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Ralph Turner:
Thanks to Jason Dannelly of www.naiafootball.net and Larry of www.lazindex.com who have compiled the D3 vs. NAIA games for 2005.

Here are the games for the weekend of Sep 3rd.

W/E Sept.3     

Anderson D3 @ Olivet Nazarene NAIA

Mississippi College D3 vs. Belhaven NAIA

North Park D3 vs. Kentucky Wesleyan NAIA

Principia D3 vs. SW Assemblies of God NAIA

UW-Oshkosh D3 @ William Penn NAIA

Corrections and omissions are appreciated!

There's got to be more than that.

Oh. That's just week 1.


So we'll be keeping the running record too ... you or me, Ralph?

Ron Boerger:
Ralph/Keith, note that on Sept 17, Concordia-Selma (AL) is an NAIA provisional member (playing Millsaps), according to this article on NAIAfootball.net.  Don't know whether you want to count it or not, but given how hard it was to get info on Concordia last spring thot you'd like the info.   

Pat Coleman:
Good-ol' Selma.

Don't know what to do with them. Even Millsaps has told me both things on whether Concordia-Selma is an intercollegiate team or a club team.

It's less important to me what their affiliation is and more important whether this is a club team or not.


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