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Good luck to all the gatherings of Nova's, Skoals, Kids, Llama's, Tigers, Moms. Lawyers,  CNUs, JKs, Roccos, Eagles.

Do not drink and drive unless Skoal is there to help ;)
You know it ABNRGR!  Dat's how I roll!  Or swerve?  Not sure which one.

Guess who's back?  Back Again!
Hey, skoaltrain!  We need some BC faithful to stir things up.  lol
We've been quiet lately.  It's funny how that works.  Looking forward to a great season.  I know Bridgewater reported 161 to camp.  Quite the numbers.  I need some Bridgewater help.  I can't do it myself.  I've been lurking for a number of months.  I'm back Baby!!!!

Guess who's back?  Back Again!

Skoal, you know i am willing to help because that means i get to eat the good stuff while we are working.  see you in a day.
You know I'm down Brother.  Looking forward to it.

ok, skoal you know i love you but if i dont get a shout out, then I guess i dont rate.  see you early friday morning, illness coming on so that i can leave at 3 to be there by 9.  peace out.
WesleyDad!  You know I love you too Brother!  Here's a big shout out to you. Get some good rest and drive safely.  By the time you get there the pork will be ready to pull.  I'm going to need some help.

Is the Championship game being televised ?

TigerFan; Heck yes.  7:00 kick-off.  ESPN2 if I'm not mistaken.  Skoaltrain has been busy rubbing pork butts and getting his trailer in order.  Pork Butts:  $110.34.  Gas:  $73.45 fill-up.  Charchol:  $17.96.  D3Football Fellowship:  Priceless.  See you guys Friday.  I'll be rolling in around 4:00-5:00 p.m. on Thursday to start smoking.  Need at least 18 hours on it.  Safe travels to all UWW and Mt Union Fans. 

Peace and Nasty Pork Grease!


Llama, Skoal, bcphotos, oilcan-

What are the Stagg Bowl plans?
That's a great question Kid.  I was wondering the same.  It's going to be here before we know it.

I'm rocking the Bowtie this weekend.  As much as it pains me, Go HSC!  Ouch, that hurt. 

24 hours until Stone Station sets up...

It's that time of year again!!!

I have it on good authority that Stone Station is going to be mentioned, albeit briefly, in the Around the Mid-Atlantic column next week :)

I'm anxious for it to be published.  I'm leaving in an hour to start the BBQ.  Safe travels to all D3Football fans this weekend.  Go BC!!!!!  16 Pork Butts and counting starting at 6:00 this evening.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Stone Station!

I take it SKoal Train made it back to his abode with most of his brain cells.....
Yes indeed I did.  Made it just fine.  Thanks for caring AbnRgr.  I knew I could count on you.  ;)  We had a great time.  You need to try and make it one year.  The food is good and the fellowship is even better.

Until next year, I bid you all a fond farewell.  Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.  Probably going to be there no matter who plays.  If needed I'll catch a ride with seventies down to Salem.  My daughter is now at William and Mary--she'll drive over and then we will drive back to Ohio together.  Looking forward to a great day.  Y'all keep the weather warm, and we'll try to keep the snow up north!

AProf!  We'll do our best on the weather. 10 day forecast says high of 47 with a low of 29 for next Saturday in Salem.  About a 30% chance of rain.  If we can withstand what we ran into last year, we'll be in paradise if this holds true.

Drive Safe and we look forward to seeing you.

skoaltrain, good to hear from you.  hanging with hal, dennis, and peggy last week was fun.  i will be bringing a nice 1/4 keg of beer this time, hope you like, well it wont matter, you trust my beer selection like i trust your cooking.  can not wait.  may be flying solo as jason may be starting a new job, finally, this week and is not likely able to get off next weekend and i am not sure if his friend will still come along.  if it turns out to be so, wont be the first time i have flown solo.

Ahhh, i'ts going to be great!  Weather (at least now) looks not too bad.  I can't wait to hang with you again.  It's been since Homecoming!  We'll make up for lost time.  Look forward to tasting your beverage!  Drive Safe and we'll see you in a week!

Hey, we're 10 days out from the tailgate, hope there are signs of life soon. I'd hate to have to sit in my room at the Hotel Roanoke (Hilton upgrade from the Hampton) and have to eat all these Buckeyes.
Take the lack of "life" on the board as us planning.  The wheels are in motion and we have, yet again, another great tailgate planned.  Don't worry.  We are in "tailgate" mode.  It's going to be as good as any of them in the past.  We've got you covered.  We are coming in Friday afternoon and will start cooking as soon as we get there.  Skoaltrain (That's Me!) is doing Pork BBQ that will be slow cooked for 18 hours.  Peggy and Chris are doing Deep Fried Turkey amoung a mountain of other things.  Llamaguy, I assume, is doing his famous BBQ chicken.  I know it as Fairground Chicken and it's some of the best this side of the Mississippi. 

All is good in Virginia and Stone Station will once again will deliver.  Looking forward to the fellowship SeventiesRaider!

skoaltrain, good to hear from you.  yea, only a month until the stagg.  already planning for what brews to bring.  really looking forward to hanging with you guys again hopefully with no snow this time.
WesleyDad, I'm counting down the days.  I've got a neighbor of mine that's coming in Saturday with his 5th wheel camper and is going to witness D3 Football and Tailgating first hand.  I'll be in Friday we some good down home SkoalTrain BBQ.  Please let us not have another UW-W vs. Mt Union Championship.  Someone please step up.  We need some new blood.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the Fellowship with them but it's time for a change of faces.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled Thanksgiving.  I spent it  at home with my 5 year old son who is sick.  The wife and daughter are bringing me back a plate from GrandMa D's who cooked today.  She's 92 and still kickin' it old school.  The men eat first while the ladies wait on the men.  Like I said, Old School.

See you in Salem!!!!

Skoal!! How are you?
Anyway UVA is going to be mercy killed. Virginia Poly Tech will smite them....

Say hey to your buddy Jack D.  :)
Doing quite well abnrgr. Doing well.  And I don't have any buddies named Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, or George Dickel.  They have been more like enimies to me over the years.  Just a "Beer Guy." 

I hope you and yours enjoyed Thanksgiving.  And I agree, Tech will roll over UVA.  My Dad graduated from Tech back in 60' so I'm pulling for them. 

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