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Pat Coleman:
Hmm, well, I appear to have deleted the Around the Nation board, like a moron. Probably in my attempts to change the poll on top.

Anywho... we were talking about ... uhm, Around the Nation.

I am very disappointed, as I had written (shocking, I know) a long post this morning, covering last week and this.

Luckily, I think the board so far was mostly me, not too much of other people's responses that we'll be missing.

Hate that we can't recover it though.

Pat, you will be smited. Mucho.

Um, is this where we apologize for jinxing Salisbury?

We did lose one significant thing when Pat deleted the board. Wildcat's road trip horror story. Do you still have it in your sent mail file?

Got nice ONU feedback. I wonder about their appeal. Anyway...

That was a very comprehensive around the Nation.  Very interesting to see how the different conferences match up.  Personally I rely on ATN and ATR to keep me up to date on areas other than the North Region since I have no experience with any of the other regions other than lurking on the MIAC board a couple of years ago. 

I liked this week's ATN.  Lots of useful information in there about many teams....

One thing sticks out....Rockford College putting up 82 vs. Principia......they put up a 70 spot on them last year.  My question:  Is there bad blood between Rockford and Principia....I mean you have to try to put up 82 points. 


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