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General football / Eligibility Question
« on: September 05, 2014, 10:49:00 am »
I have a former player who is in a situation that I have not heard about before.

Last Fall (2013) he was enrolled and a member of the Football Team at Campbellsville University (NAIA).
He didn't play in any games (JV/V) and was Redshirted.

He moved to Orlando last Spring and didn't attend college (worked)

This fall he has enrolled at Hillsboro Community College (they don't have a football team) and is playing for the Gattaca Football Club.
He is taking 9 hours at HCC.

Assume he competes for Gattaca this fall (they play NAIA and NCAA JV Teams), how many seasons of eligibility will he have left and how many semesters will he have remaining to compete?

This is what I think:
His NCAA/NAIA Clock started last fall so he is in his 3rd Semester now, even though he didn't attend school last Spring.
He plays this Fall so he has 3 seasons of eligibility left.
He'll still have 7 semesters left to play those 3 seasons if any NAIA/NCAA School wants him.

Any other thoughts?

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