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 :D Anyone coming to to Bridgewater campus for the game  this Saturday feel free to stop by and say hello to Stone Station. look for the sign, canopies, and (camper)  campers set up. We will be on lawn when you come up from visitors parking across from President's house.There will some food being served feel free to par take as long as it's there. Would love to me some new faces and new players parents.Its open to all visitors and home people.

I Jason coming or just you Wesley dad? We will be getting tickets this week.

We are pulling in Thursday night ,We be doing the usual menu stuff as for me anmd Chris.not sure fo any one else yet. :)

Stone Station,

Thanks for another great tailgate.  The food was exceptional!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for stopping by and saying hello to the
 Stone station crew  and to who all  contributed thanks.

everyone stop by at Stone Station Saturday.  :)

Can't wait till next weekend. we will be pulling in around 2:00 p.m. Friday, The Saturday menu items will be bringing is fried turkey,potatoe fried chips,baked beans,mac and cheese,sweet and sour meatballs. and the colored fun things, also maybe some snack items. anyone wanting to contribute to stone Station to feed the hungry feel free.
    I am boycotting wearing purple.

When you go to Alliance to play Mount they don't allow you to reenter the stadium during the game unless you purchase a new ticket. Also they sit there Alumni in the middle of the visitors seats. Be prepared its very cold. Good luck RMC and congratulations

      Thanks Stone Station for your hospitality yesterday. As always, it was first class. Good talking with Skoal, Religion Major, Olinemom, Oil Can, Snake, BCEagle, & Peggy (not sure if she post). Hope I didn't miss anybody. I know some of the rest of you I talked with probably do but don't know your online name. I now have faces to go with a few more posters.
      Since we covered the analysis of the game pretty thoroughly yesterday, I will leave it short and to the point. Whew.. take the tough road W Tigers and move on!! Better days are ahead for the Eagles.
      Oh...and one more thing. have known for how long that BC and H-S played on October 4th?!?! Once a BC/HS game is lost, it can never be recovered. You can go to Mexico any ole time!!  ;) :D
You all are very welcome for the Stone Station hospitality. Thanks to all the Stone station regulars and  the Bc campus security personal, we pulled off a very good spread.
It was a very emotional day on the field.That 4th quarter it was hard to shoot photos with the excitement of the game.
It was nice seeing all of the d3football posters again, plus the parents of the players.
  Until the  next game .Everyone be safe

I would be willing to pitch in a couple dollars for the cost per shirt if I could advertise on the back of each shirt. ;D

Depends on which part of you you're advertising.  ;D

Hey we miss you up here in the 'Burg! Hope all is going well and btw How's that son of your's doing? He is too busy to get on here and Coach Em Up. LOL

   Miss you all too!!! I'm willing to advertise and well you know  ;D.. The son is very busy teaching, and giving swim lessons, and a little time for the girl.
    We will be in the area late Saturday night  next week and on Sunday..

Are these shirts going to be embroidered or screenprinted? If you need embroidered  I also have a source her in Chesapeake.Let me know.

I would be willing to pitch in a couple dollars for the cost per shirt if I could advertise on the back of each shirt. ;D

Photos for BC, I will give you my screen name if it makes it easier for you, I can switch to chain gang, or something

How about "GolfPro"!  ;D ;D ;D
Thats ok I will keep mine.But I do like Llamaguys ideal about the golf name!!!Will you come out of the woodwork this Saturday and be a real Stone Station Visitor this weekend?

Hey Olinemom, I sent you a private message.
Photos for BC, I sent you an email. If you don't get it call me.
  Ok I e-mailed you back.Also Skoaltrain thanks for making me feel welcome.
               Go Eagles

Sniff, Sniff?  What's that smell?  The smell of charcoal heating up.  Fresh cut grass. The sound of "tops" "popping." The gathering of fans on a grassy knoll under a large tree for a day of fellowship.  Canopy's being set up.  Ice being placed in coolers.  The sight of Crimson and Gold everywhere......

Tis' the season......

Hug? Llama? Kid? Religion Major? Rugbyguy? Gal?  Time to get to work....

  What about me ???We will be there Friday night-camper and all. Can't wait.

ok;of course, you can come too ;D

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