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East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Today at 05:26:44 pm »
Malone has 9/15 open, but they have 10 games on the rest of the schedule. I'm thinking that game got cancelled for some reason.

Too bad.  That would have been an interesting game.  Malone is a bad D2 program located in Canton, OH near Mount.  SJF of old would have beaten Malone easily.  I'm not sure what the 2018 Cards are anticipated to look like, but at worst it would have been competitive.
It would have worked even better now, with Illinois Tech and without Maranatha, the (men's) teams split 6-6 along state lines. But they probably figured it wouldn't pay to rework the schedule for just one year before Benedictine leaves.

And 13 teams seems like a pain to schedule no matter how you do it.

Does ronk know he's up?  He picked in the mega draft today.

I actually emailed him yesterday after seeing him post a few times. So, I was surprised that he posted in the Mega Draft and not in here. Maybe he's still studying his next pick!  ??? ::) :P ;D
I don't have the list of incoming freshmen but the list of transfers looks promising.

T'Variusness King- Merrimack College
Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace- University of Miami
D'Squarius Green Jr- University 0f Notre Dame
Ibrahim Moizoos- University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar- University of Middle Tennessee
Davoin Shower-Handel- University of Southern Mississippi
Hingle McCringleberry- Penn State University
L'Carpetron Dookmarriot- Florida Atlantic University
J'Dinkalage Morgoone- University of South Florida
Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon- California University of Pennsylvania
Saggitariut Jefferspin- Texas A&M
D'Glester Hardunkichud- University of Wisconsin
Swirvithan L'Goodling-Splatt- Saskatchewan University
Quatro Quatro- San Jose State University
Ozamataz Buckshank- Stanford University
Beezer Twelve Washingbeard- Jones College
Shakiraquan T.G.I.F. Carter- University of Northern Arizona
X-Wing @Aliciousness- Missouri Western State University
Sequester Grundleplith M.D.- Adam State
Scoish Velocirapter Maloish- South Dakota State University
T.J. A.J. R.J. Backslahinforth V- Albion College
EEEEE EEEEEEEEE- San Diego State University
Donkey Teeth- Boise State University
Torque [Construction Noise] Lewith- Nevada State Penitentiary
[The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop]- University of Missouri Columbia
Dan Smith- BYU

+K - Hilarious!

Hingle McCringleberry's end zone celebrations would have made John retire even earlier:
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Today at 04:41:48 pm »
Not a great preseason poll for the OAC.  Mount predictably at #1, but no other OAC squads in the top 25.  JCU, ONU, BW in ORV.  Let's hope for everyone's sake this does not mirror the final poll.  RHIT + a down OAC is not the best recipe for playoff preparedness.

Does ronk know he's up?  He picked in the mega draft today.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« Last post by Just Bill on Today at 04:29:29 pm »
Benedictine leaves D3 for D2 beginning in 2019-20.
UT-Tyler leaves D3 for D2 beginning (I think) in 2019-20.
Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: OFFSEASON: Mega Draft
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 04:29:27 pm »
Full Draft List

731. NCF - Cole Currie - LaVerne
732. Smitty - Matt Hanna - Colby
733. FCGG - Julian Collazo - Cairn
734. Ryan - Nate Dodge - UW-Stevens Point
735. ronk - Seth Callahan - Susquehanna

736. ronk - Cam Kickbush - Wartburg
737. Ryan - Ryan Pittman - Albertus Magnus
738. FCGG - Charlie Aimone - Rose-Hulman
739. Smitty - Conner Longmire - Whittier
740. NCF - Dempsey Roggenbuck - Linfield

741. NCF - D.J. Swift - Monmouth
742. Smitty - Steffen Brunson - Mitchell
743. FCGG - Kevin McKiernan - Augsburg
744. Ryan - Justin Hardy - WashU
745. ronk - Derek Rongstad - UW-Whitewater

746. ronk - Mitchell Pfeifer - UW-Whitewater
747. Ryan - Gordon Gibson - WashU
748. FCGG - Cameron Gardner-Nicholson - Penn St-Altoona
749. Smitty - Canyon Hopkins - Buena Vista
750. NCF - Josh Bashford - Schreiner

751. NCF - Christopher Chaney - Shenandoah
752. Smitty - Nico Bricker - Lewis and Clark
753. FCGG - Mike Hinckley - Dickinson
754. Ryan - Matt Davet - Emory
755. ronk - Tyreik McCauley - Salem St

756. ronk - David Sachs - UW-Whitewater
757. Ryan - Sebastijan Skoko - Chicago
758. FCGG - Antoine Nunnally - Cairn
759. Smitty - Kyle Owens - Lewis and Clark
760. NCF - Will Patrick - Wilmington

761. NCF - Kahlil Williams - Penn St.-Harrisburg
762. Smitty - Tracy Simsick - DeSales
763. FCGG - Dimitri Sirakis - St Joseph's (Bklyn)
764. Ryan - Tyler Collins - Brockport
765. ronk - Collin Anderson - St. Scholastica

766. ronk - Jared Wilken - St. Scholastica
767. Ryan - Avery Williams - Marietta
768. FCGG - Kyle Gullett - Transylvania
769. Smitty - EJ Day - West New Eng
770. NCF - Joey Martin - Lesley

771. NCF - DJ Anderson - Southern Maine
772. Smitty - Jordan Davis - Concordia-Moorhead
773. FCGG - Gabe Schmitt - Transylvania
774. Ryan - Sam Moore - UMHB
775. ronk - Nicky Bonura - SUNY-Cortland

776. ronk - Tucker Lescoe - Hobart
777. Ryan - Frank Basile - St. Joseph's (LI)
778. FCGG - Jordan Koczman - Cairn
779. Smitty -
780. NCF -

781. NCF -
782. Smitty -
783. FCGG -
784. Ryan -
785. ronk -

786. ronk -
787. Ryan -
788. FCGG -
789. Smitty -
790. NCF -
As always, I'm mucho pumped for another Redlands season to kick off, so many thanks for the team previews from the experts, OldDog and RFB. Of course, avidly awaiting Pat's 'Kickoff 2018' in August to find out what his pundits reckon about our SCIAC competitors.

What a great decade this has been for my Bulldogs! Since 2010 we have averaged just 1 loss per season in the SCIAC, and 3 of those defeats were by newcomer Chapman who has chalked up two championships that would've been won by UR in the "good old days of yore". My elation about the Bulldogs' consistent success is only a smidgen dampened by reading the baffling bellyaches in this board about such peripheral matters as some course that's disdained or that the president leaves games at halftime. But, hey, whatever floats your boats, guys.

Just checked the 'La Letra' from when I was a Senior, and coincidentally that year we also had just a single loss in the SCIAC (to Whittier during one of their golden eras). By the way, there was one African-American and no Mexican-Americans on that team.

I am old and just a fan of leading by example...lost management tool

Go Dawgs! :-)
Now, RFB knows darn well Redlands won't know what they have until they walk onto the CATDOME field.

DOC, for once you are somewhat right although GF is a solid pre-season game. Their schemes just give UR fits, Hopefully the DC can stop their version of the RPO and it takes a half before our Offense is even focused. Blitz pick up etc..In short we seem to play like poorly against them and at this point I have to give their staff credit.

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