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Northeast Region / Re: Little East Pick 'em League
« on: Today at 11:36:38 am »
Magicman....Looking at the scores of the games...maybe it would have been just as well that your picks was not posted.  Lots of upsets, my friend.

Nobody was better than 4-3.

Nobody was worse than 3-4.

At least when you're late and you go 3-4 nobody can accuse you of trying to gain an unfair advantage.  ;D

Happy Thanksgiving to all my board buddies. Great weather today here in Northern New York. Near 50 degrees and sunny with warmer weather...55 degrees,  moving in tomorrow. El Nino is welcome here. 

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: Today at 10:02:39 am »
Thanks for the breakdown Q,

I haven't seen them play yet but their results  have certainly been impressive. I would think they will be ranked when the next poll comes out and somewhere in the middle of the pack would seem to be about right. 5 players averaging double figures, generally gets the job done.   

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: Today at 06:30:09 am »
Lots of big bolded black marks in Darryl's first "How They Fared" report. 24 losses among the Top 25 teams and another 24 losses among the 26 teams in the ORV category. That's a whole lot of carnage.

Ten teams had 2 losses:

#2 Virginia Wesleyan
#6 Catholic
#7 Mt. Union
#14 Eastern Connecticut
#17 Chicago
#23 UW-Oshkosh
#28 Johns Hopkins
#31 William Paterson (with their unfortunate forfeit)
#48 Southern Vermont
#50 Endicott

And three teams had 3 losses:

#21 Dickinson
#26 Randolph-Macon
#43 Hardin-Simmons

One interesting fact...Benedictine University is responsible for 2 of the losses on this board as they defeated #24 Illinois Wesleyan 88-86 back on November 14th and last night held on to down Elmhurst 94-86. At halftime they had a 28 point lead. I wonder if they'll get some love from the Top 25 voters? In between these 2 wins Benedictine defeated Wheaton College (Ill) by a 76-61 score, so the Eagles are currently in 1st place in the CCIW with a 3-0 record. They could conceivably  improve that CCIW record to 5-0 as they will play at North Central on Dec.22nd and end the year with a Dec. 30th game hosting Carthage. At that time they will have played 11 games...6 in their own NACC conference and 5 in the CCIW. Too bad that on New Year's Day they can't choose which conference they would like to be in for the rest of the season.

And plus K to Darryl for doing this again.  8-)     

Just realized that before Nico McLean was the YAC Player of the Week, the first award of the season went to Geneseo's John Decker for the games that took place on November 13th, 14th and 15th.

The Knights only had one game that weekend but Mr. Decker made his presence known with 34 points in his debut for Geneseo. A junior transfer from Division II Dominican, the 6'1" guard was 9x20 from the field 2x8 from long distance, and 14x16 from the line. He grabbed 10 rebounds to complete his double-double, making for a nice day at the office, as the Knights defeated Medaille 89-85 to open the season.

In looking at John's next 3 games I get a little confused. He started that first game and logged 38 minutes. His next game he came in off the bench ( ???) and scored another 34 points in a win over Alfred 81-78. He had better stats as he was 7x12 from the field, 6x8 from 3 point land and 14x14 from the line, with 5 rebounds in only 25 minutes of court time. In his 3rd game against Misericordia, an 88-63 Geneseo win, John again comes in off the bench, only plays 18 minutes and scores just 7 points. The game on Tuesday the 24th, against Morrisville State, was won by Geneseo in a big way, 89-64, but John does not show up in the box score. John got less playing time with each succeeding game. Usually when you score 34 points in your first game the opposite occurs and your playing time increases.

Wish there was a Geneseo poster on this board that could come on and tell us what's up with that? Maybe an injury after the first game and he is being brought along slowly and re-injures it in his 3rd game? Something is strange.

The Knights also have received a solid contribution from another newcomer on the team, junior Justin Ringen. Justin is a 6'5" guard who has scored 20 or more points in every game this year. I'm guessing that he also, transferred into Geneseo. Justin has started all 4 games averaging 22 ppg. He also averages 6 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game and is getting 32.5 minutes per game 

These 2 newcomers have provided the Knights with a whopping 47.0 points per game. I guess there is life after the loss of Gordon Lyons and Andy Drescher.             

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Men's National Pick Em League
« on: Yesterday at 11:55:51 pm »
Linfield 65  Caltech 55

The Sports Illustrated Jinx strikes again. Actually struck twice this week since Jeff Gordon was on the cover and on Sunday in his last ride he couldn't pull off the win. SI did him no favors by giving him the cover.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Men's National Pick Em League
« on: Yesterday at 11:30:38 pm »
Big 8 page article on the Beavers in Sports Illustrated this week. They got more ink as losers than my alma mater, Potsdam State, ever received for establishing the longest winning streak in D3 history and 2nd longest of all time by capturing 60 straight games from 1985 into 1987.

I chose Linfield because I had Caltech a few years ago and won the Winless pool with them when they went 0-25.

They are ahead of Linfield at the half 36-33 but I'm hoping that 8 page article, even though it's not the cover, will, because of the length of the article, activate the SI jinx and Linfield will pull out the win.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Men's National Pick Em League
« on: Yesterday at 09:03:09 pm »
Wednesday, November 25:
Linfield @ Cal Tech 10:00 PM

....and while we are talking about Magicspeak.... You are right old sage 1.  No 1 saw that performance coming.  However I have concluded that it happened for 1 of 3 reasons

A Kevin knew that he wouldn't be able to get any shots up during the next 3 days at the sports arena so he got in some extras during the game or.....

B Kevin knew that Jake Simmons would be attending his first buff state game of the season and wanted to represent (since they both share the same jersey number) or.....

C Kevin heard, before the game, coach Ansari announce (in the locker room) that yesterday was coach Kevin Glover's ( top assistant) birthday and Kevin M wanted to send Kevin G out the door on a real Happy Birthday note!

Trust me my friend, it was a thing of beauty. Plus Kevin M is so quiet and humble so it made it even more enjoyable to see a guy, who sat out a week of practice earlier due to injury, get off like that!

Here's to hoping that you and Mrs Magic ( and all SUNYAC/D3 posters) have a great Thanksgiving!

Go Bengals!!


Reasons B and C for sure. No wonder he got the record. Didn't even notice that he was wearing Jake's old number. And with Jake in the building and Kevin Glover's birthday present it was a confluence of amazing coincidences that produced a "magical" moment. Happy for all the Bengals involved with the record breaking night. Nice win as well to help our SOS.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and all the fine folks from Bengal country that I've met over the years. Please give Jake Simmons a big hello for me. He was and still is my favorite Bengal Player and I go way back to before Randy Smith. Load Jake on the bus when you come to the North Country for your annual visit to Plattsburgh on January 9th. 8-)   

Best line in the SI article (explaining that Caltech cuts no admissions slack whatsoever for athletes) "One of last year's top recruits had to settle for his safety school: MIT."  Only at Caltech could MIT be a safety school! ;D

I also laughed when I read that line and thought the same thing. It was a great article though and a pleasant surprise to see a national sports magazine, especially the top sports magazine out there, devote such a long article to a Division III story. Usually if Division III gets mentioned, its an athlete in Faces in the Crowd or a 1 page article or a paragraph or two in Scorecard. I have 40 years of Sports Illustrated in boxes in my basement. I don't ever recall an article of that length for any winning program in Division III Sports, hard to believe one of the biggest losing programs got all the ink. Glad they did. 8-)   

Skidmore 94  Plattsburgh 69

Too tired to write up my thoughts on this game when I got home at 1:15 AM early Tuesday morning. Almost got in an accident about 50 miles from home as I came around a curve on the Northway and a Deer was right square in the headlights. He took about 2 steps to the left and froze as I swerved to the right. If my drivers side window was rolled down I could have touched him as I went by. At the speed I was going it wouldn't have been pretty. Pulled into a rest area a couple of miles down the road and sat there for about 10 minutes to let the adrenalin wear off.

Should have stayed home and watched this game on the video feed to avoid the aggravation. One of the worst officiated games I've attended in quite some time. I knew soon as I spotted the 3 officials that it was going to be a long night. I've had to sit through enough of their games over the years to groan when I see them. We didn't lose because of the officiating but all the fans present, lost, because these officials were so whistle happy, rather than letting the guys play ball. There was no flow to the game because the whistles were constantly going off. They made plenty of bad calls on both teams as they called a total of 62 personal fouls and a pair of technicals on Plattsburgh that were absolutely laughable. They were so inconsistent with their calls, calling a lot of ticky tacky stuff that occurred quite a distance from the basket, yet guys were getting hammered inside  and no calls were made. On one play I watched Skidmore's Edvinas Rupkus drive to the basket and get a forearm right across the face so hard his nose was bloodied. No call. I saw Ed Correa for Plattsburgh get knocked to the floor on an attempted shot and when a Skidmore player tripped over him as Ed's hitting the floor, the ref calls a foul on Correa. When Ed starts to protest, he gets nailed with a technical. About a minute later Plattsburgh's coach is talking to an official on the sideline at half court. All of a sudden the ref underneath the basket 50 feet away blows his whistle and T's up the coach who wasn't even talking to him. Sad state of affairs.

Skidmore played very well. Plattsburgh played like the young team that they are. The Thoroughbreds returned more veterans than the Cardinals did and they also have some excellent shooters. Those shooters got open all night long and made the Cardinals pay. Plattsburgh seemed lost on the defensive end so many times and Skidmore was quick to rotate the ball and find the open man. They were also able to dribble drive to the hoop throughout the night as Plattsburgh defenders either failed to pick up the ball handler or make the necessary switches in time to prevent them from scoring easy layups. The two most telling statistics: points in the paint, Skidmore 36...Plattsburgh 20 (most of those by Kyle Richardson) and 3 point shooting, Skidmore 11x26, 42.3% good for 33 points...Plattsburgh 4x19, 21.1% good for 12 points. That's your ballgame.

Skidmore came out of the gate and went straight for the lead just like American Pharoah. They were up 8-0 and when Plattsburgh closed to within 12-8, the Thoroughbreds shifted into high gear and opened up a 22-8 advantage. They continued to lead by double digits thoughout the remainder of the period and attained their biggest margin of 18 points at 44-26 with 3:11 left in the half. The Cardinals would end the period with an 8-2 run to cut the score to 46-34 at the break.

Needing to narrow the gap and get back into the game the Cardinals needed something to happen quickly as play resumed. After Skidmore's Erik Sanders hit another 3 pointer to start the 2nd half and go up by 15 the Cardinals with 5 points by Kyle Richardson and a 3 pointer from Owen Mitchell managed to get the lead down to single digits at 49-42.  A 3 pointer by Skidmore's Rupkus was offset by a triple from Richardson. A 10-3 run capped off with another 3 pointer by Skidmore's Issac Carp boosted the lead back to 14. With 11 minutes left to play, Richardson made a pair of free throws  that cut the lead to 11 points at 62-51, but any hope of a Cardinal comeback was derailed by a series of fouls over the next 1:15. 5 straight fouls called against Plattsburgh, 3 personals and 2 technicals, allowed the Thoroughbreds to open up a 22 point lead with 9:08 to play and this game was basically over. Plattsburgh made one final push to get to within 14 points at 75-61 with 5 minutes to go but  Skidmore remained in firm control of the outcome. Both coaches emptied their bench a short time later.

Issac Carp led the Thoroughbreds with 19 points and had 5 rebounds. Erik Sanders had 16 points and led the team with 7 rebounds. Edvinas Rupkis also had 16 points with 5 rebounds and Royce Paris had 13 points with 7 rebounds.

Of note was the fact that Aldin Medunjanin, Skidmore's preseason All American, left the game early with an injury to an ankle or leg. He limped off the court but remained on the bench for the entire game, so I'm hoping it was just a minor injury that will have him back in action before too long. He had 7 points and 3 rebounds in 10 minutes of action.   

Skidmore improves to 3-1 and will travel to The College of New Jersey on 12-1 at 7:00 PM

Plattsburgh got a career high in points and rebounds from Kyle Richardson in just his 2nd start in a Cardinal uniform. Kyle was a solid rotation player last year on a crowded, senior laden, Plattsburgh team and probably would have started at many other schools in Division III. He accepted his role as one of the first players off the bench last year and was the 2nd leading rebounder on the team with 5.6 rpg  and averaged 6.2 ppg. On Monday night he fought his way inside for 36 points and 15 rebounds to capture game honors in both categories. It marked the 2nd double-double of his Plattsburgh career. He was 8x13 from the field, 1x3 from long distance and 19x24 from the line. Xavier Thomas was the only other Cardinal in double figures as he had 11 points with 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks. Another telling stat for the Cardinals on the negative side was only 4 assists by the entire team. That points out that there was way too much dribbling and not enough passing.

Plattsburgh falls to 1-1 on the young season and will return to action on 12-1 when they host another Liberty League team, the St Lawrence Saints at 8:00 PM.                         

Sorry for barging in here where I don't belong, but have a happy & safe Thanksgiving Bengals & Magicman!

Hey 7,
You're always welcome to barge in here. And right back at back at you with the Thanksgiving wishes. It's going to be a good one with nice mild temperatures over the next few days. Love El Nino, hope it keeps on keeping on.

Not even my crystal ball could foresee that said player, Mr. Marmelejos, who had a grand total of 13 made 3 pointers in his 24 prior games in a Buffalo State uniform, would erupt like Mount Vesuvius and pour in 10 bombs in one night. And don't anybody with the Bengals name in their moniker or anyone affiliated with Buffalo State hoops, try and tell me that they saw this outburst coming either. Cause if they do, their nose is gonna grow and their pants will catch fire.

Young Mr. Marmelejos would be well served to retrace his steps for the entire 24 hour period leading up to this game and write them down. He has apparently hit upon some "magic" formula and as this prestidigitator has learned over the years, leave nothing to chance, because if you find a system that works, then stick with it.
Congratulations to Kevin for breaking Jake's record. 8-) I watched Jake on video the night he buried his 9 triples against my Cardinals on 1-21-2012 ( we learned from that...he only got 7 against us 2 weeks later). Tonight I managed to see about half of those 10 3's. I was a bit surprised that when Kevin got that offensive rebound late in the first half he didn't do a heat check and dribble out to the 3 point line and fire up another one. Why spoil things by making a measley 2 point putback. ???  Nice to see Kevin didn't play favorites...he was 5x7 from long distance in the first half and 5x7 from long distance in the 2nd half. Someday, someone make break his record, but I bet they won't match his synchronicity. ;D

I suppose this record setting performance makes Kevin a leading candidate for the next SUNYAC Player of the Week award. Back to back Bengals to start the year? I would have bet against that. :o   

East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:35:11 pm »
Penn State-Behrend defeats Fredonia 66-50.

East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:34:02 pm »
Buffalo State downs Hobart by an 98-78 final score.

East Region / Re: MBB: State University of New York Athletic Conference
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:30:10 pm »
Middlebury beats New Paltz 80-63.

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