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good points bball13 - and exactly my point that WPI pitching depth may be problem i.e. not being able to finish off teams late - no way to say that WPI is anywhere near Wheaton as a program but don't think anyone would have thought that WPI would come that close, making your point again that baseball is a crazy game to figure and never over til it's over - WPI turns a corner, but can they sustain over time as Wheaton has? Wheaton also seems to do a lot of the little things well necessary to win - as far as tourney goes, we know the bye is huge to line up rotation and tough for teams to use ace in opening round w/o being able to bring back later in weekend, especially if rotation is not deep - but this tourney is always interesting because it's early & moves quickly

WPI over Wheaton? surprise- yes, but shock- no, w/Fahey on mound - w/o Fahey on Friday it went 15-0 Wheaton w/McDonough 2-hitter - but anyone who has seen the WPI lineup knows that there are a number of tough outs - Fiore at leadoff is #1 in nation for toughest to strike out, Rainone is a very steady hitter, and both Brown & McNee had solid freshman years and are contributing again, also senior bomb threat Mahoney -  a group of 4 or 5 frosh recruits w/contact & speed round out a pretty good lineup that usually scores runs - pitching depth, defensive inexperience seem to be  issues - Callahan has done a good job recruiting at a school where u need the ballplayer/engineer type (ask MIT) - I noticed that WPI dropped back ends of d-headers in the 8th & 9th vs. Babson & MIT w/leads of 5-0 & 9-3! if they had hung on, guess who might have been NEWMAC season champs?

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