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Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:37:58 pm »
Well, the 3m diving finals are tonight!  Both USA divers..Hixon and Ipsen...are in, with Hixon finishing 4th and Ipsen 6th among the final 12 divers.  Defending Russian gold medal winner did not qualify.  Mike Hixon flirted with medal slots throughout his 6 dives...first after three dives.  He is just a point behind 3 rd place.  China top diver was the most consistent and should be the favorite.  Most of the other divers had one off dive that cost them points...including Mike Hixon.  Did see Coach Hixon in the crowd....early in the event.  Most of the crowd shots showed hometown fans supporting their divers.

Nescac1...the Spain trip should help the team least among the returning players.  Amherst's trip overseas helped the team last season IMO.

Am currently watching the 3M diving on NBC. Michael Hixson just nailed a high degree of difficulty dive giving him over 91 points and a chance at a top 3 finish. I assume I'm watching a replay since you state that he is in 4th place going into the finals. Saw Coach Hixson and family numerous times as they flash to the family after each one of Michael's dives. Hoping he has a good finish tonight. 

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: July 04, 2016, 04:15:39 am »
My congrats to the Hixon family too!  The youngest son was a multi NCAA title winner as a freshmen at the U of a multi- event Olympian for the USA!  Maybe a mult medal winner.
Will coach Hixon be around for his camps? :)

I remember writing a post on this board quite a while ago about Michael Hixon when he was featured in Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd" section. I believe that was for winning the NCAA Championships in 2014 on the 1 meter and 3 meter boards. Happy to see he has made the Olympic Team and now will be in 2 events. This gives me a real good reason to watch the diving competition more than ever. Hope he can grab a medal. Will be tough with the Chinese divers who won 6 gold, 3 silver and a bronze in the last Olympics. (Men and Women combined.)

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« on: July 04, 2016, 03:58:08 am »
A terrible, terrible tragedy but worth mentioning: reportedly one of the Emory students was killed was initially released because he was from Bangladesh but he refused to leave until his friends were released.

That student was a very brave person if that was the case. It's sad that the nations of the world don't unite and do something about the evil that ISIS continues to perpetrate around the world. How many more terrorist attacks, suicide bombers and wholesale killing of civilians, including women and children will it take until the world leaders decide on a way to deal with this. On Sunday another 125 people killed in an attack in Baghdad which ISIS claimed was their handiwork. The United Nations Organization seem like it's more inept than its ever been.   

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: July 02, 2016, 03:41:27 pm »
Cortland State's D3 Pitcher of the Year Seth Lamando will surely have eyes on upcoming D1 World Series in Omaha where mid-major Coastal Carolina is bound after sweeping host LSU in Super Regionals. From downstate NY, Lamando recruited and played two seasons at Coastal before coming 'home.' Earned rookie honors at Coastal and no doubt has ex-mates reaching the Series

Seth must be quite pleased that his former team won the D1 World Series to claim the Walnut and Bronze. May have a few regrets as well, wondering what might have been. Wonder if this may help him get a look from some MLB teams.

Any news on the nephew front and where he's at?

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« on: July 02, 2016, 03:35:49 pm »
MSN has reported that 2 students that went to Emory College were killed in the terrorist attack that occurred yesterday in Bangladesh. Here is a link to the story.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: June 22, 2016, 02:57:43 am »
Perhaps we will get to see the final (currently secret) regional rankings in future years...

Knowing the NCAA that'll probably be around the same time that Hell freezes over.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 30, 2016, 03:00:02 am »

Now I'm confused because I watched bits and pieces of every game on Sunday but couldn't get the Cortland-La Crosse game to load. Went to the D3 link, the NCAA link and the Cortland website link. None of them brought that game up for me.

Thanks for letting me know. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

Hopefully wins over Trinity-Texas.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 29, 2016, 11:49:50 pm »
Cortland taking on Wisconsin-La Crosse in an elimination game. Red Dragons fall behind early 1-0 when La Crosse scores a single run in the 2nd inning. Cortland gets a lead with 2 runs in the top of the 4th and the Wisconsin team gets another marker in the bottom of the 4th to knot things up again. Red Dragons get 2 runs in the 5th and get some breathing room with 3 more in the 6th to go in front 7-2. Once again the video feed is on the fritz after working fine for the earlier games today. Live stats are working so that's how I'm following the game.

Cortland scored 2 runs in the 4th inning on a F. Ricci single followed by a S.Figueroa double to score Ricci. A. Clock then singled to plate Figueroa.     

2 runs in the 5th inning accomplished with a double steal by F. Ricci and C.Ziemendorf and followed by a 2 run single by A. Clock.

3 run 6th inning features a walk to J. Teague who is sacrificed to 2nd and moved over to 3rd on  ground out. P. Dondero walked and stole 2nd followed by another single by C.Ziemendorf to score Teague and put runners on the corners. F. Ricci's 2nd hit of the game scores Dondero and sends Ziemendorf to 3rd. Ricci then steals 2nd base allowing Ziemendorf to score with a steal of home.

Nice to see St. John Fisher win an elimination game 4-3 against the other WIAC conference team Wisconsin-Whitewater.

2 NY teams beating 2 WIAC teams in any sport doesn't happen often. Hope that's the case shortly as the Cortland game is now starting the top of the 8th with the Red Dragons still up 7-2.

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: May 29, 2016, 10:02:02 pm »
Glad to see the Panthers followed up their big win over Cortland with a National Championship. Congratulations to them. 

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: May 28, 2016, 05:03:21 pm »
A great win for Middlebury over #1 and previously undefeated Cortland.  16-11.  The Panthers have a short history of jumping out to early leads against the Red Dragons only to see them come back and win.  Today was different fortunately.  And none other than Hoopsville's Dave McHugh covering the vid-steam action.  I'll be looking forward to drinking on magicman's nickel in Plattsburgh next winter. :D

Standout performance by Panther GK Katie Mandigo who has done nothing but steadily improve since she hung up her ice hockey skates and joined the team at mid-season. 

Possibly a more in depth post later but for now I'm just enjoying the continuation of HC Kate Livesay's inaugural season at the helm and hoping for a Trinity victory in the later game.  Go Bantams, today anyway. ;)

That means of course that you will be making the trip over to the Burgh this winter. The drinks are only on me if you bring that long unseen cousin of yours, who wrote the post below, with you.  ;D

Glad that if Cortland had to lose it was to another of my favorite teams. Can the first year Panther's coach pull off the amazing and win it all in her first year on the job?  Here's hoping. Good luck to the Panthers in the championship game.

Magicman, your spell isn't broken on me yet.  I officially spot you a mulligan because women's lax isn't in the sphere of your genius for picking games.
Great win for a Midd team that is peaking at the perfect time, with one rather large contest to go.
Congrats to coach Livesay (and her parents) on a huge win over a tremendous Cortland St. team today.

I was close with my final score of 15-9 but had the wrong team on top. The 16-11 final wasn't as close as it looks as the Panthers had 7 goal leads on several occasions in the 2nd half.

As you stated Lacrosse isn't in my wheelhouse. I defer to resident genius Vandy on that front. I'd say the Panther victory was something of an upset, as the Cortland women were defending champs, holders of a 40 game winning streak and nobody came close to beating them all year long as they usually won by double digits, but Middlebury made it look so easy, you can't say they got lucky.   

New York Region / Re: BB: E8: Empire 8
« on: May 28, 2016, 01:18:22 pm »
Fisher was trailing Keystone 3-0 after 5 innings but Keystone erupts for 9 runs in the top of the 6th to put this one away. Cardinals now trailing by a 15-0 score in the 7th. They are scheduled to play again Saturday evening at 7:45 Eastern time in a Pool B elimination game if the weather holds up. They will face either Wisconsin-Whitewater or La Roche. Hope the Cardinals can forget about this one and come back with a win.   

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 28, 2016, 01:01:14 pm »
St. John Fisher, trailing 3-0 after 5 innings gives up 9 runs in the 6th to fall behind Keystone 12-0. Cardinals will need to regroup tonight in a Pool B elimination game to keep their hopes alive.

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:58:58 pm »
Should be a good game tomorrow when the Middlebury Ladies face off against the defending champion Cortland Red Dragons in the National Semifinals of the NCAA Lacrosse tournament. I think the Cortland Ladies will defend their title but if anyone can stop them from doing so it could be the Panthers. Still I'm betting Vandy, that the drinks will be on him when he makes his visit to Memorial Hall this coming basketball season. Wish these two were meeting in the championship game instead of the semifinals. Don't think that the Red Dragons will win this one by a 14 or 16 goal margin like their previous 3 NCAA games. I see a final score of something like a 15-9 Cortland win.

Hoping that the Cortland Ladies can gain a measure of revenge against the NESCAC for the whipping the Tufts Men put on the Cortland Men in the 2nd round of the NCAA Lacrosse tournament. I expect the Jumbos will make it 3 National Titles in a row when they take on Salisbury on Sunday for all the marbles. The Jumbos marched through New York beating Cortland, Ithaca and St Lawrence, all by double digit margins. Can you say juggernaut? Rooting for the Jumbos to keep the title in the Northeastern part of the country.

Cortland Men trying to repeat as the National Champions in baseball. They won their first game today in the DIII World Series as the D3 National Pitcher of the Year, Cortland's Seth Lamando, threw a shutout against Emory University and defeated the Eagles by a 1-0 score in a pitcher's duel. Lamando had 10 strikouts and scattered 6 hits. He improved his season's record to 10-0 and lowered his ERA to a miniscule 0.72  Cortland's  Paul Dondero homered to account for the only run in the game.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 27, 2016, 10:13:05 pm »
Checked 3 different sites but none of them give the pitch count for either starter. Don't understand the lack of info.

Great game by the Red Dragons as Lamando showed why he was chosen as the D3 Pitcher of the Year. Superb defense by Cortland as well to get out of several jams with some fine fielding. Amazing to see both hurlers come back out and pitch after sitting out the long rain delay. The boys in the Big Leagues don't do that.

Looks like Cortland may play Trinity Texas tomorrow as they lead Wisconsin La Crosse 3-0 after 4 innings when the game was halted because of more rain.

Game was resumed and at midnight Eastern time Trinity is now ahead by a score of 6-0. Trinity will be batting in the bottom of the 8th.

Trinity defeats Wisconsin La Crosse 8-0. Cortland will face the Tigers at 2:15 PM this afternoon (Saturday). Emory meets Wisconsin La Crosse in an elimination game at 11 AM.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:11:27 am »

I see that nephew Sam is having another superb year. Could he go back to back POY? Also see that Sam has a younger brother that looks like a good hurler and a decent infielder as well. Leads the team with an ERA of 1.38.

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