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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 discussion
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 02:03:22 am »
Just to add to those notes... Transylvania was #2 in the preseason poll, is unbeaten, and yet isn't one of the four who have been #1 this year.
Started at #2 behind Hope, then fell to #3 after NYU moved ahead in week 1, then back to #2 when Hope lost in week 4, only to immediately get passed by Trinity (TX) in week 5, NYU fell in week 7 to get the Pioneers once again back to #2, then week 10 Trinity loses but Chris Newport moves ahead and they stay at #2.

I was going to do some homer talk in support of Transylvania, but I think I ended up coming to the conclusion that if I were a voter my #1 would be neither Transy nor CNU but the third unbeaten of Scranton.
Matt Alectus - Nichols vs Wentworth 2/7
Jake Mazirimas - Illinois College vs Grinnell 2/8
Jalen Vaughns - Neumann vs Marymount 2/8
Jahn Hines - CNU @ Salisbury 2/11
Caleb Williams - Macalaster vs Carleton 2/11
Terrell Fullerton - York (N.Y.) vs Hunter 2/11
Postseason = postseason conference tournament, yes?  Just making sure.
That is a yes.  Conference tournaments count for your active roster players.
I think that's called "aspirational scheduling."   You may notice that it is not all that uncommon in schedules in many sports on many websites around the league . . . though this one is an error of the CCIW website, not IWU, right? 

There's an easy way to avoid looking silly, and that would be to check first.
General Division III issues / Re: Developments in ACL Repair
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 12:05:36 am »
I’ll try to repost the  links to the studies are below:

Hopefully they work.
Thanks Stryker.

Both articles are Open Access, so you can click on the link and print the article to take to your orthopedist.

I first began using non-crosslinked decellularized porcine jejunum (small intestine) matrix in the early 2000's for pelvic floor repairs and had great results with it. I had no complications and believed that I got better repairs with the non-crosslinked decellularized collagen matrix, which provided a scaffold for pelvic floor repairs, than native tissue repairs or the synthetic graphs which other doctors were using. In the animal studies of the product that I used, the tritium-labeled (3H) matrix was detectable at 1% in the extirpated organ at 12 weeks. This scaffolding was removed proverbially "brick by brick" and replaced immediately with the desired tissue. It appears that this is what is happening in the ACL. I notice that the hamstring length seems longer at the 2 year follow up. This surgery makes sense to me as an improvement and may be state of the art in about 5 years. (I expect to see Dr Murray on the lecture circuit and national television, when she  is comfortable to promote this.)

In my case, the company pulled the product from the market when the FDA sent warnings about "Mesh" for pelvic floor repairs. Even tho' this was not a mesh, they did not want to hassle with the trial lawyers who would lump this product in with the "meshes", much to my dismay.

By the way, the husband of one of my patients, who had one of my early repairs, went to the Masters in Augusta GA 6 months later and bought me a shirt. That and a few other early patients convinced me the scaffolding did with respect to the repair what meshes or other crosslinked biologics could not do. I still see a few of my repairs 15-20 years later.
Region 6 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by hasanova on Yesterday at 11:53:57 pm »
Also of note, RMC is 61-2 in ODAC conference play over the last 5 years (undefeated in the last three seasons).  Those two losses were to GC, at Guilford.  (Just giving Hasa some ammo.)  Other than GC, a lot of ODAC players never beat RMC in their careers.  (Just waiting for some more smites.)
The Guilford fans are well aware that those two losses came in Ragan-Brown.  Adding to the excitement this year on Feb. 18, it will be a double header against RMC with the women playing at 2 pm and the men at 4:30 pm ... plus Guilford will honor the 1973 NAIA National Championship team on its 50th Anniversary.  There were three future NBA players on that team with M.L. Carr and Lloyd (World B.) Free still surviving and expected to attend.  For these reasons, as well as Senior Day, it will be very well attended.
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: REGULAR SEASON: One and Done League
« Last post by ronk on Yesterday at 11:48:39 pm »
Kila - York NY v Hunter 2/10
Fullerton - York NY v Hunter 2/10
Park - Brooklyn v Hunter 2/8
Hunter - Keene St v Mass-Dartmouth 2/8
Mazrimas - Illinois College v Grinnell 2/8
Ritzel - Illinois College v Grinnell 2/8

There is literally just one person on the board who has anything close to 50 warnings. That person posted something that is like 6 levels over the top and was yeeted.

I'm not familiar with the term yeeted. You didn't have him assassinated did you? 

If so, I gotta say, I think that's a bit harsh.  ;)
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: REGULAR SEASON: Super Player Draft League
« Last post by WUPHF on Yesterday at 11:36:20 pm »
Postseason = postseason conference tournament, yes?  Just making sure.
There is literally just one person on the board who has anything close to 50 warnings. That person posted something that is like 6 levels over the top and was yeeted.
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