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Exit Illinois Tech, enter Finlandia...

Observing upper peninsula weather for the past 100 years tells me a lot of those FinnU home games are going to end up being played on the road.

I don't know how quickly we'd get our bid back but this great news.  When looking at what options the league had available Finlandia was one program I thought could be a possibility but frankly I didn't think they would go for it.  Hopefully this addition lasts longer than Ill. Tech.

The only real options for Finlandia was the WIAC or UMAC.  If the program does not get better, it will drag down the pool C chances for every other team in the WIAC.
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by mom1234 on Today at 12:48:05 pm »
I'm no soccer guy but they are cleaning house at Bates. The Head football coach recently "left" at a very bad time and they had to scramble to replace him- like Flaherty I think he was pushed out.

My personal speculation is both coaching situations may have been similar. The AD wanted to make these coaching changes but the administration was unwilling to buy out the remainder of coaching contracts. I believe the Football coach intended to play out the final year of his contract but evidently found a lame duck situation for his final year untenable and chose to leave.

Or, possibly there was some unsuccessful financial negotiation and the coach walked.....speculation only.
Looks to me like the Soccer situation was similar.

Hoping the college will make the right financial commitment to both programs but that remains to be seen.

As I said, I'm not a soccer guy but you folks in the Soccer community will know the level of the commitment Bates has made by the resume and reputation of the new guy despite the less than ideal time frame.

For what it's worth I don't know Flaherty at all but have heard rumblings about him and certain eccentricities on more than one different occasions in the past few years. All told they wanted him gone.

I'll get off the Soccer board and leave it to those who know but I will leave with one final comment for the record. I believe Bates at some point in the past 10 or 15 years did have a guy drafted and/or who played in the prevailing pro Soccer league at that time.

I thought I would add the perspective of someone currently in the middle of the pre-senior year recruiting season and who was in-process with Flaherty. My son can attest that the assistant coach, who were we told might be taking over the head coach spot, hasn't shown any improvement on Flaherty's lackadaisical recruiting abilities. And it's not because my kid stinks; he's been to enough nescac recruiting clinics by now to have learned that he is just about as a high level a player as any nescac coach can hope to have in any given year. Not saying that boastfully, but merely to point out how pathetic Bates' recruiting has been: Flaherty screwed up the day appointment when we showed up after traveling halfway across the country, dropped the ball on communication thereafter while busy leaving or getting fired, then this assistant coach did no direct follow-up with my son by way of introduction as the torch was passed, just impersonal camp solicitation emails with outdated information. My son has basically lost all confidence and scratched Bates off the list.

On the positive side, once son's grades and scores ended up pretty high and he got feedback from coaches that he's the kind of player they would use a "tip" for, it opened up a lot more of nescac than I had thought. Son isn't splitting hairs on the schools' academics which to him are all outstanding; the search is on for a good coach who actually tries to get his players to play a quality game. From the clinics he has been to so far, here is what he has discovered so far this summer. Anything to add, anyone?

- Murphy: His intensity really showed. Every second of that clinic was scheduled down to the second. Then, although he was a joke-around kind of guy, he was overly critical and an extreme micromanager. If you scored a goal, somehow he still managed to say you should have shot with the other foot or done xyz differently. My son feels like that guy constantly in his ear is going to shut down his intuitive decision-making process and creativity.

- Elias: Hard to read, very serious, maybe to the point of no fun. Son didn't get a chance to get to know him as he only went for one day. Still don't know much. Anyone have more to add?

- Shapiro: He was definitely the full-of-himself guy playing crap soccer that everyone said he would be. Son figured out for himself that Amherst is no place for a quality midfielder. He doesn't care how good a school it is, or whether he'd make the guy's list, he won't have any part of it.

- Nizzi: very disarming, easy-going guy. Not sure about what it's like to play for him after a one-day clinic. Very forthright; didn't hide anything to parents about the ins and outs of athlete admissions. My personal opinion is that this would be a good bet.

- Weircinski: has been as good on the recruiting side as Murphy. Son has been impressed with his communication. He is at his camp now, and all son has said so far is that the recruits there are no good, but then again by his telling, there have only been a handful of good players in all these clinics combined. In a previous post, someone said Bowdoin "doesn't play pretty." Can someone elaborate on that?

- Tufts: Clinic isn't until the end of July, so we'll see. I have high hopes, though. From previous posts, it sounds like they play as good a game as can be found in nescac... any comments? Son added this school to his list in the 11th hour, though, so he hasn't gotten a sense of the coach.

So far, son hasn't walked away from a clinic thinking, that's the one. He experienced first-hand that the F&M coaches are the "class act" one poster said they were, and if picking a school were only about coaches, he would go with them. I just worry about him playing in that league and getting bored. It's not a good sign that he's a dramatically better player than all this year's incoming freshmen (coach's words). It was his decision forgo D1, but I do think he should try to get a better fit in D3. Where that is, I don't know. Your opinion is appreciated!
General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« Last post by badgerwarhawk on Today at 12:46:41 pm »
Dude wearing a Loras hat in the gym at Craig HS in Janesville, Wi.   
South Region football / Re: FB: Southern Athletic Association
« Last post by BerryViking92 on Today at 12:37:22 pm »
Good to see Berry and Centre getting some early votes. 

It'll be interesting to see if Berry can continue their strong results from the past 2 years.  Especially breaking in a new QB.

Shouldn't the QB be a senior this year?
Men's soccer / Re: D3 Soccer Coach Framed for Murder
« Last post by Brother Flounder on Today at 12:31:00 pm »
Under these egregious circumstances a two year law license suspension is not enough.  Prosecutors should go to jail themselves for conduct like this.

Great news for the coach!  I agree that the 2 year suspension is not enough.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by UfanBill on Today at 12:23:10 pm »
Sure it's great to see other teams but it's getting increasingly harder to find such opponents. Nearby leagues such as the MAC and NJAC already play nine league games and that one non-league opening is usually filled by games against each other.  New England leagues such as the CCC(7)and ECFC(7) have fewer members and thus more non-conference games. That's where the LL has gone recently. The NEWMAC(8) and the MASCAC(9) have fewer N/C openings.  Again they usually schedule among themselves. Liberty League schools, due to travel expenses, are unlikely to travel out of the East. I do believe however that there is plenty of opportunity for LL vs E8 games that will bring together opponents who have not seen each other. For example Union has not played Brockport and only once played Fisher(2006 NCAA).  Didn't we all lobby for a New York State super-conference recently? Starting next year the E8 and the LL will both have 7 members. Of the 4 OOC openings I think you'll see each E8 and LL team playing two games against each other. Many schools are already doing just that. It seems that we're getting what we asked for.
A knee-jerk reaction to a vague post.

Drop: Adams - Wilson
Add: Jordan Robinson - North Park (?)

If he plays, I suspect it'll be as a graduate transfer somewhere else.

I wasted a 12th rounder in Feehan, so dumping a 16th rounder isn't gonna kill me. Someone on the CCIW board mentioned NCC, not sure if he meant NPU though. Robinson was a 22 and 9 guy, so worth the risk.

Robinson is probably favorite for POY if he's back on form and playing.
I'm Baaack! Absolutely slaughtered the walleye on "Lake of the Woods" the last 3 days. Probably had 25+ (the group of 12, including 2 SJ2ers) between 20-29in. Obviously catch and release, but tons of fun! I think I put on 5Lbs with all you care to eat fish everyday :o
Humboldt State has dropped their football program. They will play the 2018 season and then close the books on one of the last DII programs in California. And this was after a successful fundraising effort to save the program by the alumni and other boosters/supporters. Oxy is following the same playbook to a tee.

Read the below link as former coach Rob Smith sets the record straight and does not hold back in his resignation letter.
South Region football / Re: FB: Southern Athletic Association
« Last post by MUC57 on Today at 10:26:02 am »

Hey, you've had two good years. Why not keep it going? Sometimes a couple good years is enough of a kick start to move the program along. Think positively!
It 's nice to see some new programs doing well. Would love to see some parity in Dlll. Of course, I don't tire of seeing the same old Mount Union guys up there.
Good luck on the season. Go Vikings! Go Raiders! Oh, what the hell, Go Everybody! ☠🏈
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