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Central Region / Re: WBB: Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
« Last post by Captain_Joe08 on Today at 11:19:45 am »
Long Score Thread incoming......


Lewis 102 Benedictine 58 *Exhibition*
St. Mary's (IN) 66 Illinois Tech 33


Concordia Chicago 68 Marian 42


Concordia Wisconsin 54 Dominican 48
Mount Mary 80 Alverno 66
Lakeland 66 Lawrence 46


Benedictine 59 Alma 51
Edgewood 78 Lake Forest 72
Anderson (IN) 79 Aurora 78
Spaulding 60 Concordia Chicago 44
Wisconsin Lutheran 67 St. Mary's (IN) 36
St. Norbert 88 Marian 26


Edgewood 67 Beloit 57
Carthage 82 Marian 40
Adrian 84 Illinois Tech 46
Monmouth (IL) 92 Aurora 72
Hope 69 Benedictine 50
Concordia Wisconsin 77 UW-Platteville 61
Eureka 82 Rockford 53
Webster 73 Concordia Chicago 44
Wisconsin Lutheran 64 Calvin 50


Lake Forest 87 Illinois Tech 36


Hope 85 Concordia Wisconsin 62
Benedictine 69 North Central (IL) 67
North Park 75 Concordia Chicago 52
MSOE 54 Mount Mary 43
Lakeland 68 UW-Stevens Point 65


Knox 74 Rockford 38


Alverno 64 Crown 50


La Roche 65 Dominican 60
Benedictine 67 Illinois Tech 26
Wisconsin Lutheran 70 Aurora 57
MSOE 84 Rockford 30
Edgewood 68 Lakeland 50


Dominican 65 Maryville (TN) 57


Andrews 72 Illinois Tech 42
Benedictine 63 Lake Forest 48
Carroll (WI) 72 Lakeland 57
Concordia Wisconsin 68 Concordia Chicago 35


Dominican 60 St. Mary's (IN) 58


Alverno 68 Illinois Tech 40
Wisconsin Lutheran 57 Concordia Wisconsin 33
MSOE 62 Marian 50
Dominican 75 Rockford 55
Edgewood 58 Concordia Chicago 40
Lakeland 60 Benedictine 50


Aurora 89 Illinois Tech 37
Wisconsin Lutheran 74 Concordia Chicago 38
Lakeland 77 Concordia Wisconsin 70
MSOE 70 Alverno 55
Rockford 81 Marian 75
Dominican 56 Edgewood 47


MSOE 57 Illinois Tech 28
Concordia Wisconsin 53 Edgewood 40
Lakeland 74 Marian 31
Aurora 101 Rockford 52
Benedictine 65 Dominican 50
Wisconsin Lutheran 76 Alverno 57


Maranatha 60 Alverno 45


UW-Whitewater 48 MSOE 42
Beloit 98 Rockford 73


UW-La Crosse 87 Marian 38
That's on the Carroll broadcasters, then. They said that the quartet in question had elected not to play, not that they had stopped playing.
Central Region / Re: MBB: Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
« Last post by Captain_Joe08 on Today at 11:01:01 am »
12/12 Scores

North Central 83 Aurora 73
Rockford 90 Knox 59
Lakeland 80 Silver Lake 77


MSOE 91 Maranatha 67

Overall Standings

1. Lakeland 6-2 (4-0)
2. Concordia Wisconsin 4-2 (4-0)
3. MSOE 8-1 (3-1)
4. Wisconsin Lutheran 5-3 (3-1)
5. Edgewood 2-5 (2-2)
6. Benedictine 3-5 (2-3)
7. Rockford 3-5 (2-3)
8. Dominican 1-6 (1-2)
9. Concordia Chicago 2-5 (2-4)
10. Illinois Tech 3-5 (1-3)
11. Aurora 2-4 (1-3)
12. Marian 2-5 (1-4)
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by Teamski on Today at 10:59:28 am »
Yay!!!!  :D  A very warm congrads to the Crusaders on sticking it to the Raiders!  You guys never let MU gain the upper hand and your defense is staffed by beasts!  Wow..... That made my season!

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by gizzmo13 on Today at 10:58:24 am »
iíve got a feeling mounts gonna get a few wr transfers and a qb coming next season.   
East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« Last post by magicman on Today at 10:54:51 am »
Oswego 68   St Lawrence 50

I had the Lakers winning by 14 with a bigger point total. The MOV was close though.

Oswego jumped out to an 8-0 start and never allowed the Saints to gain the lead. Up 14-6, Oswego let St. Lawrence tie the game at 14, before ripping off another 13-4 run, to go up 27-18 with 4 minutes left in the period. They were up 34-26 at the break.

The Lakers doubled up SLU 16-8 in the early going of the 2nd period to go up by a 50-34 margin with 12:45 left to play. Oswego was never really threatened from that point on and coasted home with the largest lead being the final score.

Oswego's Brandan Gartland captured scoring honors and led 4 Lakers in double digits with 23 points. He added 6 rebounds, 6 assists and drained 4 shots from downtown.

Joe Sullivan had a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds. He also added 5 assists and 2 steals to his sheet.

Tyler Pierre had 11 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks while Quinn Carey hit 4 shots from behind the arc to score 12 points.

Liam Sanborn only put 3 points on the board but had 6 assists and 6 rebounds with only 1 turnover in 36 minutes of play.

Oswego led in nearly all statistical categories which is usually the case when you win by double figures.

The Lakers improve to 9-0 (3-0 in the YAC) and match their best start in program history, I believe. They will look to set a program record 10-0 start when they return to action after the Christmas holiday.

They travel south to Atlanta, Georgia and will take on Emory University on December 29th at 4:00 in the Eagles Holiday Classic. Hopefully they will spoil the Eagles plans to go undefeated in their tournament. That will be a tough game as Emory ended last year in 12th place in the D3hoops Top 25 as they went 23-5. They were selected by the coaches of the University Athletic Association (UAA) to capture the league's championship this year. The UAA does not have a conference tournament to determine who gets their automatic NCAA bid as that always goes to the regular season champion. D3hoops listed them as the 18th ranked team in their preseason poll, but they have since stumbled a bit and aren't currently ranked.

Oswego State is currently receiving votes in the "Others Receiving Votes" category of D3hoops Top 25. The Lakers were in 31st place in the last poll. If they win their next 2 games and if Plattsburgh State, with games against a NESCAC team...Wesleyan on December 19th, and a  UAA team....Case Western Reserve on December 20th, should win those games, then the possibility of 2 SUNYAC teams ranked in the Top 25 poll for the first time in a long, long, time (if ever), could happen.           
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by Jeremybozz on Today at 10:54:20 am »
Just curious what some of you ODAC guys think about Bridgewaters team this year.  Strengths.. weaknesses?  Asking for a friend!
Quality defense and they have shown flashes on offense with 91 points against Randolph and 95 against Wilson. The overtime loss to then #16 New Jersey City was impressive but we will know more after playing Buffalo State today and Apprentice School on Sunday.
6,816 is the most since the 7,992 in Salem VA when Bridgewater VA made its run to the Stagg in 2001.

I would think that the venue in Canton is worth at least 1,000 fans as curiosity seekers go to Canton in 2020.

Mount Union fans might push that another 5,000.

Otherwise, we have seen attendance in Salem as low as

3,240 in 2004 for Linfield and UMHB, the first Stagg appearance for both teams
3,468 in 2008 for UMU and UWW
3,784 in 2011 for UMU and UWW
3,476 in 2016 for UMHB and UWO (and this was the first time for UWO and the first time for UMHB since 2004)

If fans have to travel across the country for the game, then the attendance is not good, no matter where it will be held.

The weather with the wind and temperatures in the high 40's was not dreadful football weather. I am sure that the linemen loved it.
Sounds like they will have Caruso on at halftime with Keith and Pat

Hope you were ok with all of the Caruso and none of the Pat and Keith. :)

Caruso was fantastic at half.  Glad we were able to have him on.

You were tolerable. Lol. Moreso was implying that it was on the d3football broadcast which included Pat and Keith.

It was great insights, but I am a bit biased as a Caruso/Tommie fan. Ruined my plans to put the kids to bed at halftime though.
I remember sitting next to Sager in the bleachers decades ago who "taunted" Calvin players during pre-game warmpus.  He told the Calvin players they were pre-destined to lose the game.  That was a legit comment, and also amusing.  NPC won the game.

I can easily imagine that, having met him perhaps 18(?) years ago at King (the MIAA-CCIW challenge).  Today, I can't imagine him doing that - whether it is his maturation or NPU being 3+ decades beyond a dynasty is an open question. 8-)

That supposed maturation is really the only open question here, Chuck. ;) I had ceased trying to be a thorn in anybody's side with regard to yelling stuff from the stands back when Bosko was still the coach, long before North Park's men's basketball program went into decline.

I recall attending an Augustana at North Park game in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  There was an obnoxious student leading cheers (insults) from the North Park bleachers.  Who would that have been?   ;)

Coulda been me, as I definitely fit the description. ;) But it might've been one of my predecessors. Neither the "Hail North Park!" cheer (which is still used by contemporary NPU students, albeit only at soccer matches) nor the "Winning Team, Losing Team" cheer (which ceased to be a part of the North Park student section repertoire after I stopped doing it) began with me. I inherited the task of Obnoxious Yelling Guy from Dave Fafara, and I'm not sure who had passed it down to Dave. Despire the cessation of "Winning Team, Losing Team" (which the NPC administration and alumni absolutely hated), there were plenty of students who took up the mantle after me. Goop McGillis (not his real name) may have been the most inspired of all of us Obnoxious Yelling Guys, as he's the one who coined "Yo, Baby", which has been a staple of North Park student sections for thirty years now.
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