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Region 1 football (New England-ish) / East Region Fan Poll
« on: July 05, 2007, 09:44:54 pm »
Another idea from the South Region...

They have 5 of the most prominent posters of that region vote for the top ten teams in the region each week of the season.  I'm figuring that we can do the same over here in the East Region, starting with a preseason ranking.  Please PM me if you'd like to be part of the "ranking" committee.

I'm not going to limit it to 5, however I only want serious people that will be part of it each week.  If you miss a week or your voting indicates that you are not taking it seriously, I will not include your ballot and you will not be allowed to do it again.  It's only fair. 

So, let me know.  I hope to have a Pre-season poll by the beginning of August!!

On a Basketball board, member Sac began a list of the top 10  individual teams in that conference of the era.   I thought that this was a pretty cool idea and decided to do it for the entire Eastern Region for the last 8 or so years that has existed.  For example, a team that will probably fall on this list is the 2006 St. John Fisher team. 

I will release one team each day, starting on Sunday Night, with an analysis of their season, etc.  You all can come up with your own lists and post them here as well, but I would like for you to wait until I start it on Sunday.

For now, does anyone have nominations that could put a team on my radar that might not otherwise be? 

Hope you will enjoy it!

Region 1 football (New England-ish) / East Region Playoff Discussion
« on: November 10, 2006, 11:00:19 pm »
Well, it is almost that time of year and I noticed that the South and West already have a topic for the playoffs so I thought I'd add one.   Pat, if this is too early or not relevant yet please delete.

Anyway, even before the Playoffs begin, how do people see things shaking out?

Once the playoff seedings are picked, this may be a centralized place for people to go to discuss the matchups, rather than jumping back and forth between conferences.

Here are the teams that, at the time of writing this, are the possible candidates for the east regions (These are NOT seedings):


1.  Wilkes --- Likely #1 seed, still has to face King's puts that in jeopardy.  However, they are the Pool A team from the MAC.
2.  Rowan --- Clinched the NJAC, are a Pool A qualifier.
3.  Union --- Clinched the LL, are a Pool A qualifier.  Seeding depends on who will hold the Shoes after tomorrow...
4.  Curry/Coast Guard --- The winner of the NEFC champ will get a Pool A Bid.

Virtual Lock:

1.  Springfield:  Likely to clinch the Pool A bid in the E8 against Norwich Tomorrow.

Pool C Candidates that will likely get in if they win:

1. St. John Fisher:  Probably the strongest of the candidates to this point, Must beat Alfred to get Pool C Bid, still an outside shot at the Pool A bid.
2. Hobart:  With a win vs.  U of R, will likely get a Pool C Bid.
3. Cortland:  Cortaca Jug game will determine their fate!

Pool C candidates that need help:

1. Alfred --  Needs to beat Fisher, and have a slew of other things to happen to get a look.
2.  U of R -- Needs to Beat Hobart, then have a miracle
3. Ithaca -- Needs to Win the Cortaca Jug, then steal some of U of R's Miracle

Out of Region Teams:

1.  Dickinson:  In the case that any of the Pool C locks slip up, the winner of the CC may be shipped in.
2.  Wesley:  An outside shot that if Wilkes were to lose, Wesley would be moved in as a Number 1 seed.... I have been told this is very unlikely, but who knows 

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