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West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: April 29, 2012, 01:00:32 pm »
I won't be surprised if Wes Perkins starts a game for Millsaps today.  He closed for 2 innings against Belhaven College late in the season to preserve a victory and he won a SCAC pitcher of the week award his freshman year.  Millsaps used position players Doucet and Shumaker to start games 2 and 3 and they only had 4 starts between them coming into the tournament. 

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: April 04, 2012, 11:22:06 pm »
Turns out #2 and #5 lost yesterday, too, so we'll see about the rankings.  Meanwhile:

@SCAC Sports ‏Congrats to Millsaps baseball coach Jim Page on becoming 20th active DIII coach w/ 600 career wins & 36th all-time to do so

Story on the Millsaps game and Coach Page's 600th win:

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 05, 2012, 05:59:42 pm »
Millsaps played in a spring break weekend at Piedmont College and won the 2 games that really mattered.  The opening game was against Montclair State of the Mid-Atlantic Region, and while I'm sure Millsaps wanted to win, they couldn't afford to burn up a lot of pitching with 2 South Region opponents coming up.  Montclair won that game Saturday game 14-7.

Millsaps came back on Sunday to beat 15th ranked Piedmont 11-2 and today they beat Methodist 10-1.  That puts the Millsaps record at 10-4 with 7 games left before starting conference play in 3 weeks.  It still feels very odd to play over half of the schedule before starting conference play.

One interesting stat--in 14 games Millsaps has 1 home run.  That's quite a change after years of guys like Garner Wetzel, Hunter Owens, and Will Hawkins putting up double-digit totals.  While the Millsaps starting lineup would never be mistaken for the Bronx Bombers, this kind of power outage is stunning.  Even so, Millsaps has scored 120 runs in 14 games and 10 or more runs in half of their games, so they are finding other ways to get their runs.

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 26, 2012, 07:25:14 pm »
Millsaps is playing well but they have new starters at every position except catcher and rightfield, and the pitching staff is mostly new guys as well.  This is a perfect year for them to start league play in late March when they have had time to gel a bit.

Must say that the Trinity start has been impressive and it should be a heck of a series against Chapman this weekend.  The pitching staff has 117 K's in 99 innings with a 2.73 ERA and opponent's batting average of .212--those are numbers that few teams will be able to top.

Region 10 women's basketball / Re: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 26, 2012, 09:13:18 am »
Two years ago I was relieved when Millsaps won a game late in the season--that turned out to be the only win of the 2009-10 season.  Now they are in the SCAC Championship game with a 20+ win season.

It is a turn around just as remarkable as when Mike DuBose revived the Millsaps football program.  This success story won't get the attention that it deserves, certainly no where close to the attention football got, but it has been an amazing turnaround.  Congratulations to the coaches and players for the success resulting from their hard efforts.

Now I'm once again just hoping for a single win as the Lady Majors take on Centre for the SCAC Championship.  No doubt that Millsaps has to be considered the underdog in this game, but they have already proven that the seemingly impossible is very much a possibility.

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 25, 2012, 10:25:58 am »
Emory beats Rhodes 12-5 yesterday.  Both teams are now 5-2:

Millsaps is also at Emory this weekend and is scheduled to play York University at 11 (I think that is Eastern time).  The game can be seen at this link:

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 11, 2012, 09:00:52 pm »
Millsaps went to 2-0 Friday night with an 11-3 win over the Ozarks.  A freshman from Houston got the start and pitched 5 scoreless innings.  A lot of newcomers have gotten a turn on the mound so far and they look like a promising group--too early to tell how they will do over the long haul.  Wes Perkins is back as the starting catcher.

Millsaps has freshmen starters at 3rd and short and they remind me a lot of Will Hawkins and Hunter Abrams.  Hopefully they will put up stats equal to those two over the next 4 years.  Kevin Wall is out with an injury so the second base spot might rotate between several players for now.  Andrew Evans is starting at 1st and is off to a good start with 5 rbi and 2 extra base hits.

Drew Leonard, last year's shortstop has moved to center and Jules Roussel returns in right.  Left field might be a manned by committee situation to start off the season.  In general, I see the Millsaps team as one with a lot of potential this year but one that has a lot of new pieces.  One thing that will be very different is that Millsaps doesn't start conference play until March 22nd since they are now in the SCAC East.  This might be a perfect year for such a late start of conference play.

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 07, 2012, 08:12:51 pm »
Millsaps gives up 3 in the top of the 9th, scores 4 in the bottom of the 9th for an 8-7 victory over Belhaven University (5-2), the #15 team in the NAIA rankings.  Millsaps used 8 pitchers, most of those pitchers are new to the team this year.

Millsaps started off this year with a nice win over NAIA Blue Mountain and then got hammered by a very strong Louisiana College team (currently 15-2).  That huge loss (87-48) to LC was a case of a very experienced team overwhelming a freshman heavy roster, a situation that wasn't helped by Millsaps having Janice Okeke sitting on the bench with an injury.

The next lost came in game #5, a very disappointing but promising 66-61 home loss to Centre where Millsaps held the lead with less than a minute to play.  It was Okeke's first game of the season and she only contributed 6 points and 3 rebounds, but Millsaps made up for this loss on the inside by hitting 9 of 15 3-point shots.

Who would have thought at that time that now we would find Centre (16-1) and Millsaps (17-2) sitting at the top of the SCAC rankings?  Centre is no big surprise, but this is a Millsaps program that was 1-24 during the 2009-10 season and then made a coaching change late which basically eliminated recruiting for the 2010-11 season.  Things were so thin on the Millsaps bench last year that two volleyball players were recruited late in the year just to keep the roster in the upper single-digits.  Despite the lack of recruiting and lack of depth, Millsaps went 12-13 overall and 8-8 in the SCAC.  Maybe that rapid turnaround should have told us that a big season was coming in 2011-12.

Being a realist, I recognize that Millsaps being 17-2 and 11-0 away from home is partially a case of things going the right way in some close games.  During the 5 games from December 29 through January 8, Millsaps won by 4 at Huntingdon, 3 at Rhodes, and went into OT on the road at BSC and Oglethorpe.  Millsaps recently had a close 4 point home win over Colorado.  But even if the record was "only" 14-5 right now, what a remarkable turnaround that would be from where this team was just a couple of years ago.

All in all, it has been a great job done by Coach Chuck Winkelman, his assistant Jerri Cooper, and by the players on the team.  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the season unfolds and seeing how the Lady Majors do in this year's SCAC Tournament.  I also look forward to seeing how Millsaps will do when Coach Winkelman has a roster filled with 3 or 4 recruiting classes instead of just 1.  The present and the future look bright for Lady Majors baskeball.

Region 10 women's basketball / Re: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: November 19, 2011, 12:55:20 am »
Millsaps scores 57 points in the first half enroute to a 99-85 victory over NAIA Blue Mountain College.  Lady Majors have 5 players in double figures including 4 freshmen.  Link to box score:

Millsaps plays a tough Louisiana College team tomorrow afternoon.

Sewanee makes DePauw 0-for-3 against former SCAC opponents in 2011 with a 30-7 whitewashing. 
Millsaps holds off Rhodes to keep their flickering championship hopes alive, 44-36.

Ron, I absolutely haven't been keeping up with any SCAC sports this year including Millsaps.  Isn't the Millsaps situation a case of needing to run the table and then hope that BSC or Centre get a win over Trinity?  That seems like championship hopes that are better than flickering, unless it is the play of the Majors that makes such an occurance unlikely.  Like I said, I really haven't kept up with anything well enough to know the likelihood of Millsaps winning out the rest of the way.

BTW, I've been doing music videos in place of sports photos.  Covered 3 bands last night, getting ready to go film 2 tonight, and there will be a whole slew of bands to recorded tomorrow at a benefit show here in town that features a huge lineup of acts.

By the way, I like the new look of the SCAC website:

Breakaway SCAC picks a name:

Link to the Southern Athletic Association website--the only content is the league's official release.  There's an icon to click at the bottom left of the website for that release.


Millsaps opened up football practice yesterday with 99 players which included 51 freshmen.  Unlike the teams under the DuBose era, I think the coaches are glad to be working with 100 or less instead of the 130 player rosters they once had.  It seems like the right mix would be to have about 40-45 upperclassmen each year and then a large group of freshmen that will eventually be whittled down to 15-20 by their senior year.

By the way, on the subject of SCAC teams once playing schools that are now powerhouses, the first Millsaps football team (sometime around 1900) went to New Orleans and lost to Tulane 30-0.  Then then travelled to Baton Rouge and lost to LSU 70-0.

However, in what was described in an 1905 article as the greatest game in Millsaps football history, Millsaps avenged that 70-0 drubbing by beating LSU 6-5 in a Thanksgiving day rematch in Jackson.  Apparently a TD was worth 5 points in the early days and Millsaps got the victory thanks to a converted extra point.

There is a "rest of the story".  This 1905 article goes on to say, "But athletics at Millsaps were overstepping the proper bounds in the estimation of the two Conferences, and at their next session resolutions were passed forbidding the College to indulge in inter collegiate games of any kind."  Such was the view of athletics back a little over 100 years ago.

While much of the talk of late has been about what will happen in the 2012 season, there is still a 2011 season to be played.  Millsaps has 5 articles on their website giving a preview of their incoming freshman class.  Here's a link to the 5th article.  You can find links to the first 4 articles at the bottom of this article:

Also note that the stories were written by James Hill, the interim SID.  Many of you have heard him in action since he did the webcasts for football, basketball, baseball, and maybe a few other Millsaps sports last year.

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