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Just wondering if there is anyone else out there interested in sharing thoughts about SLIAC vb.?

Newcomer Spalding is off to a strong start, but it's hard to know how good the non-conference teams are that they've played. They did beat Transylvania 3-1, but Transy's record was 4-5 at the time and it doesn't look like those 4 wins were over strong teams. They play Centre today and Centre is 7-2. Center also beat Transy but had to go five sets to do it. Based on that comparison Spalding may have the edge and they are probably the team to beat in the conference, in spite of the coaches voting Webster into the #1 pre-season slot.

How much of a rivalry do the SLIAC schools have with Washington-MO?  If memory serves correct, one year that squad knocked off UW-Whitewater in the D3 finals a year or two after the WI squad took it all.

I don't think there is a serious "rivalry" between SLIAC schools and Wash U in most sports. In volleyball Webster has played Wash U every season I've been watching -- this is my fifth season. About 3 years ago Webster was up two sets to one on Wash U and had about eight match points in the 4th set but couldn't convert on any of them. They lost that set something like 40-38 or 38-36, and lost the fifth set. Other than that Wash U generally wins matches 3-0, although most of the sets are reasonably competitive, if not nail biters.

Webster has already lost to Wash U this season 3-0. Wash U has also defeated Greenville this season 3-0 and plays Fontbonne on Wednesday which should also be another 3-0 win for the Bears. That's it for SLIAC schools vs Wash U this season.

To digress from volleyball, recently Webster has competed fairly well against Wash U in baseball and softball. Last May Webster beat Wash U in the last losers bracket game of the softball regionals to get into the regional championship game against Gustavus Adolphus, which Webster lost. I think Webster softball has a 10-9 record against Wash U.

Realistically, most SLIAC schools don't expect to beat Wash U regularly in most sports. Greenville did beat them in football this year and I think Principia has a good chance to beat them in men's soccer this coming Tuesday. That game will be played at Principia.

SLIAC volleyball site indicates that Principia and Fontbonne went 2-0 while Centre beat Spalding in 3.

Those were conference match wins for Principia and Fontbonne over Blackburn and Westminster.

Fairly close sets between Centre and Spalding at 21, 22 and 18. Looks like Spalding will definitely be in the running for the top spot in the SLIAC as they get into conference play.


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