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East Region football / Re: FB: Empire 8
« Last post by Bombers798891 on Today at 11:14:39 am »
Look who the Bombers are welcoming to the sideline!

Dan Swanstrom is putting together a really, really, good staff.
Maryville scrimmaged them last year and from what I was told, it's a cluster you-know-what. They apparently dub themselves as a mixture between FCS, D2 and NAIA.

They lost the Alderson Broaddus game 55-8, by the way.
Men's soccer / Re: Game of the Year
« Last post by Falconer on Today at 10:47:23 am »
This is a great addition to the schedule for both clubs. I'm excited that the Falcons put another tough opponent into the non-conference part of the schedule. I will probably be away on business, or I'd consider going to Rowan to see this one.  :'(

I expect a much more competitive game than the one two years ago in Grantham, when Rowan easily defeated a very young Falcon team 4-2 in a very physical game. Most of the Falcons who did anything in that game are back as juniors or seniors--especially rising junior winger Nick West, who scored both Falcon goals in that loss and should give Rowan (again) all they can handle--and they will be joined by some very talented sophomores, two of whom had their PT greatly limited by injuries last year. Defender Joey Cianciotta (a top HS player at Union Catholic and FC Copa Academy in NJ) missed almost the whole season with a groin injury, and MF Jonnie Groothoff wasn't fully recovered from an ACL injury he obtained in HS. I don't know whether either man will start, given the level of talent surrounding them and the fact that they don't yet have the college game experience of some of the other sophomores, but I won't be too surprised if both of them get a lot of quality PT.

In the first six games of that 2015 seasons, the Falcons surrendered 4 goals twice (the other opponent was CMU). That hadn't happened for a very long time, and it hasn't happened since. I don't see it happening this year, either. The backline and keeper are much better than at the start of 2015, and I see the possibility that rising sophomore Cooper Robbins will get consideration for AA status, perhaps even this year.

I see UWO added a game:

According to a website that claims to be their official athletic website, the Dragons were 0-0-5 with five scoreless ties in 2015.
They did field enough of a team to play at Grambling State last fall, getting beat 72-12. (Grambling finished 11-1 last season).
Men's soccer / Re: Emory
« Last post by Falconer on Today at 10:19:53 am »
Jeez...Coe is 1 financial crash away from bankruptcy and closure.

I don't see any justification for this statement. Coe's endowment is (for example) slightly higher than that of Elizabethtown College, which has roughly 300 more students, and no one is saying that Etown is 1 financial crash away from closure. Indeed, the value of the endowment per capita is actually greater at Coe than at Etown.

To be sure, Emory's per capita endowment is much greater than Coe's, thanks to legacy gifts of Coca Cola stock (an Atlanta company) and such things many years ago. At the same time, Emory is a very large place academically, and it has a lot of pieces that are very expensive to operate, including a law school and a medical school. If they are anything like similar places (Johns Hopkins, Wash U, etc), then the undergraduate college (including athletics) is very much the poor sister to the rest of the institution. The very large part of their endowment earnings, almost certainly, goes to supporting the other pieces--and to funding the many endowed professorships in the arts & sciences. So, the comparison between Coe and Emory is not even apples to oranges, it's more like apples to automobiles.

A further comparison: the endowment at Messiah is 130 million, but their enrollment is much larger than Etown or Coe, such that per capita it's not too much larger. And if Messiah's about to close, it's news to everyone in this region.

East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by CNU85 on Today at 10:19:12 am »
Had a good time on the Frostburg State campus -- hadn't been there in at least a decade. Here was the final scheduled On the road segment:

Good stuff Pat! I just watched the last two clips. Am really looking forward to Kickoff tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to seeing CNU in action this season....anxious, excited, worried. So many unknowns! Eagerly waiting for the updated roster. I'm hoping to make a few road trips this year since I am not teaching this semester at CNU. I need a break!
SJU ticket alert - I took the season ticket plunge this year. See it as a good excuse to support the program and get out of the house with my 2.5 year old a few times this fall. We won't be going to all games so if anyone is in need of two reserved seat tickets for any home games feel free to reach out. Going to try and make one of the first two home games and Homecoming, and won't be at the GAC game but all other games are toss ups.

East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by Teamski on Today at 10:05:28 am »
As we know Wesley has been known to start slow, most loses in the first week or 2 until playoff time.  The Del Val game will be a good one, nice Thursday night game for me to get to.  The rest of the month is fix and refine time and then the season gets good.

A very good point!  Went to the Packers-Redskins game on Saturday.   Joe Callahan played in the 3rd quarter as usual.  He had a quiet game of it.  Hundley, the 1st back-up played the first half and first series in the 3rd and what I think  should have been Callahan's reps.  Hall (from BYU) played really well in the 4th.  I got the honor of meeting Joe's mom when her friends saw my Reggie White Packers jersey married to a Wesley Football baseball cap.  I am sure she is extremely proud of her son.  I know I am!  The season is about on top of us!

article on IWU, their preparations for UWW and the latest on the QB battle.

Yikes! I knew they were playing Whitewater, but that early schedule is trial by fire.  Also, if they're already talking about not overlooking NWU and NP, the coaches must really be emphasizing that.  Wonder if that is just "Coachspeak."  Only they know for sure. 
East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 09:50:20 am »
Had a good time on the Frostburg State campus -- hadn't been there in at least a decade. Here was the final scheduled On the road segment:
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