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Re: FB: USA South Athletic Conference
« Reply #11610 on: November 14, 2017, 09:17:43 am »
Hawks take down Lagrange 27-17 but that score is much closer than it really was. It was 27-3 with <5 minutes left when LC drove down and scored on our backups then got the onside kick and scored on a long pass the first play after. Still don't know why they didn't go for two after those TD's since it could have made it a one score game if they had made them? Weird.
We may have lost QB Chip Taylor for the playoffs with an injury the first possession of the game. Preston Samoden did a solid job in his place so we could still be in good shape.

Going on the assumption that we are headed to Berry next week and anxiously waiting until 4:30 tomorrow to find out for sure.

Go Hawks!

Hate to hear the news on Taylor, what was the nature of his injury?  Sounds serious if you think he shouldn't be available Saturday.
I had originally included the injury Saturday but decided to remove it. I didn't want it to be general knowledge just in case but I'm sure some people saw it before I took it out. During/after the game on Saturday I would never think he would be available this week but he did an interview with a local TV station Sunday at the selection show viewing and said that he would be ready Saturday. I've posted several times during the season the toughness he has displayed so I wouldn't put it past him. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
Glad to hear he's got a good chance to bounce back for Saturday.  Competitors never want to be on the sidelines.

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Re: FB: USA South Athletic Conference
« Reply #11611 on: November 14, 2017, 01:27:57 pm »
Thanks, Hasa. We're hoping everyone can healthy enough to be ready to go on Saturday.
Me, too.  Hoping you make the trip to Guilford next September also.
A long time between now and then but right now that is one we want to make next year.