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MUC57, in line with your sign-off you have gotten confused (or maybe just transposed a couple of digits ;)).  Buckner's error was in 1986, not 1968 - the Tigers won the 1968 World Series.  Poor Bill Buckner received vastly more abuse than was warranted; he did NOT lose the Series for the Red Sox!  #1, that only let in the tying run, not the winning run.  #2, that was game six, not game seven.  #3, he was so banged up that his manager admitted he should have removed him for a defensive replacement at least an inning earlier.

Bill Buckner, who died just a year and three days ago at only 69 years of age, may have been the most unfairly and viciously maligned player ever.  It (understandably, IMO) took many years, but he did finally forgive Bostonians and return to Fenway and received a respectful ovation

Mr. Ypsi

Something doesn't make sense. The game I watched was game 6. The Mets were down 2 runs into the bottom of the 10th inning. They scored 2 runs to tie it up. Then, with 2 outs, a ground ball went through the 1st baseman's (Buckner?) legs. A run scored to win it for the Mets. That forced a game 7 with the Red Sox.
But, yes, I am old, get mixed..........! Oh hell, see below. 😷 🍺

I can't believe I just watched game 6 of the 1968 World Series. The Mets won it in the 10th inning on Buckner's error.
Let's please get "real" sports back on TV.
Have to go now. At 7:00, I'm going to watch Mount Union play Trinity (TX) in the 1998 NCAA semifinal game at Mount. Hope the Raiders can win it (they do - they go on to win the Stagg Bowl)!
I have even watched old SJU/UST games.
I CAN watch soccer, but not as much fun. I know very little Spanish.
Oh well. Just the ramblings of an old guy with not much to do.
Everyone stay safe and stay well! 😷 🍺 ⚽️



I kept my fingers crossed for ya last night for Minneapolis. I guess it didn't help. 😔

Cross your fingers that MPLS/STPaul doesn't burn to the ground tonight!!!


Got 'em crossed! 😟


All you Johnnies

I love it when you guys put links to some of your old games in your posts. I look at most of them. I can feel the excitement almost as if I were there. I know you lead Dlll in attendance about every year. I can see why. Feels even more like a Saturday of football than many of the Mount Union games.
Keep putting links to some games.

If I weren't a Purple Raider, I would be very proud to be a Johnnie!
Go Johnnies! 🏈

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: May 26, 2020, 07:19:05 pm »
No matter how you feel about the corona virus and all that has taken place, as we go into June, July, and August I feel that people will get increasingly fatigued and frustrated by any continued denial of things.  It is wearing thin and from what I witness in my area, Stark County, Ohio people are getting more lax and more back to normal, even if it is not recommended. Barring a secondary outbreak, I think that 2 months from now all restrictions will be gone and it will be "take your own risks".


I think you're right!  ::)   ;D

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: May 26, 2020, 02:23:44 pm »


Gotcha. Thanks for the story. We both knew of Mount's approach but described it differently. Mount's solution seems to be generally spoken of as "hybrid". That is, at any one time, some of the students are in the class room (face-to-face) and the rest are working remotely (on-line). It will not be like it usually is.
I guess this is just a question of semantics. You and I understand the proposed solution.
Don't we? Stay safe buddy, and Go Raiders! 🎓 😷  🍺

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: May 26, 2020, 10:18:03 am »
I posted this on a couple of other boards, but wanted to share it here.This is not a good sign...University of Michigan's president has announced that IF they decide on not having on-campus students this fall, there will be NO football. No time frame was given fie the final decision, however, they'll have to decide this by early July, IMO. Decision will, of course, be based on what the situation is with the coronavirus at that time and according to state and federal and local guidelines/mandates.

If there is no football at U of Michigan, I believe that will be the death bell ring for MIAA, DII GLIAC, and NAIA football in Michigan.

Mount Union has announced plans to return to in-person instruction in the fall.  How dormitories will be handled I have no idea.  As far as I know, no decision has been made by the OAC regarding fall sports.


Are you sure? What's your source? I hear something different.  ???

I am a veteran. I know there are others on this board, like 57Johnnie. We are the lucky ones. We served our time, did our job and returned home.     
Cemeteries around the world hold the remains of the brave men and women who weren't so lucky. It may be on a South Pacific island. It may be on a plateau overlooking Normandy beach. It may be in Southeast Asia. It  may be in Arlington National Cemetery.

But wherever they are, we hold them in our hearts and we remember! We remember their brave deeds and their courage. We remember them!
Truly, they hold a special place of honor in Heaven.

As my friend 57Johnnie said - Lest We Forget! 🇺🇸

No worries, MUC57. I was just listing how the Chronicle categorised each school.


I never worry about anything you post.
Well, except for the one about a long line of people out to get me.
Maybe that means something good in Australia. That's it! It's an old Aborigine way to wish someone well. That's gotta be it. I feel better.
Good luck, Oz. stay safe! 🇦🇺 😷 🍺 ;D

I thought I would do a quick run down the top 25 and see where they are at:

1. NCC, considering a range of options
2. UWW, no statement yet
3. MUU, in person
4. SJU, no statement yet
5. Wheaton (Ill.), no statement yet
6. UMHB, in person
7. Muhlenberg, no statement yet
8. Delaware Valley, no statement yet
9. Salisbury, hybrid modeling
10. Chapman, in person
11. Wesley, no statement yet
12. Union, in person
13. John Carroll, hybrid
14. Wartburg, no statement yet
15. St Thomas, no statement yet
16. Susquehanna, in person
17. Central, no statement yet
18. Redlands, considering a range of options
19. Linfield, no statement yet
20. Bridgewater, no statement yet
21. Hardin-Simmons, no statement yet
22. UWO, no statement yet
23. Bethel, in person
24. Aurora, no statement yet
25. Brockport, no statement yet

So, the final tally is:

in person: 6
hybrid: 2 (both in person and online)
considering options: 2
no statement: 15 (obviously considering options just haven't made a press release to that effect)

As we're getting to the squeeze part of the decision-making window I expect we'll know where all these schools are going in the next five weeks.  You would think that students will need to be given direction by June 30 so that families have time to assess where their finances are at and if school is on this year.

Not long to go now to see what's happening.


A correction to your #3. MUU, or really, UMU, is also hybrid. See an earlier post of mine.
I do like your list. Nice to see what everybody has planned so far. 🎓

Good luck for your brother, ROR. I bet he’ll be fine.

And MUC57, this bug shouldn’t worry you at all. With the already long list of people lined up to do you in, this virus would hardly make a dent on you risk profile. :o ;D


Say it isn't so! What's an old guy to do? Nowhere to hide. No running away.
Change my sign-on? Post only on
What if I throw a big party and spring for the Bud Light? Would people like me then?
This is a real condom, er, condominium, er conundrum.
I hope to post more in the future.
Stay safe.  :o 🔫 💣 🔪 🗡

Some COVID stats from Illinois. This isn't a political statement. I'm in the senior care world so these are important stats for what I do.

At 5/19/2020 there were 4,379 deaths related to COVID.
A total of 3,774 of those deaths were people in the age range of 60 and above- 86% of the total deaths.
1,069 were people aged 70-79- 24% of total.
1,940 were aged 80 and older- 44% of total.
1,975 were in nursing homes- 45% of the total deaths.


Those stats make this 84 year old nervous.. Of course, I knew I was in the high risk group, but seeing them in print really hits home. Good reporting though. Stay safe. 😷 ⛑

Mount Union to resume face-to-face learning in the fall semester. 🎓

During each week of instruction, a portion of students in a course will meet face-to-face for one class session, and switch to remote learning. The other portion of students will perform the opposite.

This allows the school to maximize personal interaction between faculty and students, and between students in a course, while reducing density in classrooms, thus permitting proper social distancing.

Just another way of getting school started again. Nothing mentioned about the sports programs. 

(This story was in today's "Alliance Review" newspaper)

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: May 17, 2020, 06:26:39 pm »
Hi Doc.

Will chat more during the week. Stay well!  ;D

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