68 on Today at 06:01:49 pm »
Looked at the stats of the W&L game and was really surprised. I doubt UMU has had a first round game this close......ever.

Regarding the UMU QB, a few years ago a team on our conference recruited a player who had some serious legal difficulties at his D1 school and became, shall we say, available. After thinking about this, I thought not all schools would give him a second chance, but perhaps he deserved one. As far as I know he took advantage of it, completed his eligibility, and got a degree. He also was a dominant player, as you would expect.

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by WRMUalum13 on Today at 05:58:46 pm »
Only thing I will say about the Fulford situation is that I hope VK and LK have all of the info about the situation before playing him, at least for today. I agree that it could be a stupid HS mistake, but it will reflect badly if it turns out to be something serious. I would've taken the conservative route and waited at least a week. By all things I've heard, he has shown to be a positive presence in the school community.

For the game, I like that Mount had to play against the weather and a disciplined defense. It forced us to run the ball. My concern with what I saw in ththe running game is that Hill is not finishing his blocks. He doesn't hold them long enough to allow the RBs get more yardage. On a couple of runs Petrucelli had the ability to get 10 more yards but his guy would come up and cut the runner down. My only criticism today.

I just have to say that it is painful listening to the student announcers. First of all, it's Petro-sell-ee, not Petru-chell-ee. It also bored me that they kept saying Petrucelli instead of Choat who was actually carrying the ball. I understand those mistakes for away teams, but not your team.

I love this time of year and saw some interesting games today with Wartburg winning by 1, Linfield owning Hardin Simmons in all phases and NCC holding St Johns down. I picked those teams to win, but not the way they did. This years playoffs seems open for many!

Just win and advance! Go Ders!

Iíve got NCC taking down UWO and todayís game made me a bit more confident
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