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Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 04:44:50 am »
Let's hope Steve is successful at IC.

For what it's worth, ISU did not pitch any of their "best" arms during the game, mostly using freshman with very little game experience.

Credit to Titan pitcher Jim O'Brien though, who looked the best he or really any other IWU pitcher has all season, against what appeared to be the usual ISU starters.

Also an IWU injury update, John Bosco took a foul ball to the head while in the dugout during game two against Augie on Saturday. Brandon Skopick also seems to be injured again as he hasn't played in the last five games. Those are two of the best three hitters on the team this season.
Cross country booty call.  Happy for Mark and his wife, and for all the boys like my son, who had the chance to play for him.  He may not have been the winningest coach in the CAC, but the boys learned a lot of valuable life lessons from him.  In the end, discipline and accountability will serve them much better than a couple of extra W's.  We will never know how much of his record was due to Admissions (non) support, budget restrictions (inability to pay his AC's a competitive wage) or other factors. 

For the sake of future Bobcats (Bates had its Admitted Students Day this weekend) I hope new(ish) AD is up to some big time coaching recruiting in a very short time frame.  Brendan Costa is a very talented young QB, and it would be a shame to lose him and the other great young players if Fein can't land a qualified HC on very short notice.  Tough position for a young AD to be placed in.

The timing is terrible. Do you think that April is the time to recruit a qualified long term Head Coach. With the shortened 2 week training camp before the season starts and the team scattered for the summer how can you even think of changing offense and defense schemes. This is quite unfair to the players for sure. Yes Harriman was a class act. Every Bates player benefitted from him being their coach. This is not going to be a fun few months in Lewiston.
I sure hope Mentkowski gets a shot, I enjoyed watching him play and I think he’s a gamer.

Funny, he ran a 4.4, yet I remember Barry running him down in the semi final game. I know Barry is a track sprinter, how fast is that kid?

The only 40 time I trust less than a pro day 40 is a high school combine 40

Oh god, high school 40 times are the worst... seems like just about every guy that shows up at the nfl combine has somehow gotten slower after 4 years of a college conditioning program :P

And even nfl combine 40s aren’t 100% accurate because they use a manual start, i know most pro day times  are still usually hand timed by each individual scout which is a huge margin of error.  but to be fair, Lou Berry is an all American Sprinter and based on his  60 meter times I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a low 4.3 guy.

Also, if anyone was wondering, the nfl experimented with fully automatic timed 40s a few years ago but decided to not use it because everyone’s 40s would be significantly slower than the way they were previously timed

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: OFFSEASON: Mega Draft
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 12:01:48 am »
Full Draft List

201. NCF - Demarius Cress - UMHB
202. Smitty - Trell Thomas - La Roche
203. FCGG - Ethan Moose - Geneva
204. Ryan - Noah Valencia - Gallaudet
205. ronk - Darrius Colvin - Dallas

206. ronk - Marcus Curry - Guilford
207. Ryan - Ricky Leonard - New England College
208. FCGG - Heath Post - Springfield
209. Smitty - Izaiah Winston-Brooks - New England College
210. NCF - Dejuan Rodriguez - Wheelock

211. NCF - Greg Metelus - Elms
212. Smitty - Jake Ashworth - UMass-Dartmouth
213. FCGG - Cameron Kane-Johnson - Westminster (PA)
214. Ryan - Craig McGee - RHIT
215. ronk - Carson Long - Guilford

216. ronk - Sheldon Adams - Buffalo St
217. Ryan - Hunter Martineau - Hilbert
218. FCGG - Jontrell Herman - Johnson & Wales (CO)
219. Smitty - Austin Korba - St. Olaf
220. NCF - Matt Nester - Wash U

221. NCF - C.J. Miles - Roanoke
222. Smitty - Jordan Lester - Whitworth
223. FCGG - Ramon Wright - Rowan
224. Ryan - Ryan Stevens - Alma
225. ronk - Connor Schroeder - Lynchburg

226. ronk - Quinn Carey - SUNY-Geneseo
227. Ryan - Jason Bady - York (Pa)
228. FCGG - Randy Walko - TCNJ
229. Smitty - Trenton Krueger - Bethany Lutheran
230. NCF - Adam Rees - Pomona-Pitzer

231. NCF - Robert Duax - Platteville
232. Smitty - Ian Mileikis - St. Josephs (ME)
233. FCGG - Rayshon Ward - Bridgewater St
234. Ryan - Josh Darville - Messiah
235. ronk - Chance Greene - Lynchburg

236. ronk - Devin Kearns - Washington & Lee
237. Ryan - Stephen Azums - Wentworth
238. FCGG - Max Vickers - Aurora
239. Smitty - Jordan Jenkins - Williamette
240. NCF - Chrishawn Orange - Augustana

241. NCF - JC McGrath - Franklin & Marshall
242. Smitty - Dan Draffan - CT College
243. FCGG - Torell Carter - Berea
244. Ryan - Victor Pena - Eastern
245. ronk - Johnell Lane - Tex-Tyler

246. ronk - Colin Molden - Emory & Henry
247. Ryan - Alic Wynn - E&H
248. FCGG - Jake Digiorgio - Illinois Tech
249. Smitty - Latunji Adeola - Staten Island
250. NCF - Steve Ferebee - Stockton

251. NCF - Matty Rudack - Birmingham-Southern
252. Smitty - Chaice Truex - Bethany
253. FCGG - Wyatt Ferm - Macalester
254. Ryan -
255. ronk -

256. ronk -
257. Ryan -
258. FCGG -
259. Smitty -
260. NCF -
National topics / Re: 2018 Regional Rankings
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 12:01:15 am »
It has been a bit of a strange year for the coaches (ABCA) and media ( Top 25) polls.  In advance of the regional rankings coming out in a couple days, the two polls are finally approaching something of a consensus.  The same teams in the top 6 are the same and every team in the Top 25 is in the ABCA poll (30 teams).

I have followed both polls closely this spring and was shocked at how far apart they were at the start.... but they have melded nicely at this point. More games equals more data points to evaluate from.
ABCA went from 8 voters to 16 voters after the 2012 season. has always had 25 voters.
New England Region / Re: BB: LEC: Little East Conference
« Last post by hockeyfan77 on Yesterday at 11:59:47 pm »
USM collected 19 hits in a 14-6 victory over U-Mass Boston to improve to 21-8 (7-3 in the LEC)

Recap/Box Score

Next up for USM (pending weather)

Wednesday April 25 @ Bates @ 4

Big win!

USM is a young team with only 2 seniors: if they can learn how to be consistent and not waste at bats swinging at the first pitch, they could surprise...Next year is the year that they are going to be scary good...
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by Dutchfan on Yesterday at 11:32:12 pm »
Considering how slow of a recruiting year it appears Calvin is having, they really needed a pick up like Carson Meulenberg.
Right, and Drew, where he was before, didn't have football.
General football / Re: D-3 Players in the Pros
« Last post by E.115 on Yesterday at 11:13:40 pm »
Goodluck to McKenrick of JCU:

Mason McKenrick hoping to be first John Carroll football player drafted since 1991
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