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Wes Dodson a long time assistant at HSC has taken the HC position at LeGrange College. 

Not the finest moment at Hampden-Sydney:

That is too funny.  As to the grounds crew driver, what year did he graduate from HSC?

He graduated the year before my pizza delivery guy graduated from RMC. 

HSC scored 13 points and only 1 second ran off the clock. They scored a FG on an untimed down To make it 17 to 17 at the half. They kicked the game tying FG with 1 second on the clock at the snap. They scored a TD in overtime. Both  FGs came after penalties from WL. The first was a horse collar, the second was a pass interference. It was an amazingly fun game to watch. I watched it online. 

Congratulations to Marty Favret - the winningest coach in HSC history.

Congrats, indeed.

A great comeback by W&L to force the OT. Also great work by the Tigers to respond in OT with the TD and PAT. Great win.

WL scored with about 40 seconds to go to take a 3 point lead. HSC kicked a 42 yard FG as time expired to force OT.

Congratulations to Marty Favret - the winningest coach in HSC history.

Congratulations to Coach Favret for his 143 win yesterday. From HSC’s website -

With the victory, 23rd-year Hampden-Sydney head coach Marty Favret now totals 143 football coaching wins with the Tigers, tying legendary H-SC Hall of Fame head coach J. Stokeley Fulton, who is the winningest and longest-tenured football coach at the College. Coach Favret now has an overall record of 143-84, while Coach Fulton compiled a record of 143-99-5 over 25 seasons from 1960-84.

Two weeks in a row HSC gives up a TD in the final minute to lose the game. It’s hard to watch. Widener only had 4 processions in the second half. A 15 play drive For a FG, a 3 and out, and a 1i play drive for a TD and 13 play drive for a TD. By my count in the second half Widener went 10 of 13 on 3rd down conversions and 1 for 1 on 4th down. 9 of these conversations were 6 yards or more.

Also the HSC QB was injured on the last play of the game.

2 deep is fun to talk about but it won’t matter. HSC returned 10 starters on offense in 2019 and went 1-9. Granted they weren’t the best team in 2018 but they scored points in ‘18 averaging just over 30 points per game.  In 2019 they averaged less than 17.  This is 1 example of many. I used to look at these type things every year. But it’s early June and we are talking football. Life is good!

How many teams are getting at large bids to play in the playoffs this year?

Anyone know why Apprentice vs Guilford was cancelled yesterday? The Generals are a bit beat up right now and face Apprentice next week. As a fan and hopeful for W&L's season, I wouldn't be too upset if it wasn't played and they had a chance to get healthy. As a fan and a proponent for the players, I hope the game goes on and the Generals get to play a full season since the upperclassmen, especially, have already lost an entire slate.

Looks like it was COVID-19 related on Guilford’s end.

W&L played a good game (particularly the last drive and the two point conversion). They deserved the win. Congratulations to the Generals. It was a disappointing day for the Yellow Jackets.

It'll be interesting to see R-MC and W&L take on Ferrum. Those 3 teams seem to be the class of the conference right now. I just can't take H-SC all that seriously having seen Guilford play the week before.

I agree that having seen the Guilford game the week prior that HSC’s 1 point does not appear to be an impressive victory. 

In the OCAC comparing scores is not always the best way of predicting success or failure.  In 2013 HSC lost to SU 35/36, HSC beat Guilford 52/0 meanwhile RMC beat SU 49/7 and lost to GC 21/28.

Also I agree that WL and RMC seem to be the class of the conference but in my opinion a 1 point victory over Guilford is actually more impressive that a 2 point victory over Apprentice.

It’s early in the season no reason for any team to lose hope yet!

HSC played the worst 1st half I had seen in the 13 years I’ve followed them. Actually the 3rd period was not much better. In their first 3 possessions of the 2nd half the fumbled, and threw 2 ints. However GC did nothing with those turnovers. GC let HSC hang around long enough to allow them a chance to win. HSC scored a TD At the end of the third to make it 14 to 20. They made it 21-20 with about 9 minutes to go in the game. GC answered with a drive that took another 5 1/2 minutes off the clock. So with 3:34 remaining and GC up 5 they KICKED the extra point!  WTF?  HSC promptly takes it down and scores the game winning TD. I have no idea as to what the GC coach was thinking but that was  huge mistake.

This was an ugly win but hey a win is a win!

I don’t doubt on paper RMC looks better but I can think of several ODAC teams that should have been pretty good on paper following a great year that fell flat of expectations HSC 2014 vs 2013, WL 2016 vs 2015, BW 2020 vs 2019, Guilford went 6-1 in ODAC play in 2015 and has only won 7 conference games since. The ODAC has historically been a difficult conference to predict.

The facilities at RMC look great!  I know that our fans really appreciate RMC spending all that money so that we have a place to sit. Why else would that have built them?  No one else comes to their games! 

I’m kidding (kinda) and I’m very jealous especially of the weight room.
Providing you a place to sit to see another HSC loss in THE GAME is the least that RMC can do for their HSC brethren.

I agree.  But the last time they updated facilities turning their East- West disaster of a field into a North South turf field HSC won -2013. Maybe we can replicate that this fall.

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