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Final...HSC 66 Dickinson 27.  Ricca Throws Four 7 tds.  This game was actually 24-21 at one point.  HSC turned it on in the second quarter to run away with it.  Big Game Next week as undefeated JHU comes to town.


I do agree with Hurley that Rica's numbers would not be near as impressive in an offensive system where he isn't throwing the ball 80% of the time.  Yes, he is a good player and quarterback.  There is no doubt in that. But it's the offense which helps him seem so impressive.  The best way to describe him would be  that he FITS the system, he doesn't MAKE it.

Buzzz zzz zz z zzzz zzzzz

To state that he isn't in a "real" offensive system is ignorant.  And as a former player in this  offense it is frustrating for me to see people take shots at #10 and write off all of his accomplishments because of "the system"  when I doubt there are many other quarterbacks in this league that could run the offense as effectively as he does.  I guess you can judge for yourself when we come to see you this year.  Good Luck this weekend, pull the upset for the ODAC

Have ricca play in areal offense and lets see what his numbers are like

  Your comments are ridiculous. 

 LLama, I believe last year you could have used the inexperienced angle with the line.  It will be the same group this year, and I believe they are much better, I guess we will have to wait and see.  First things first, HSC 56 Guilford 14


  Looks as if we'll need every bit of it to beat HSC.  It's gonna' be a wild shoot-out again down there, isn't it.

Maybe not Miz? Hanover had a vetran OL (1 JR, the rest Seniors)and Webster threw alot of 3 step drops and slants. HSC usually goes downfield and they didn't get the time to last year against BC. I still think the key to the game will be how HSC's young OL holds up against our DL & LB's. Now if the ball gets airborne, then all bets are off that we will consistantly stop them. ;)

I wouldn't call HSC's OLine Young, All 5 of them started last season.  #68 has been seeing experience since he was a freshman.  I think the line has plenty of experience, and I would not underestimate them.


You are getting dangerously close to what I call "being a hater"  When you break an ODAC record, you should probably receive POW consideration. No?  Give #10 his props. 

Preach 1, Preach.

Good Luck to all of the ODAC squads this weekend. 

Go Tigers!!

Kid--we get it!!  You think Washington is the best player.  Jeez, I gotta give you props for your wisdom though.   

There is a decent article about the ODAC, with some quotes from Coaches Clark and Favret, in todays Richmond Times Dispatch.  There is also mention of E&H and W&L.  I would link the story but it is absurd how long the link is.  Just go to and click on sports.  I think you folks might enjoy it.

FYI: For those interested  Here you can find the game notes for HSC VS. Sewanee

I think Cummings was referring to the game in 2003, because last year was far from controversial.  It was one-sided.  Interesting around the region column though, Pat.  I know everyone on here is excited for Saturday.  GO TIGERS!!

Since there were a few predictions thrown out, let me throw out my own as well.  First of all, let it be known that I am an alumn of H-SC so my bias will be apparent throughout the season.  

My Picks--

1.  (It hurts me to write this) BC---The favorite untill someone can beat them.
2. HSC--Still knocking at the door.
3. E&H--New Coach should bring new enthusiasm.
4. RMC--No real basis for this pick, apparently they have a strong class coming in.
5. CUA--Improving.
6. W&L--They do have a good defense, but what about the O?
7. Guilford--Maybe they will win a couple.

SO there you go.  Hopefully Sydney will get tired of knocking on the door and finally just kick it in.  

This should be a fun season folks.  I am looking forward to interacting with the fellow posters this season.

This looks great.  Go Tigers.

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