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Can someone explain to me how Wheaton's Laplante has recieved player of the year honors 2 years in a row??

2006- I thought you could've given it to WPI's Matt Fiore who batted .374, 55 hits, 36 runs, in only 36 games for a team that bid well in the 2006 playoffs. Or how about Laplante's teammate third baseman Scott Guillerault who had an All-American season batting .339, with 14 HR and 60 RBIs. But Laplante who batted a measly .319?

2007- How about Babson's Steve Tamoush who is batting .384 with 66 hits, 42 Runs and 24 RBIs. Or Clark's Joe Silva who batted .383 with 44 hits, 38 Runs and 28 RBIs. But, Laplante gets player of the year again, by currently batting a weak .310, with 45 hits, only 31 Runs and 23 RBIs. Not to mention defensively he has thrown out only 7 runners in 40 games...

Seeing several NEWMAC games this year, he has not handled the staff any better than Silva or Fiore have handled their own, from a defensive stand point.

The numbers don't lie. I think the NEWMAC coaches have got caught up in the politics of the dominant Wheaton organization.

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