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You're not missing. I can't count.
Thanks Pat....I thought maybe somebody left the WIAC from a bygone era and I as spacing i t out.
??? ??? ???  CBS Sports Network...not in my Directv package.  Anyone have a password or shortcut?
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2018 NCAA Tournament
« Last post by Dutch Calvinist Reformer on Today at 05:58:57 pm »
 ??? ??? ???  CBS Sports Network...not in my Directv package.  Anyone have a password or shortcut?
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by WPI89 on Today at 05:41:44 pm »
Congrats to your all NESCAC ladies final!

Out of conference:

Illinois Tech 5-2):  Beloit (W 4-3), Mass. College of Liberal Arts (L 4-5, W 7-5),  Olivet (L 1-6), Cazenovia (W 5-2). Fitchburg State (W 4-0, W 1-0)

La Crosse: (5-3):  St Thomas (W 2-0), Southern Maine (W 12-11), Spalding (L 2-4), College of New Jersey (L 2-3), SUNY Brockport (W 9-7), RIT (W 5-0), lllinois Wesleyan (W 18-5), Benedictine (L 4-5)

Oshkosh (4-2): Wabash (L 4-5), Transylvania (W 9-1, L 10-14), St Thomas (W 4-3, W 6-3), Ripon (W 7-1)

Platteville (2-6): Aurora (L 1-3), Olivet (W 6-1), Spalding (L 1-11), Anderson (L 5-9), Spalding (L 2-12), DePauw (W 15-13), Fonbonne (L 3-13, L 3-5)

Stevens Point (2-0): St Olaf (W 3-1, W 9-6)

Stout (3-7): Augsburg (L 0-3, L 5-8), Hamline (L 2-9, W 6-2), Edgewood (W 15-9), St Michael's (L 2-3, L 2-4), North Park (L 7-16), Lakeland (W 9-5), Augustana (L 3-5)

WARHAWKS:  Open 3/21

Through 3/16
Overall: 21-20  .512

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2017-18 All American Predictions
« Last post by Gregory Sager on Today at 05:10:29 pm »
I agree with Bob. Aston Francis is a pretty clear-cut first-teamer.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2017-18 All American Predictions
« Last post by Titan Q on Today at 05:07:41 pm »
He's an AA, just not a 1st teamer, imo. We agree to disagree.

27.4 ppg
4.8 rpg
4.4 apg

Against a very tough schedule.  Those are 1st Team All-American numbers as I see it.
South Region football / Re: FB: USA South Athletic Conference
« Last post by Hawks88 on Today at 04:50:40 pm »
Yeah, Brevard is a pretty small town, not much there. We spent a couple nights in Asheville and just went into Brevard long enough for the game.
Thanks GoPerry. I talked to Alex a little while ago and I know he appreciates your support. Today is the last day of 2nd term finals at NCC. He will be leaving for Salem tomorrow morning, flying from Chicago with a stopover in Philly, and then on to Roanoke/Salem. Probably a couple of practices before the game.

We're all a little curious down here what Alex is going to do in a game where teams rarely get passed the FT line.  My suggestion was to give up on offense entirely and just stay back to block shots.

Without checking this seasonís stats for every player invited to this game, Iím willing to bet that his 3 point percentage is not the lowest on that roster.  Of course, I was willing to bet that Virginia would get past UMBC - if youíll pardon the D1 reference. 🙄

Alex shot about 37% from three this year. I think he plans to have a talk with the guy assigned to guard him, and hopes they can reach a gentlemanís agreement where neither will make a very strong effort to defend the other too closely. 🏀 😀

I believe that's a general assumption for this game.  It's all about big guys shooting threes and little guys trying to dunk.
Alex perfectly capable of stepping back and draining a three.  Just ask any CCIW team or coach! :(

Yeah, don't ask Tom Slyder. He won't be happy to hear the question. A Sorenson trey with 27 seconds left was the game-winning shot for North Central against North Park in the airplane hangar this season.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 04:20:09 pm »
Check out Coach Drach's recent staff hires at Wilkes..four new additions from the ranks of some of the best ever to play for the Statesmen.... Kelvin Cruz, Jack Pfohl, Tom Elder and Shane Sweeney...good luck to Drach and his staff....except if/when we ever play Wilkes
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