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You guys will be proud of this until your dog gets in to a skunk. When this encounter happens, not if. 

I don't know that I'm "proud" of it.  The SUV just fits our lifestyle right now.  If we didn't have kids, I'd have a pickup in the garage.

Oh, and I always carry a skunk kit in the back.  ;)
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Kohawk Nation on Today at 10:09:11 am »
Is there a Ko-Hack fan out that can speak to the recent woes of their team?

Was 2016 a fluke?  Taking 2016 as an outlier to the data, from 2014 to date the 'Hacks have played like they have soggy crunchberries.

And before you go there, the annual Cornell beat down does not provide any barometer.

It may not provide a barometer, but 19 straight wins of domination has to make you wonder how one can even classify the other as going through "recent woes".  I would only call 2016 a fluke if Coe hadn't had the past success they've had.  Losses to tough Augustana and Dubuque teams this season don't have me thinking the Kohawks should pack in the season quite yet.
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by TLU02SA on Today at 10:08:04 am »
Does anyone have any suggestion on where to grab a bite before the TLU/UMHB Game? The cheaper the better, seeing as Iím a broke college student haha

We always eat at Gg's Corner Cafe in Marion (About 12 mins from TLU) or at the Dixie Grille in Sequin. I'm a chicken fried steak kinda guy and Gg's is really good. 

I think Iíll have to make the trip to try the chicken fried steak! And Kelly, thank you for the info on whataburger. Iíve always found whataburger as a good post-game meal, itís where I always went after games in high school, and itís where I always went when I played for the Cru! Nothing like a Honey butter chicken biscuit and a W

In Seguin:

Davila's BBQ on Kingsbury St. is pretty good.  Been around for a very long time.
Kirby's Corner (Burger Joint) on 123 is hit or miss.  Sometimes I really enjoy their burgers, other times it is just ok.
I have heard that the Powerplant Grill is very good.  It is in the old water and hydroelectric plant on the Guadalupe River across from Starcke Park. Opened after my time in Seguin.  I suspect it is a little more expensive but the place looks neat.  This is a place I intend to visit on my next trip to Seguin.  Unfortunately, that will not be this weekend.
If you are looking for a good cold one and 21 or older, Seguin Brewing Company is downtown.  I have had a few of their beers and they are very good. I recommend the Honey Pecan Cream Ale.  Their Oktoberfest is very good too.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by WUPHF on Today at 10:07:23 am »
The public institutions generally get significantly more transfer inquiries from students in general, so it would make sense that this would be true for student in general.

I do not know as much about the UW schools, but if you look at the public institutions in Missouri, you see a variety of institutional missions, a variety of transfer admissions standards, and a variety of institutional commitments to transfer student recruitment and retention.
Round 1
1. Smitty - Jonathan Patron - Plattsburgh St. - SUNYAC
2. Grizzlies - Vinny Curta - Grinnell - MWC
3. NCF - Aston Francis - Wheaton - CCIW
4. Greek - Marcus Dempsey - Muskingum - OAC

Round 2
5. Greek - Sam Toney - NJCU - NJAC
6. NCF - Jake Ross- Springfield - NEWMAC
7. Grizzlies - Ryan Bruns - Ohio Northern - OAC
8. Smitty - Edvinas Rupkus - Skidmore - LL

Round 3
9. Smitty - Dimitrius Underwood - UT Dallas - ASC
10. Grizzlies - Mike Rapoza - Anna Maria - GNAC
11. NCF - Keena Gilmore - Hamilton - NESCAC
12. Greek - Gabriel Leifer - Yeshiva -SKY

Round 4
13. Greek - Domenico Santiago - Mitchell - NECC
14. NCF - Keith Brown - Endicott - CCC
15. Grizzlies - Andrew Romero III - Johnson & Wales (CO) - SCAC
16. Smitty - Spencer Levi - Dallas - SCAC

Round 5
17. Smitty - Geoffrey Grey - Emerson - NEWMAC
18. Grizz - Trevor Baker - Redlands - SCIAC
19. NCF - Zach Baines - Oxy -SCIAC
20. Greek - Josh Ruggles - Loras - ARC (IIAC)

Round 6
21. Greek -Josh Freund - Roanoke - ODAC
22. NCF - Jay Battle - Baldwin-Wallace OAC
23. Grizzlies - Simcha Halpert - Yeshiva - Sky
24. Smitty - Jimmy Wohrer - UPS - NWC

Round 7
25. Smitty - Dylan Lambert - Houghton - E8
26. Grizzlies - Tim Wendel - Crown - UMAC
27. NCF - Nate Schimonitz - Nebraska Wesleyan - ARC (IIAC)
28. Greek - Tristan Shoup - Beloit - MWC

Round 8
29. Greek - Jason Kenny - Misericordia - MACF
30. NCF - Jason Saldiveri - St. Elizabeth - NEAC
31. Grizzlies - Ryan Clamage - Rochester - UAA
32. Smitty - Connor Riordan - Simpson - ARC

Round 9
33. Smitty - Noah Grove - Minnesota Morris - UMAC
34. Grizzlies - Nate West - LeTourneau - ASC
35. NCF - Tracy Edmond - Olivet - MIAA
36. Greek - Ty Nichols - Keene St. - LEC

Round 10
37. Greek - Collin Kennedy - WLC - NACC
38. NCF - Micah Paulson - Principia- SLIAC
39. Grizzlies - Mitchell Pelissier - Concordia Chicago - NACC
40. Smitty - Kobe Wands - Westminster (MO) - SLIAC

Round 11
41. Smitty - Kareem Davis - Becker - NECC
42. FCGG - Johari Dix - Greenville - SLIAC
43. NCF - Justin Summers- Brockport - SUNYAC
44. Greek - Brady Rose - IWU - CCIW

Round 12
45. Greek - Kyle Ferreira - Cal Lutheran - SCIAC
46. NCF - Tyler Rowe - West. Connecticut State - LEC
47. Grizzlies - Jason Beckman - Hope - MIAA
48. Smitty - Mike Piekarski - Immaculata - AEC

Round 13
49. Smitty - Adrian Thomas - Sewanee - SAA
50. Grizzlies - Trell Thomas - La Roche - AMCC
51. NCF - Tom Horvat - RPI - LL
52. Greek - Bradley Jomard - MIT - NEWMAC

Round 14
53. Greek - Kyle Roach - Whitworth - NWC
54. NCF - Emeka Obukwelu - Texas Tyler - ASC
55. Grizzlies - Will Perry - Oglethorpe - SAA
56. Smitty - Arinze Obiora - UMass Dartmouth - LEC

Round 15
57. Smitty - Riley Collins - Drew - LAND
58. Grizzlies - Mason Green-Richards - George Fox - NWC
59. NCF - Noah Grove -Minnesota-Morris - UMAC
60. Greek
MiacMan and I have too much in common--we both cart our wire-haired bird dogs around in Sequoias!  :o
You guys will be proud of this until your dog gets in to a skunk. When this encounter happens, not if. Next problem with an SUV comes up when they decide to  roll in something disgusting.  That's always fun. 

A pick up truck with dog crates in the bed and they can marinate in that stink until you get to a pet wash. Could be days.   
Men's soccer / Re: 2018 Season - National Perspective
« Last post by blue_jays on Today at 09:54:59 am »
Little late but here's my best crack at the Top 25 right now!

Shooter's 25
1. Chicago (7-0-1)
2. Messiah (5-0-1)
3. Trinity (4-0-1)
4. Tufts (5-0-0)
5. Calvin (7-0-0)
6. Kenyon (6-0-1)
7. Rochester (6-0-0)
8. St. Joe's Maine (8-0-0)
9. CMU (5-0-1)
10. Lynchburg (5-0-1)
11. F&M (6-0-1)
12. Emory (7-0-0)
13. MW (6-0-1)
14. St. Norbert (6-0-1)
15. Ithaca (6-0-1)
16. Luther (7-1-0)
17. MHB (6-0-0)
18. North Park (6-1-0)
19. Cortland St (5-0-2)
20. Amherst (2-1-0)
21. TCNJ (7-1-0)
22. CMS (7-0-0)
23. Stevens (7-1-1)
24. Hope (7-0-0)
25. CT College (6-0-0)

RV (No order): Hopkins, Lycoming, CWRU, Rowan, Drew, Salisbury, Oneonta St, Buff St, Mt. Union, St. Lawrence, Williams, PSU-Harrisburg, Ramapo, Montclair, St. Mary's, Roanoke, J&W, WPI, Springfield, Middlebury, Babson, NYU, RIT, Skidmore, Clarkson, Grove City, DePauw, Capital, Spalding, Webster, MSOE, Wheaton (Ill), UWP, Loras, Macalester, Gustavus Adolphus, St. John's, Redlands, Tx Tyler, Willamette, Southwestern

St. Norbert's ranking mystifies me. They beat two CCIW teams having down years. They somehow tied winless Carroll, who just gave up 7 goals in the first half versus Chicago. Not seeing it.
Speaking of hunting, I have an extra pair of Barbour Tweed Sporting Breeks that I was going to put up on Ebay. Theyíre new with the tags.  I bought them as a backup pair, but they were never used. Retailed at over $250, but Iíd give a heavy Post Patterns Discount. If anyone is interested, let me know. They look very similar to this pair:

I'm a Carhart guy, but if they come with a Elmer Fudd hat I might consider it.

I would have thought you already had a pair. Aren't you on the UST alumni shooting team?

How do I get on that team?  I'd love to shoot some UST alumni.

Ah yes, jokes about shooting your fellow man (and woman)...stay classy SJ2, stay classy. I shy away from trying to constrain humor, but when are jokes something other than banter? When they make light of shooting people...
Small world story. I had to give a presentation for work. When I got done, people from the audience started approaching me to ask questions. One of the women looked vaguely familiar, but I meet a lot of people. She asks me, "Did you go to College of St. Benedict?" Sure enough, we actually lived together one summer and she graduated from CSB with me. There was hugging and laughing! I am sure everyone else (who didn't hear our conversation) was impressed with how very friendly I am! ;) ;D
That is a great story.
I don't have many classmates that are alive.  :'(
Thanks Nescacman
Not aware of any of those nuances about Steuben Field.
Benches on same side, no stands on visiting side......yikes.
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