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"a team like that" had a wonderful trip to Alliance.  Thank you for your hospitality.

congrats on the W, literally meant no disrespect. I'll be rooting for Alma to make a Stagg Bowl run.  It was a shot at the powers that be at Mount that allowed such a loss to even be a possibility.

Everybody loves a double backhanded compliment. 

I'm not sure the powers that be at Mount Union have much control over the great jobs being done at other programs.  Mount Union set a goal for literally everyone in the division to chase.  Teams are reaching that endpoint.  It's less that Mount Union is not as good now and more that other teams are also excellent.  I believe Mount Union will continue to contend for national championships, but the playing field is different now.  Stagg Bowls are not only Mount Union's to lose as they may have been in the glory days.  There are a lot of great teams in the division now- largely thanks to the bar Mount Union set.

It wasn't really a backhanded compliment.  This was probably the greatest upset in D3 playoff history, by far the worst loss in recent (30+ years) Mount Union history, it was a 20+ point spread by most metrics.  Alma is a fine team and found another gear in that 4th quarter, incredible win for the Scots.  The game last Saturday is one thing, but it is only a small part of the issue in Alliance right now.

Let me start with a huge, Thank You!!!!! to the Mount Union football program for giving me a fun team to root for every fall.  Thank You seniors for putting in the work to represent the university and yourselves in a great way.  Many of you faced challenges we don't know about as fans,  but continued to wear the purple, white and black proudly. I wish you all the best and hope you can look back at your time as a Purple Raider in a better light as time passes.

State of the program from my point of view (and a nobody at that):
Mount still has good coaches, players, facilities and a great program(look what they did to the OAC this year). They will be back next year, compete for the OAC (JCU and Marietta have big holes to fill as well) and will have a shot at the title.
I like the talent in the position groups still, but have a couple of observations...
Our championship teams always got pressure on the QB and usually without needing to send extra guys. Since they've gone to 3 down lineman, they haven't handled the top tier offenses as well. Alma QB had lots of time in the 4th Q to find open guys.
In order to beat the great teams, there must be a threat of running the football from the QB position (or a near perfect pocket passer) and make the defense think you might do something. Nobody fell for the play action game in this offense. I don't think I ever saw the QB pull an RPO to pass the ball either. There were also many drops that weren't on the QB from TE and WRs.
Our play calling used to put defenses on their heels and play mind games with them. I was hoping there would be more deep ball opportunities with the speed on the outside. Sanders just missed the one deep ball thrown (and a missed PI with the jersey pulled), but that used to be commonplace after a turnover or drawing the defenders into the box.
Creation of mismatches just weren't there.... get your playmaker the ball in space.
I hope Dartt hires a true OC, so he can manage players and the game.  It's not easy trying to do all of that and prepare an offense for each series and get a feel from your players on what they're seeing.

I see next year, there's still an opening for week 1. Who are we calling? It needs to be someone decent because the schedule flips again and JCU is week 2.

Just my rambling thoughts. Go Purple Raiders!

there 100% has to be an OC hired, and hopefully it is someone not currently on the staff.  The lack of creativity, lack of aggressiveness, etc over the past three years has been maddening.  If the drunk idiots in section 13 know which play is coming, I bet the defensive staff does as well.  And can we hire a full-time S&C coach?? 

if I'm the HC of a program on the rise, I'm calling up Mount Union to get that week 1 spot.  Mount will have a bunch back, but they will have a new QB and no NFL-bound WR.  There is not going to be a much better time to take your shot at a program building type victory.
CCIW fan here but huge supporter of D3 overall. I have been to Alliance and lost when The Machine was rolling, and admired the consistency of their program for a long time. I have also seen my team be the victim of NCC since 2006. I think the S&C part is the biggest piece missing from this program. If you look at their losses or close games the last couple of years the LOS is where they are lacking. The OL has length  and good frames just lack the overall mass. The bigger guys look a little soft in the mid-section. The one loss that it was glaring was 21 semis against NCC. The LOS was dominated in that game specifically on the last drive NCC had. Last year in the Championship it was a war but they just could not finish when it mattered the most. 
Coach Dartt has the impossible job of leading this team but has done a good job. It seems that there is an under current with some players on the team and recent alums with him. The biggest concern would be the culture in the locker room. The uproar on social media and finger pointing was the only alarming thing I have seen. Otherwise any program in the country would kill for a resume that Mount has had since Dartt took over. Mount will reload and refocus and the expectations will Champions or nothing. Hope my guys will one day have a chance to compete against Mount in the future.

Very good take.  Thanks for the look from the outside.  Darrtt is 42-3 so far, and lots of teams would love to have that success.  I guess the biggest thing is the lack of creativity on Offense and the instances of giving up the big plays on Defense.

Spoiled fan here (I graduated in 1994) but would obviously like them to get back to dominating nationally.

FYI...Beaudrie is coming back to Mount!

I suspected/hoped that this would be the case.  Really looking forward to seeing the Raiders with Beaudrie at the helm.

Makes sense with Plunk returning this year. Take a semester off and retain the year of eligibility.

Ask and you shall receive.

All the "Maybe ..." could have one more year of eligibility due to the Covid Year.

Mount could have a lot to replace in the Defensive Secondary and also at Linebacker if McMillen is done.  They, obviously, have to replace Plunk at QB.  Jackson Adkins (Fr) actually had the 2nd most Attempts, Completions and Yards at QB this season.  It was RB by committee this year and along with Echeverry, Mount has Darnell Williams coming back.  Need to replace Fortner at C and possibly Lilly at OT.  Depending on COVID returnees, WR may have a lot of new faces next year.  RBs Williams, Parker and Echeverry (3, 5, and 7) were in the top 10 for receiving yards this year for the team.

Mount Union Playoff Two Deep 2023

Braxton Plunk      Senior      Done
TJ Deshields      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

DeAndre Parker      Graduate      Done
Tyler Echeverry      Junior

Chase Lawson      Senior      Done
Wyatt Stiehl      Sophomore

Wayne Ruby Jr.      Senior      Done
Edwin Reed      Senior      Done

Tyrell Sanders      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
Tre Radford      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

Rayshawn Williams   Junior
Nick Turner      Sophomore

Aiden Change      Junior
Fred Fevrier      Sophomore

Govanni Kennedy   Sophomore
Greg Rockwell Jr.   Sophomore

Mason Fortner      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
John Cisneros      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

Jarrett Burress      Junior
Mike Milano      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

Ben Lilly              Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
Jason Miller      Sophomore

Deaglan Camron   Freshman
Kaleb Brown      Sophomore
Rex Kroger      Sophomore

Duke Hill              Senior      Done
Garet Cramer      Junior

Von Factor              Junior
Brandon Bowden   Sophomore

Rossy Moore      Junior
Landon Jenkins      Senior      Done

Marcus Jackson      Junior
Caleb Rinard      Sophomore

Mason McMillen           Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
Jordan Stancovich   Junior

Ian Sexton      Senior      Done
Ryan Poundstone   Junior

John Roland      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
Jonny Papesh      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

Brandon Yanssens   Junior
Ricky Buggs      Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility

Josh Jones              Senior         Done
Tony Cook              Sophomore

Duece Parker           Senior      Maybe one more year of eligibility
Michael Mara           Sophomore

Mike Franklin           Sophomore

RE: QB Mobility

IMO, Plunk has the ability to be a dual-threat QB.  Either by design, or desire, he just didn't pull and run very often.  When he did, it made the offense much more multi-dimensional.  Unfortunately he didn't use this option very often.

the mood on the OAC board can be summed up by this post...

Boards are back.  Kind of glad they were down all weekend.  What a downer.

Way to go Alma! I was already rooting for the MIAA, but making fans pay $10 to watch made me strongly dislike Mount Union.

I paid the $10 for round one.  Decided to watch OSU vs UM instead this week.  If I lived close and attended the game, then I'd have to pay $10 for a ticket, so I didn't mind paying to view.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 27, 2023, 12:36:28 pm »
In the offseason I was excited to see Junior Collins named the OC.  Then he got the job with the Colts and Mount went back to status quo of a very vanilla offense.  Mount had too many weapons to be so generic.  I doubt we'll see a change in the HC.  I would like to see a full time OC hired and let Coach Dartt focus on being the HC.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 27, 2023, 11:05:24 am »
Sorry about that. They're holding together for now but need some serious help, which I am trying to get for them.

Need for fixes have progressed beyond my ability to manage the software. :)

Thanks for all you do!  I decided on Saturday to not pay the the $10 to watch the Mount Union Game and instead watched OSU v UM.  I was planning to go to OAC Boxcast later and watch the Mount game.  After seeing the final score, I've not gone back to watch.  Ugs.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 27, 2023, 11:02:58 am »
Boards are back.  Kind of glad they were down all weekend.  What a downer.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 23, 2023, 01:09:47 pm »
Happy Thanksgiving to all my little internet friends!

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 19, 2023, 10:29:05 am »
Braxton Plunk needs 4 TD to break the NCAA career record for TD passes.  Does that happen in the early or later part of the 2nd quarter?  Do you go to Ruby or his cousin, Chase Lawson, for the record breaker?

4th TD pass was to Edwin Reed early (13:35) in the 4th quarter.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 19, 2023, 09:30:23 am »
Where was Rossy?

Good is my biggest question and concern....if he's injured, this is a different defense.

I listened to the broadcast on WRMU and thought they said in post game they were hoping to get him back. Didn't say injured but I banged up, I think.

Talked to someone in the know and they said he was just resting.  A little banged up but back next week.  Didn't think they would need him and wanted him to get rested up for next week.

Thanks for the update. Good to know.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 18, 2023, 05:29:05 pm »

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 18, 2023, 01:26:16 pm »
After doing what they wanted in the 1st Quarter, Mount severely underperformed in the 2nd.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: November 18, 2023, 12:34:00 pm »
After a nice first drive (including a fake punt), followed up by an unsuccessful onside kick, Alfred State has resorted to rolling out and throwing the ball out of bounds.

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