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Mole + Facts = Buzzkill....

In the face of historical stats; here's to small point spreads, exciting finishes, & unexpected upsets! 

(I'm joking about the point spreads... ;))

Sounds like "Parity" will be the keyword this coming season & maybe for the next several...!?!?

In the insightful words of the great Lloyd Christmas;  "So You're Telling Me There's a Chance..."

Roger that Lumber...

I have no doubt things vary by region. 

& I agree with you, hudl film shows it best...just wanted to let people know where they could explore some additional info, provided the HS participates. 

I think "back when" it was very unusual to see such a large amount of data input and it may be a recent trend; certainly in the last 3 or 4 years, but it's really changed at least for here.

Nice when the grades & the stats, match the film...I guess that's what every NESCAC school is looking for! :)

Looking forward to seeing the league in action this season!!


I get the whole HUDL and MAXPREP sites and what they deliver.

You are delusional if you think there are reliable, comprehensive stats on Maxpreps for skill position players at most New England High Schools. Any NESCAC recruiter will confirm that.

Are you referring to reliable stats being available somewhere else? our area, if you think they AREN'T'd be wrong.   Can't speak to New England HS stats but I can assure you the HS's I worked with are VERY reliable....the posted Box Scores were the first thing each coaching staff reviewed every Saturday morning!   If the yards /TD's/INT's were off by ANY measure it was very public knowledge....& it was adjusted by noon!  :).  These HS staffs were competitive as hell & watched every single snap & charted every play....saw it like clockwork...sat thru more "film reviews" starting at 0800 & ending at noon than I care to admit...lotta coffee . 

These schools were/are SERIOUS...lotta eyes on these programs; some friendly, some not!   You simply couldn't inflate stats....both staffs watched & kept each other honest.   I attended games that ended at 2200 & by 0700 both teams had entered every single yard...I'm not kidding.

I guess things are different in New England, I'm not familiar, but believe me Lumber...down here In SEC country...these HS stats were verified like you can't imagine ...different world I guess....not saying it's a good thing but that's the way it is.

So yes...if you see a major GA, AL, FL high school with stats for every game of the season; They are accurate.

Are you saying that you get complete complete statistics on any HS kids for their entire career?

Essentially Charlie said it does depend on how much the school devotes to stats;  that said, I was involved in sports equipment support at the HS level & I can tell you that the schools that are serious about recruiting & the athletes that want to play at the next level actively lobby for the team to track stats.  A very large percentage of schools now do this...the "new generation"...??   For better or worse, most athletes will ensure that their numbers are recorded if they can.  It's actually unusual to not submit data.

Very easy to see offensive skill guys, but defensive side tracks tackles, Sacks, INT's etc...

For example, lets do an easy one; go to MaxPreps, (no I don't work for them!) search "Ramapo" (since we've seen that HS often), select football, under the "more" tab select "previous seasons" & "stats" & you'll see more than you'd think...all compiled nicely.   You can click on any particular metric & sort it, very cool.   You can also go directly & search each athlete individually & jump right to that kid, but it's sometimes telling to see for example, if they led their team in tackles/INT's or if they were # 3 down the list....

Like I said a large majority of programs have this displayed...actually pretty nice.

As pointed out by several guys before...the entire hurdle film is an excellent indicator...but...I did notice in looking thru some random stats from last season, a couple "Coveted" recruits had very, very minimal production & in some cases were down the list on their own teams??   You can also see number of games played to rule out injuries as a reason....Interesting.

Hard to weed thru every kid, but with a six pack & a couple hours, you can certainly get an idea of your favorite schools '26 class....(or their rival's) ;)

Always need to be careful evaluating guys off their high school film, many NESCAC guys were just bigger stronger faster and look average in the NESCAC. Opposite goes for guys who played in really strong leagues against D1 competition.


 Stats are also readily available.   It's easy to look at a kids production every year of high school; Freshman thru Senior season.   You can get a real good look at what they put up in game after game, most importantly their final year.  In my opinion that's far more telling than the 24 second Twitter clip of the kids 3 best plays of his career!?!?

Granted, if you're watching their entire hudl film (usually 5 minutes or so) that should show you what the kid is...that plus the MaxPreps stats & I think we could all be "semi-effective" recruiters! ;)

You are probably right, lumber. The top 5 states overall for the NESCAC in order (no surprises): MA, CT, NY, NJ and PA. It is really top 4 and PA is a decent drop from NJ as the 5th. So teams are still filling 2/3 to 3/4 of their rosters, on average from those states. However, to your point, it is all over the place after that.

CA, FL, IL, NH, TX, GA, ME, TN and VA are next. With 10 teams in the league, the average is 1 to 4 players from those states on each squad. Then a bunch of states that average less than one player per team. NC, OH, RI, DC, CO are some worth noting.

Some are doing it because of admissions leeway as you bring up, some may have to to do it to draw players and some do not have to...

There is talent everywhere, but this gives some clues on where the focus lies. Certainly specific leagues and programs within those states as well.

Interesting Mole, great info.

Maybe I'm too simplistic on this but my contention is that nationwide diversity makes for more admissions flexibility.

Back in the day going back many years Tufts recruited a large number of eastern Ma and greater Boston prospects.

Today, I think Tufts admissions, and NESCAC admissions in general, value geographic diversity so they are much more flexible on a kid from Georgia or Texas or Oklahoma. If the Tufts staff presents another kid from Eastern Mass where they already have already accepted 8 recruits it can wear thin with admissions. They don't want 15 football players from Eastern Mass. I say Tufts admissions flexes downward a bit on academic credentials of prospects in other areas of the country to diversify the geographics of the incoming class.

It's a primary focus in all NESCAC admissions offices to bring in a diverse class from all areas of the country and I think Civetti and others are recognizing that and working in unison with Admissions toward this goal.

So in your opinion do you think HC plan is working ? We always say give it time but can you honestly see them making great strides to becoming a top tier team. They should be able to given that if I am not mistaken have the highest student body

Has anyone else been impressed with Trinity 2026 class. I mean they are stacked from getting a coveted Defensive End , to getting on paper a clone of Girard at WR from Georgia. I would say barring injuries this team is going to be tough to stop. Especially with all coaches returning and a great mix of upperclassman and rookies

Several schools look to have some really solid least as far as the players publicly posted on the respective schools Twitter "Welcome to XXX" threads.

Couple head scratchers from a "stats" & production point of view....maybe some beneficiaries of the old "physical attributes" eye test..?? ;)

Hard to tell, but Trinity does look good, Bates too at a few positions.  Can only assume that Williams has done well as they have no official info out there (I guess thats par for the course according to you guys?) & I wouldn't bet against the "Tufts formula" based on the '26 recruits numbers  ....

As far as '26 class, looks like every school's Twitter account has incoming athlete profiles up.  (Two exceptions; Williams & Amherst.)

Nice little glimpse into each new class, for what it's worth.

Pretty easy to see who's coming & from where...almost every kid has stats in MaxPreps, but probably most important aspect is who best filled their "positional needs"??

Looking forward to following the teams!

Hey NESCAC pros...Long time lurker; first time poster!

Had to officially jump onto the board & into this thread; very interesting talk of recruiting.   Looks as if several of the league teams have "Welcomed" their '26 classes and have great links to hudl highlights.

MaxPreps has been a fantastic source of info for stats....interesting to see where these NESCAC kids fell on their respective HS rosters in terms of tackles, sacks, INT's, yards, TD's, receptions etc...

Kinda gives a glimpse into the "Big Fish Small Pond" theory...or the other way around...

Certainly not a "scientific" analysis, but semi-useful from an entertainment perspective.

Will be interesting to follow these young men.  Regardless of your particular rooting interest, it looks like the season will be good theater...with possibly more parity than in the past?

What say you guys...?   I'm too new to this league to know anything but the obvious; all of which I learned here (for better or for worse) !?!?! ;)

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