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Greetings Mr. Sager,
Can I catch the game through you tube live or through NPU website?  I look forward to hearing your new color guy.  That's an adjustment for you as you seem to be the one man band. :-)

 Have you ever thought about or asked to join the home broadcast team when your team plays away?  I think it would be cool for you to be color when you visit other schools.  Wheaton has stepped it up a bit in their PBP but sometimes their color is lacking.    You seem to know more about the other teams then sometimes their own people interesting.   This weekend would be a great opportunity to do both games in King Arena.  I know you usually work solo but I think it would be a lot of fun to listen.  Maybe Q will bring an extra chair to the booth for you in Bloomington?  ;D

Greg, I know you are a good broadcaster, so I hope you get as frustrated as I do when there are no announcers and the cameras refuse to show the score board during time outs especially when there is no on screen display.    The announcer just started announcing the game and spoke for about 5 minutes before giving the score.  He just said Wheaton was leading by 14 when he started.
Live stats were not working.  just had to air my frustration.

You changed the question. I said they won’t contend if they turn it over and I was challenged with that idea. I don’t think it’s likely they turn it over 7x a game though they did lead the league in turnovers last year at 2.3 per game I believe. It’s clear they are trying to run an uptempo offense to try and run more plays. That’s a good strategy with the makeup of their offense as they run a ton of RPO and can control the Time of possession, limit their defenses exposure, and get more plays for their playmakers.

They ran 102 plays on Saturday. Typical is usually around 70 plays. So if they run 50% more plays than a year ago, is it a stretch to think their turnovers go up by 50%?

The original statement I made is still pretty safe....IWU won’t contend if they turn it over 5+ a game.

I like comparing apples to oranges so here goes.    IWU is to football as Grinnell is to Basketball?

North Central:

Returning starter/2 deep player not listed on 2019 Roster:
Starters: WR Cam Moore (fr), RB Dom Muogahlu (jr), K Derik Judka (fr), DE Josh Leonhard (Jr), DT Lane Brinkman (so), P Zane Lodico (jr)
Backups: QB Conor Joyce (Fr/Transfer), DB Jonathan Mitchell (fr), DB De’Angelo Roberson (so)
Returning Starters: 15
Offense: 8 (14/22 from 2 Deep) 5 OL, 1 WR, TE, QB
Defense: 7 (15/22 from 2 Deep) 2 DL, 2 LB, 3 DB
Key Returning starters: QB Broc Rutter, 5 OL, WR Andrew Kamienski, DL Tommy Hyland, DB Jake Beesley
Key losses: DB Pat Cravens, LB Derek Werkenthein, WR Cam Moore, RB Dom Muoghalu, K Derik Judka

NCC is the favorite but not by much. Broc Rutter along with his starting 5 OL and Andrew Kamienski make them a dangerous offense. No RB or top speed WR is a problem. DL and secondary will be much better. Losing 7 expected returnees brings them back to the pack and lower in the rankings a bit. Playing 2 of the 3 other contenders on the road further bunches the top CCIW teams (@WashU, @Wheaton, vs IWU). At the end of the day, they still have Broc Rutter, an elite D3 QB so I expect them to be tested, but still prevail. 🔮

While I certainly hope the Cardinals do indeed prevail, and expect such to be the case, the above write-up does not readily inspire a large degree of confidence in their being ready to do so. Considering the seemingly more optimistic summaries of Wheaton and IWU, perhaps the poster is employing a bit of reverse psychology in his analysis of the NCC squad? 😏 ???  8-)
..And so it begins a new season of "And One" nipping at "Usee" heels ever so passive though :)

My bad Hossiersfan, I was looking at the all District team, where Francis was first team in the Central.

Maybe they didn't give him region honors because he may make POY?

And yet Francis is not on the all star ballot ?

Because he might be considered on the team should Thunder not make the final four.

The ballot is for the LAST spots on the team - not the first 18.

Oic, just didn't see anything about it on the page asking for votes. 
This is what it says":
"Last year, it took more than 58,000 votes to get a player into the game. You may cast one vote per browser to put a player in the 2019 Reese’s® Division III College All-Star Game. Voting closes at noon ET on Thursday, March 7."

The ballot contains the top eligible player on the NABC's list from each region.

Eligibility is limited to seniors who have completed their college playing career."
 IT didn't say those not in tournament, didn't mention the other 18, didn't say last spots.  Maybe not all of us are "insiders".    A little better description would help us "drive bys" :)

And yet Francis is not on the all star ballot ?

Most self-serving quote under signature :D
"You don't always have to win every game. You just have to win the right ones. 😏 (AndOne)"

Best quote under signature that warns of above quote  ;D

"Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful..” -- John Wooden

1. That’s just something I’ve always said so I thought it would be appropriate in a forum devoted to a discussion of athletic competition. It’s not knocking anyone or anything. Besides, it’s true. Ask any coach.

2. The quote has been there for at least 5 years. If it really bothered you, why did it take you this long to file a complaint? Perhaps you’re just not very observant?

You know Wheels, you’ve been on my case for years. Long ago I must have said something that put a really large burr up your arse. Evidently, you haven’t been able to remove it yourself. Accordingly, I’d recommend two things. First, see a doctor. Secondly, get over it.

Yeah I guess I didn't see it until you highlighted in red.  or maybe I saw it because I was bored with your post :-)

I think there should be a limit on quotes to one.  You are all over the highway with 4.  Quantity doesn't make quality. ;D

Most self-serving quote under signature :D
"You don't always have to win every game. You just have to win the right ones. 😏 (AndOne)"

Best quote under signature that warns of above quote  ;D

"Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful..” -- John Wooden

Congrats to Hannah Frazier, extending her time as Player of the Week. This honor was given Monday, covering the two weeks since her December 17 Player of the Week.
Incidentally, the writeup has a mistake, saying Frazier's 36 point game was a high by CCIW players this season. Izzy Anderson scored 37 vs Whitewater.

Ok lets revise it to high for CCIW player in winning effort.  ;D

I had some misgivings about NPU adding the sport, given that, of the eight sports for which I already do play-by-play, women's volleyball is by far the most difficult to call. But when I shared my trepidation with North Park's new head men's volleyball coach about calling his team's matches, he assured me that calling men's volleyball is much easier than calling women's volleyball. That's because there typically aren't long volleys in the men's version like there are in women's volleyball -- men are too tall, jump too high, and are too powerful, so points tend to be scored pretty quickly.

Does Jay call women's volleyball for Wash U?

Yeah, men's volleyball is not my favorite sport to watch for those reasons.  It seems to be a pretty fast growing sport, too, in terms of participation.  I assume because a lot of the infrastructure exists also having women's volleyball.  Since the seasons don't overlap, many schools are using it as a way to make what would otherwise be a part time coaching position full-time and hiring one coach for both teams.  Lots of win-wins there - although, yeah, it may not be as fan friendly.
I hope you are collecting some checks for all you do for the Chicago Norsemen.  (And I might add do it well)


Most likely, yes. Definitely, no. Francis is cocky, but he isn't stupid. If you give his teammate a wide-open look -- especially inside the arc, since it's only a one-point game -- he'll hit him with a pass and will happily collect the game-winning assist.

Greg, I most admire your word smithery on this site but the term cocky is not how I would describe Francis,  Confident, self assured, passionate, competitive but not cocky. 
conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.
synonyms:   arrogant, conceited, overweening, overconfident, cocksure, self-important, egotistical, presumptuous, boastful, self-assertive;"
(That's the first definition that showed up with google but other dictionaries have similar and unpleasant interpretations of cocky)
Too many words that don't typify this guy in the definition.  His coach would not tolerate him or would his teammates if he were so in reality.   
I do think though you can describe his play as different from his person.  His play may be perceived by his opponents as cocky but not by his teammates or fans, unless he misses :-)
Mark(aka +1) likes to find a Wheaton player to critique,  before it was Michael Berg, now it's Francis.

Just another great play against IWU only this time at the shirk.  3 plays stick out to me  1) Pre You tube, Matt Nadelhoffer inbounds it to himself off the back side of Korey Koon(?) and gets an easy layup at the old Centennial Gym,  2) home game, and 3) Francis' game winning shot going through as buzzer goes off.

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