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Final:  #3 Trinity-Texas holds off Endicott in 5 sets:
                    (21-25, 25-15, 28-26, 23-25, 15-9)

Trinity-TX:  4 players with .444 or higher  hitting pcts.
Endicott:  McAvoy .538 hitting pct.

10-20-21 Region X Rankings;

Team:                                  SOS:                              RRO:                             Overall Record:

1) Trinity-TX                              .625                          Not shown                             23-2 (.920)
2) Chapman                             .590                                                                       10-9 (.526)
3) CMS                                     .568                                                                       18-0 (1.000)
4) Colo. College                        .565                                                                        22-3 (.880)
5) Pomona Pitzer                       .548                                                                       12-8 (.600)
6) Southwestern-TX                   .544                                                                        19-2 (.905)
7) Whitworth                             .531                                                                        15-2 (.882)

(Mary Hardin Baylor                   .455                                                                        19-0 (1.000)

    (How interesting could things get for the Cru if they don't win the ASC Tournament?)

Ron Boerger:
This year the first regional rankings were issued in alpha order.  There's way more to ranking than looking at only SOS - overall record is a major factor so I would expect CMS 1, Trinity 2, ... Pomona, Chapman.  Per the pre-championship manual the primary criteria include:

--- Quote ---● Won-lost percentage against Division III opponents.
● Division III head-to-head competition.
● Results versus common Division III opponents.
● Results versus ranked Division III teams as established by the final ranking and the ranking preceding the final ranking.
● Division III strength of schedule.
- Opponents’ Winning Percentage (OWP).
- Opponents’ Opponents’ Winning Percentage (OOWP).
■ Conference postseason contests are included.
■ Contests versus provisional and reclassifying members in their third and fourth years shall count in the primary criteria. Provisional and reclassifying members shall remain ineligible for rankings and selections.
--- End quote ---

And I find it hard to believe that the NCAA would rank any 10-9 team over 19-0 no matter the difference in SOS (even though they obviously did this week, LOL).  Some of the teams listed in these initial rankings (not just this region) are real head scratchers - I bet it gets sorted out (and sorted) next week. 

Ron Boerger:
#3 Trinity (TX) downs #7 Colorado College, 3-1 (21-25, 25-16, 25-14, 25-22)

Trinity:  K: Annie Rose Leggett, Avery Tuggle 13; B: Emma Funk 10; D Annie Rose Leggett 28, Avery Tuggle 24
Colorado:  K: Georgia Mullins 16; B: Georgia Mullins 4; D Peyton Hummel 22, Georgia Mullins 19

Trinity 25-2, 12-0 SCAC; Colorado 22-4, 7-3 SCAC

Ron Boerger:
First real regional rankings are out. 

REGION X      
#SchoolRecord-- D3 SOS----vs RRO--1Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (A)22-1.5908-1-02Trinity (Texas) (A)26-2.62510-2-03Colorado College (C)24-4.5717-3-04Southwestern (Texas) (C)21-3.5723-3-05Mary Hardin-Baylor (A)22-1.4701-0-06Whitworth   (A)17-2.5321-2-07Pomona-Pitzer (C)15-7.5321-4-0
(A) - Pool A if wins conference bid, based on current standings
(C) - Pool C if does not win conference bid, based on current standings

Mary Hardin-Baylor had better hope they win the ASC, because with that SOS and only one game against RROs they'll be hard pressed to win a comparison against other regional representatives.   


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