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This is the new home of SCIAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

Thanks, Pat!  The new format is great.  ;D


The new forum set-up looks great, nice job.

Thought I'd join the new board and start up the conversation on the upcoming season. Obviously by my user name I'm partial to Oxy. Even so, I don't see how they won't repeat as SCIAC Champs.  Besides the return of superstar QB Andy Collins, they boast the finest defense in the west. I predict the tough games this year will be decided by who has the best defense.

Oxy returns the Defensive Player of the Year for the past 2 years in LB
Mike Bryant. Nine of last year's defense is returning, which includes a cadre of Seniors who have started since their sophomore years, such as Kyle Stowers (FS), Andrew Gutierrez (SS), Derek Turbin (CB), and Bryant who started as a freshman.

The offense is certain to put points on the board with Collins having a number of returing standout receivers such as Ric Fukushima, Caleb Small, and Josh Jones. Not to mention the power running of Ryan Gonzalez.

I'm sure the other SCAIC teams are hungry for another shot at OXY. The season promises to be exciting.


--- Quote from: EagleRockKid on August 16, 2005, 04:29:37 pm ---...the finest defense in the west.
--- End quote ---

Are you sure about that Kid? ::) Did you mean the finest in the southwest part of California?  ;D


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