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It was Luke Morrison's brother who spent some time at Hope.

Time to retire Arnulfo Perez.  Embarrassing.

I'm not sure I can say anything about any official in particular but it's bad when the ugliest thing about a 41-point blowout in which one team scores the first 28 points of the game before the other team finally scores nearly 13 minutes in is a combined 56 fouls called. It was an equal opportunity foul fest all night long for no particular reason.

Both benches were warned within the first 4 or 5 minutes of the game.

Region 7 men's basketball / Re: Great Lakes Region
« on: November 22, 2021, 08:36:06 am »
The tournament was previously hosted by Hope College in 2018, maybe 5 miles from Lake Michigan - can't get much more Great Lakes than that :)

The Carthage College campus is literally on the Lake Michigan shoreline, so that would be more Great Lakes-y than Hope.

I think the rotation from last night is probably going to be the one Calvin uses going forward. Here's the breakdown by years of college playing experience:

Shymanski: 5th
Warners: 5th
Fruin: 5th
Morrison: 4th
Katje: 4th
Minderhoud: 4th
Sensenig: 3rd
Egekeze: 2nd
Bult: 2nd

They're an experienced bunch for sure.

Calvin took an 11 point lead with 9:11 to play in the first half and never had the margin return to single digits. Augustana was able to cut the lead to 10 a few times, but it always seemed that Calvin was able to pull it back to 17 within a few possessions. From my vantage point, Calvin defense played tremendously well, particularly in the first half, and Augustana was not prepared for their athleticism and deceptive amount of length.

Augustana's 6-8 center Dan Carr got his numbers -- 14 pts, 15 rebounds -- but the stat of the night for me was that it was Calvin who had 42 pts in the paint vs. 22 pts for Augustana.

Calvin hosts Augustana tonight. The Knights are 0-4 against the Vikings since 2016 (I'm not sure if they'd played in prior years). Augustana is 2-1 on the year with the defeat being a 90-70 affair at #17 UW-Oshkosh (in my opinion Oshkosh is a Top-5 team). Augustana was without starting guard Carter Duwa in that loss as well. Duwa has played both subsequent games and scored in double-figures both times.

Duwa and 6-8 center Dan Carr were named to the All-CCIW teams last year. Carr has averaged 18.7 pts and 13.3 rebounds per game through 3 contests this season. He's going to be a tough assignment for Jordan Katje

I'm interested to see if 6-4 guard Alec Fruin will make his season debut for Calvin tonight. He started two seasons at Northern Michigan so I would presume he will feature heavily in the Calvin rotation.

For me, Luke Morrison has been the best Calvin player through two games. I'd really like to see better scoring efficiency out of Shymanski and Warners in particular (Thad is 3-16 on three-point attempts in the two games). Calvin's going to need the 5th year players to have big games against tough opponents.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: November 10, 2021, 10:01:56 am »
My conversation with Mike Schauer, MBB National Committee Chair, about the selection process...

0:00 Feeling good about 2021-22
3:40 Regional realignment (8 regions to 10)
6:15 Primary selection criteria
10:55 Average historical data for Pool C selections
13:26 Handling of non-D3 games
14:07 Balance of the primary criteria; secondary criteria
16:03 The importance of playing a strong non-conf schedule
20:00 Allocation of teams in 2021-22 tournament field
21:27 Regional rankings; alphabetical 1st ranking trial
35:00 Transparency in the process
39:08 D3 bracketing
45:30 COVID impacts on the 2021-22 tournament
46:45 Improvements in the D3 selection process over the years

Is there a way to pin this post here on the Pool C page? It's a fantastic explainer and will be helpful to many folks come February.

Great work TitanQ (and coach Schauer)!

A solid season debut for the Knights with a comfortable win over Illinois Tech. They'll come away with plenty of things to clean up -- I thought they left Illinois Tech with too many open looks -- but ultimately Calvin was the much better team. Particularly outstanding was the rebounding effort which Calvin won 54-28, including 21 offensive rebounds which led to 21 second-chance points.

Uchenna Egekeze started off his sophomore season well with 19 points and was very active on defense with 4 steals and a couple of blocks.

I was rather impressed with Luke Morrison in his return to Calvin. He had a nice shooting touch from range and played some pesky defense, at least that's how it came across on TV.

I wasn't able to be at the arena today but hope to be there for Tuesday's exhibition vs. the Bible Tigers

Calvin opens with Illinois Tech today at Van Noord Arena. Illinois Tech did not play last season due to COVID-19 but finished 12-14 in 2019-20. That team got a lot of contribution from Sophomores, so they have some returning talent (including 3 starters and a sixth man). I expect this to be a fairly close game most of the way, but it's one Calvin has to win if they're going to take a step forward this year.

Looks like the Calvin roster is coming together behind the scenes. Some interesting names on it and not on it so far...

The Calvin roster is live on the website.

Thad Shymanski and Emmett Warners are back, using their extra year of eligibility as graduate students.

Luke Morrison returns as a graduate student after two seasons (and a COVID year off) at Emory.

Alec Fruin arrives as a graduate student after starting at Northern Michigan the last two years.

Luke Scheffers and Brandon Paul are not on the roster.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Top 25 Pool
« on: October 16, 2021, 10:15:27 am »
I'll take Texas-Dallas if they're still avail.

Trine will open the season ranked no. 7 in the nation. Albion is also receiving votes.

I was just curious how much stock we should put into Trine's season last year. 17-1 is really good. A quick look at their schedule, they basically played conference opponents 3 times and the one true test they had, they lost to RMC by 14. Are they really the class of the MIAA this year?

I think there are really two different things here being conflated into one. The first is wondering if Trine's rather insulated schedule last year is indicative of a high preseason ranking that it looks like they will get. I think Trine is really good but it is a reasonable question. The other is whether they should be seen of the class of the MIAA heading into the season. Whereas last season left room to wonder nationally, I don't believe it leaves room to wonder within the league. But, we've seen preseason favorites stumble and teams picked lower to surprise. That's why they play the games!

Trine didn't just win the league, they cleaned up pretty easily. The MIAA is not a top tier league by any stretch, but it's a reasonable one and I think Albion would have proved to be a rather good team had it been a normal season. Calvin and Hope were a step back as they have been for a few years, but they were both closer to 'good' than 'bad' last season. Really strange year though, so hard to say anything for sure.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Regional Realignment
« on: August 30, 2021, 05:26:38 pm »
Looks like maybe Lynchburg is missing from Region 6.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Bumblin' B's
« on: August 30, 2021, 01:43:26 pm »
I need a reminder, is AEC still Pool B and are they the only ones?

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