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Re: MLB Topics
« Reply #315 on: August 29, 2021, 06:06:56 am »
In last night's game against the Jays, Victor Reyes hit a go-ahead inside-the-park HR pinch hitting for Zach Short (fantastic name for a shortstop - if only he could hit ;D).  According to Jason Beck's write-up, it is the FiRST go-ahead, PH inside-the park HR of the expansion era (since 1961).

Something my computer skills are not up to determining - just HOW rare are inside-the-park home runs?  According to another story I saw, this was only the second by a Tiger this year - the other one was by CATCHER Eric Haase (an inside-the-park HR by a catcher must be downright vanishingly rare! :o)  Unless I hear otherwise, I'm gonna assume inside-the-park HRs are far more rare than grand slams, but not quite as rare as triple plays; anyone got stats on this?
SABR has been working on this topic.  This article appears to be dated, but IPHs appear to be much more common than triple plays.