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South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by HSCTiger fan on Today at 09:12:25 pm »
64 is a lot. But from what I understand the coaches as very pleased. QB transfer from WL was SC high school POY in 2015 and both transfers from CNU were VA All-State in 2015. One RB is his school's all time leading rusher. Several OLinemen are listed at 6'3" or taller weighing more than 275 lbs. I know bigger is not always better but you cannot coach size. TE are lister 6'4" or taller.  Several highly rated LBers and DLinemen and DBs.  Everything I've seen on film and everything I have heard from Top Secret (lol) sources is that several of these kids can contribute early.

With many starters and others in 2 deep returning hopefully this group of freshmen can help bring back HSC to form- perennially competing for ODAC in early November.
bballfan13 is correct in his thinking regarding the Hall of Fame Tourney/NCAA Volleyball Nationals back-to-back weekends. Calvin asked for a restructuring of the tournament hosting schedule because of volleyball nationals and was granted that request. Hope that clears up the questions.

Jeff - I am surprised you are allowed to use "hope" in a sentence. Are you allowed to say "Hope that clears up the questions?"


An important reformed concept is that anything can be redeemed....
A concert is a frickin' disgrace. Pure evil. Had to be said. We're not all robots here.
Knowing the primary audience is teen & pre-teen girls is particularly cowardly
Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by ronk on Today at 07:34:19 pm »
 Yori was actually the starting pg for most of the year
West Region / Re: 2017 West Regional - Tyler, TX
« Last post by SoCalSoxFan on Today at 06:59:31 pm »
Mr. 108, where is the CWS thread located?

Under National Topics, but I've put the link to it here:

Mr. Allstar:   Thank you
National topics / Re: 2017 D-III World Series
« Last post by SoCalSoxFan on Today at 06:59:08 pm »
I predict this will be the brackets.  The schedule will be announced on Tuesday

Friday, May 26
Bracket One
Game 1: W&J vs. Cal Lutheran , 10Concordia-Chicago a.m.
Game 2: North Central (Ill.) vs. Mass-Boston, 1:15 p.m.

Bracket Two
Game 3: Wheaton (Mass.) vs. Concordia-Chicago Cal Lutheran, 4:30 p.m.
Game 4: Roanoke vs. Oswego State, 7:45 p.m.

Matchup-wise... just swap CLU and Concordia-Chicago and Mr. Dixon has the pairings correct.   A bit off on game time and Home/Away... but pretty darn good prediction. 

Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Centennial Conference
« Last post by HopkinsNest7 on Today at 06:23:44 pm »

How does coaching collegiatelly and playing give you the same perspective? Seems pretty par for the course as you haven't really nailed down who anyone is either.

Also not sure how you amount 5 people to 1 account its just not reasonable.

Lastly Killing is far and away the most talented player the Cent has seen and if you don't see that then you might need new spectacles. A 5'6 player who has the capability to play above post players and hit three point shots at an above average rate. Again I am talking pure talent. If he were 5'9 he would have played in the Atlantic 10, **** he almost ended up there anyway.
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Centennial Conference
« Last post by Dave 'd-mac' McHugh on Today at 06:14:23 pm »
How could this forum existing without bashing Mcclary & Killing?

Ha. Well. It has existed since before you started playing collegiate basketball... probably when you were in elementary school? The world doesn't revolve around you and your hatred.

Interesting stance.... Never played collegiate basketball but thanks!

Also nice to figure out you don't have the same perspective those who have played collegiate sports have ... unless you coached collegiately.
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Centennial Conference
« Last post by Dave 'd-mac' McHugh on Today at 06:13:34 pm »
Curious... do you get alerts when people message on the boards? Do you do anything else? Heck. Today is the first day I've been on the boards in like five days. It is the off season. Enjoy it.
A concert is a frickin' disgrace. Pure evil. Had to be said. We're not all robots here.
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