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Best D3 Marching ?

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What D3 Programs have the best Marching Bands? Average size of those bands?

CWRU 60-70 musicians.


UW-Eau Claire has an ensemble of 475+ members...

One of the largest in the country, at all levels...

If you're asking to determine if you or someone should go there, here's a link:


The band also posts performances on You Tube...

If you aren't asking for someone who's looking for a school to go to, then any other information I would provide would just be me boasting about my alma mater's band...  ;)

The Third Division:
Whitewater has a good one.

The WIAC has some good bands (although I'm really really biased about one of them).  Eau Claire has become a force on the field and I wonder how they can fit all those performers on the field (maybe only go to a 1 step interval, idk).  La Crosse has a fairly decent band, as does Platteville, and Oshkosh has just recently relaunched their Marching Band.  I know Stout does a pep band which only lasts one half (maybe that's changed as the last game I went to up there was Whitewater @ Stout in 2005 with a smattering of Warhawk musicians), and I'm not entirely sure what Point and River Falls do.

I also know Whitewater hosts a DCI show in July (the site of the first DCI Finals in 1972), and we've hosted the State Marching Championships in October (which I marched three years as a HS Student, and five more in the Warhawk Marching Band).


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