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Congrats HSC it's been a long time coming! Go ODAC! 8-)

Haven't seen any talk about it but Coach Clark at BC has fired longtime assistant, most recently offensive coordinator-Joe Soltis, under pressure from the new administration.  Haven't heard who will be replacing him yet.
Was this due to the on field performance of the Eagles or an unrelated matter?  I wish him well.

I hate to hear that for Coach Soltis, he was always a really good coach and great person to talk to off the field.  He really had some HUGE shoes to fill after Coach Colbert left, it was almost an impossible task as a replacement.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Hasa - you are commended for your Guilford loyalty.
It's not easy being a Guilford fan in football, but there are the occasional bright spots.  I've never been one to jump on the bandwagon only after a team starts winning.  :)

Now you're starting to sound like Kermit the Frog.  (It's not easy being green...) 

16-14 is not exactly a walloping. However, the Tigers need to do better than to lose in the opening round 2 years running.

Averaging 35 a game during the season, hosting Montclair first round, not scoring until the 4th: not walloped, but very disappointing.

Here we go again... now we just need CJ Smart back and we'll be set for an old school run on the boards. 

Fitting that Matt is back during the 10th anniversary of the BC Stagg Bowl Run.  ;D

Lynchburg had a team 60 or so years ago, as did Roanoke.  I don't know why they stopped competing in that sport.

It's been a long time but there's a story about Lynchburg getting the death sentence by their administration in regards to football a long time ago.  They've got a great field ready to go and great setting for it. 

A nice blurb about the ODAC family:

Stepping up with sportsmanship
Video Subheadline: Bridgewater comes to aid in multiple ways following bus fire
Video Headline:
Amy Hughes,
Updated date:
Last Updated - April 26, 2011 9:37 GMT
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SALEM, Va. -- It was anything but a regular Friday morning for Tom Huffman, a volunteer assistant softball coach for Bridgewater (Va.) College. Huffman was with the Eagles softball team for the Old Dominion Athletic Conference Tournament last week when he noticed something was amiss in front of the team hotel.

“I just walked outside from the hotel front lobby and there were two buses parked in the parking lot,” Huffman said. “The back of one bus was on fire with the bus driver sitting in his seat doing his paperwork. I went and told him the bus was on fire. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put it out, but it was too big for that.”

Luckily for Guilford College, Huffman is a former volunteer fire fighter. Hotel staff was immediately instructed to call the local fire department while Huffman and the driver for the Guliford softball team removed the team equipment from the burning bus.

“We [saw] some equipment in the storage bins in the bottom of the bus,” Huffman said. “We started throwing equipment out in the driveway. It wasn’t difficult and there wasn’t any heat or smoke in that area.”

With the bus out of commission, Guilford had problem: how would it get to the field for its consolation game?

No fear. Sportsmanship came into play as Bridgewater coach Donnie Fulk offered the Guilford squad a ride -- alongside his team -- to the Moyer Complex in order to get the 11 a.m. contest.

And the Quakers' opponent? The same Bridgewater team they rode with to the ballpark.

Once at the field, Bridgewater got back into game mode and won the contest 4-2, knocking the Quakers out of the tournament. Guilford had a replacement bus waiting for the ride home while Bridgewater won its afternoon contest before being sent home with a consolation loss that night.

Awful news about Davon, he was truly a great guy on and off the field.  He will be missed!

The bracket looks reasonable this year, let's hope for an all ODAC showdown on 12/4!

Welcome to the place where intellectual rigor is put to the test everyday. LOL.

BC: always is good, always has a big class, always in the hunt. Very painful for the rest :)

BC has it's biggest team to start the season since 2005, which was the last Playoff Year, hopefully that's a good thing.   Competition always breeds success over smaller more complacent teams.

Nothing will compare to what we saw for the 2002 season after the Stagg Bowl appearance though.  Having at least 4-5 deep at each position was interesting come meeting time/practice.

Missed the game all together,  it's really too bad ESPN decided to move it to ESPN Classic.   Watched the highlights on ESPNews but ESPN Classic is in a cable package tier that USUALLY isn't worth having.  :(

Does anyone know if Matt was impacted at all due to the coaching changes at UVA? The second I heard that announced on ESPN, I thought of Matt, hope he's doing well. 

Congrats to BC and to Coach Clark on #100.   Coach Clark is a class act and a great attitude towards coaching, I for one am glad I had the chance to play for the man. 

Go R-MC!!  Looks like we're heading for a showdown with H-SC for the ODAC title 3rd year in a row.

Sir, you are embarrassing your son.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: August 19, 2008, 01:21:29 pm »
Pierre with another solid showing tonight

3 REC 41 YDS
1 KR 27 YDS
4 PR 22 YDS/ Long of 15 yds

Saw Pierre play in person tonight,  I'm a Falcons season ticket holder and he played quite well in a game that was played pretty lousy by both teams.  He did get smacked around a few times and drew one flag but overall he held his own and looks like a solid candidate to make the Colts squad.

There is no question that W&L is the best school in the ODAC.
Applicant pool is comprised of the top 5% of all HS students; very difficult and competitive. Once in, the standards are higer. Percentage of students applying to graduate school and the acceptance rate also higher, much higher. What school has more CEOs of Fortune 500 companies? W&L.
I've enjoyed reading the the post on this topic, but, a diploma from W&L does mean more, a lot more, than a diploma from HSC, RMC, E&H, Bridgewater, RC, EMU, or any other school in the ODAC. Not to say the other schools are not good schools, they are; but they are not considered to be an elite institution on a national level. You guys are comparing apples to oranges.

Difficult for a HSC guy to admit but the facts are the facts ....September is right around the corner !!!!

It's not a question on which degree is "worth more" but a question of why it would worth questioning the academic standards of other ODAC schools when it is clear that in order to graduate from any school in the ODAC including non-football schools you must work hard and you have accomplished something significant when you do graduate.   Now,  having worked in the engineering field for years now it is pretty clear to me that once you've been out in the real world for a few years your degree is meaningless compared to your work ethic and track record as an employee.   I understand the work ethic to succeed at W&L carries over in the future but I can honestly say my Bridgewater degree has yet to hold me back against the competition which often includes MIT degrees and Princeton degrees.

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