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Carson Meuhlenberg  6-6  G/F  Covenant Christian will attend Calvin

He was named 1st Team Class C All-State by Bank Hoops and 3rd Team by the Detroit Free Press.
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by sac on Today at 04:38:55 pm »
Carson Meuhlenberg  6-6  G/F  Covenant Christian will attend Calvin
Recently received some interesting news on the Calvin recruiting appears that Carson Meulenberg has surprised some people and will most likely be a Knight next year to play with his cousin and a couple other high school teammates.
Well, if we were to, now would be the time to do it since we have 7 months.  ::)
They'll also play at Davenport for an exhibition game after they tip off the season vs. the Bible Tigers. I wonder if there's still a chance they could add a game and flip Grace to exhibition.
According to their website, sometime during 2018 Grace Bible College will become Grace Christian University.  So I guess technically Calvin could be playing the Christian Tigers.
I think that'd make them the Grace Christian Bible Tigers then, wouldn't it? I'm still calling them the Bible Tigers.
For what it's worth, the Bible Tigers were able to win at Trinity College last season. (both the one in Chicagoland and the Baptist one in Florida)
Finlandia needs to figure out its strategy, because bringing a bunch of players up from Florida to the U.P. definitely did not work. Player retention has been awful, and Finlandia University *really* needs football to fill some beds consistently.

You are correct, Pat. I agree with you entirely.  Their early path after the inaugural season has not been smooth and certainly unlike many of the other DIII football programs that were started (or restarted after a many year hiatus) over the past decade plus.  Perhaps this new restructured coaching staff will be able to begin some consistency.

One of the challenges involving and in addition to the problem you outlined i.e. player retention and attracting players there is that high school football in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is facing tough times in having low numbers of kids available in their communities.  A good number of those small high schools have had to go to 8-man and some even 6-man football programs. Not many young families moving to UP and those top h.s. players obviously will go to better programs (in any division) downstate and/or out-of-state instead of to Houghton. Last year's .500 season for Finlandia was "okay" (and given/understanding the competition they played and the small roster), however, as you say, they need to figure it out over the next couple of years.  It will be a big challenge, but not impossible. Playing in the MIAA I would think will be helpful.  Of course, we will see.

The declining and aging population of the U.P., and its concomitant impact upon U.P. high-school sports, is only one problem that Finlandia faces in recruiting Yooper footballers. The other is the dismal economic situation up there, which has been an ongoing problem for a long, long time. Even though Finlandia is on the inexpensive side for a private school, there aren't many Yoopers that can afford to shell out 20K a year for their kid's education. Little wonder that the school has only a 57% first-year retention rate, and that fewer than a third of Finlandia students graduate in six years or less.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 04:11:12 pm »
Is that why it was named "Rust"?   ::)
RUST COLLEGE was established in 1866 by the Freedman's Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Its founders were missionaries from the North who opened a school in Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, accepting adults of all ages, as well as children, for instruction in elementary subjects. A year later the first building on the present campus was erected.

In 1870, the school was chartered as Shaw University, honoring the Reverend S.O. Shaw, who made a gift of $10,000 to the new institution. In 1892, the name was changed to Rust University to avoid confusion with another Shaw University. The name was a tribute to Richard S. Rust of Cincinnati, Ohio, Secretary of the Freedman's Aid Society. In 1915, the title was changed to the more realistic name, Rust College.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« Last post by WUPHF on Today at 03:50:54 pm »
As an addendum to my post a few weeks ago, here is quick look at how my top four teams might look in terms of positions next season.  I included minutes per game from this season for those who averaged 10+ because three of the four teams will look so different next season.  I reserve the right to be wrong about positioning.

As for as the league outlook is concerned, Massey had the UAA as the No. 2 conference in the division three seasons ago.  No. 7 last season.  And, No. 17 in the final rankings this season.  The league may fall further next season.


The sophomore class is going to pay big dividends for Coach Zimmerman for the next three seasons.  Bank on it.  There will be little margin for error so key to the league championship may be a road win in Rochester to begin league play. 

1. Gebereal Baitey (Sr, 29 mpg), Nick Stuck (So)
2. Romin Williams (So, 22 mpg), Clay Washburn (So)
3. Beau Bommarito (Sr, 26 mpg)
4. Lawrence Rowley (So)
5. Matt Davet (So, 13 mpg)


The senior class is going to try to prove that they belong in the annals of Rochester history and they may well do it. 

1. Jacob Wittig, (Sr, 30 mpg)
2. Michael Mangan (Sr, 24 mpg), Brendan O’Shea (Sr, 16 mpg)
3. Ryan Clamage (Sr, 28 mpg)
4. Andrew Lundstrom (Sr, 18 mpg), Jacob Urban (Jr, 18 mpg)
5. Patrick Benka (Sr, 20 mpg)

Washington University

Coach Edwards leaves behind a roster that should be in the mix for the title.  Matt Nester and Jack Nolan will unquestionably be one of the best 1-2 combos in the region next season.  This team has the tools to play much faster, transition-oriented game than usual.

1. Matt Nester (Jr, 10 mpg), Ethan Block (So)
2. Jack Nolan (So), Louis Reinmiller (Jr)
3. DeVaughn Rucker (Jr), Micky Bell (Jr)
4. Hank Hunter (Jr), Jack Wiernicki (Sr)
5. Marcus Meyer (Sr)


Coach McGrath played a deep bench with a lot of combinations this season.  He definitely has depth combing back. 

PG: Jordan Baum (Jr, 30 mpg), Max Jacobs (Sr, 14 mpg)
SG: Noah Karras (Jr, 24 mpg), Jake Berhorst (Jr, 10 mpg)
SF: Justin Jackson (Sr, 21 mpg), Cole Schmitz (Jr, 8 mpg)
PF: Ryan Jacobsen (Sr, 21 mpg)
C: Sam Sustacek (Jr, 10 mpg)


Chances are good that I have someone in the wrong position or left someone out. Let me know.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« Last post by Gregory Sager on Today at 03:35:08 pm »
Part of the affiliation issue with Rust (and something that made it difficult for them to get opponents in general) was what Dave references -- underfunded athletic department made information hard to come by and made them unattractive as an opponent. Certainly you didn't want to play at their place because you have no idea what you'd get in terms of information.

Yes, of course I remember very well the chaos that Rust created with its informational vacuum, especially given all of the hand-wringing that hopefan did over it in the D3 vs. Others room back when Rust was a D3 member. I was simply saying that this:

They are a long way from the USA South and way too far east and north to be a desirable travel partner for Belhaven and the ASC.

... was as applicable to Holly Springs, MS as it is to Columbus, MS. Holly Springs is not quite as far east as Columbus, but it's a lot further north.
Kudos to Hope recruit Tyler George, for being Michigan's #1 high school free throw shooter (89%) in 2018 ( ) . . .

and Detroit Free Press first team Class A all-state ( )

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