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General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 01:23:23 am »
The RN caring for my patient tonight is a Rivier grad!
Let’s hope the pitching staff is solid and can keep the ball in the park seeing they have quite a few home games. I don’t know if playing Whitewater early is good or bad but if it’s cool out home runs should be harder to come by. I’m excited to see how the WIAC is this season and if this could be the year for the Pointers to get back to the World Series.
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by PaulNewman on Yesterday at 11:00:03 pm »


Thank you...Yes U are correct we have been on here a long long time. I will share but curious to here a guess or 2

RE: LaPaz....Gotta admit I don't love this exercise but in the spirit of living up to my sterling reputation as a team player....

1) Family or partner connection
2) Semester or year "abroad" in college or high school exchange student
3) Best vacation ever
4) Progressive/lifestyle
5) Nickname you had on your U12 town soccer team
6) D3 boards password
7) All of the above
8) None of the above
9) 3 out of 6 from above

Btw, allowing for slight hyperbole, "Mr.Right" (without the space) has got to be among the best handles in sports message board/social media recent history, especially considering the context of the name's unveiling which fortunately or unfortunately I have been around long enough to recall.
I also think it will have a perverse pressure on the power conferences. It will be increasingly difficult to justify the huge football investments needed to get an AQ in a leading conference only to almost always end up in second place and missing the postseason when significantly less money gets you competitive in an easier conference.  And if it is the fact (ie, I’m not wrong) that sports-specific conferences can be formed to maximise AQ chances then it will become increasingly difficult for top teams to not only find non-conference competition but to find teams willing to conference and either get slaughtered or doomed to perpetual bridesmaids when they need not be.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see how this change impacts the next 20 years like the last 20.
Region 5 women's basketball / Re: WBB: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Royals85 on Yesterday at 10:17:51 pm »
Also before I get back to work-They are playing great defense also not sure but they should be in the top 40 in defense.Have a good night all!!!
Region 5 women's basketball / Re: WBB: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Royals85 on Yesterday at 10:12:08 pm »
Great part ever since I made the statement about poorly shooting they have risen to the occasion nicely Jan 12th @Susquehanna Fg% 29,Jan 15th 37.9%,Jan 18th home Salisbury41.4%,Jan 19th @ Moravian 43.1%,Jan 22 hame Etown 43.6 and Jan 26th 42.1% So they are doing a great job putting the ball in the basket!Keep it up Ladies!
Region 5 women's basketball / Re: WBB: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Royals85 on Yesterday at 09:51:31 pm »
Ronk or Saratoga I don't know neither one of you but did you guys go out for the coaching job when it was available.See I coach here in my city it takes alot and I wouldn't want my kids (players reading this )and yes I was wrong  but you learn.
Not sure I'm a fan of this reducing AQ requirements business.  There are already a bunch of good teams left out of the tournament.  I'm sure we could comb the archives to find several years where one or several quarterfinalists or semifinalists were at-large teams.  Haven't listened to the podcast yet, so I haven't dug into any rationale.

Perhaps it makes sense, but I'm just not seeing it right now.

Talk some sense into me if you like the move.

It commits D3 to a broad-based student athlete association.  That's a completely non-controversial proposition in every sport but football.  Football has maybe 10 or 12 teams that are DII or even FCS competitive, as UST demonstrated this year.  And football probably has another 10 or 12 schools interested in developing programs that can join the small top group.  I suspect the arms race within conferences will really heat up to get that AQ and conferences will need to create schedules that make that slim shot of a Pool C bid possible (ahem, divisions must bite the dust...).

What I find interesting is that it will increase, I think, the pressure on the MIAC to fragment (ala MAC, although they have returned).  It seems to me that the rules will allow sports-specific conferences to develop.  The MIAC essentially requires all members to do most everything.  Increasing cost pressures along with competition for customers students (particularly men) mean that more and more combinations of sporting leagues can be specialty created to compete while the MIAC will still offer the everything-for-everyone proposition by mandate.  I think that all sizes for all customers business model may feel some pressure.  We'll see.
Region 5 women's basketball / Re: WBB: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Royals85 on Yesterday at 09:47:02 pm »
Yes I know what I said but God your constantly harping hopefully you were not cheering for my team back then!What would you like Saratoga  to win every game by 100.
Men's hockey / Re: Nescac 2021-22
« Last post by deiscanton on Yesterday at 09:42:20 pm »
The current DCU/USCHO DIII Men's Hockey Poll, which ranks the top 15 DIII teams in Men's Ice Hockey, has Colby in the receiving votes category at 26 points.

Current DCU/ Men's Division III national poll

Adrian is currently ranked #1 in men's hockey this week-- the Bulldogs are a unanimous #1 with all 20 first place votes going to them.

For January 24, 2022 among New England DIII men's hockey teams-- Babson is ranked at #9, Curry at #10, U. New England at #12, Norwich at #13, and Endicott at #14

New England teams receiving votes-- Colby (26 points), Salve Regina (6 points), New England College (1 point), Plymouth State (1 point), UMass-Boston (1 point).
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