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Ethan Brooks (Williams 96) is on the Jets roster:

Matt Barnhart (kid):
Jermaine Taylor (Bridgewater, 2003) is on the Bucs roster:


Ron Boerger:

Jerheme Urban (Trinity [TX] '03) is still on the Seahawks roster.

Only took three years, but they finally have something listed under "college career" [not much] and "personal" [less].

Not having a great preseason so far, unfortunately.  This is his third season in the league, so going onto the practice squad is not an option.   Lots of competition for the WR slots this year.

South Dakota Gusties:
Ryan Hoag (Gustavus '03) is trying out with the Vikings right now.  He was practice squad last year.  This is his last shot because he can't be on the PS this year.  He is right on the bubble.  He's having an awesome camp (led the Vikings in receptions against KC on Friday), so it will be tough for Tice to cut him.

What is the rule in the NFL on who can be on a practice squad?


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