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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« on: April 18, 2014, 06:01:43 pm »
Wash U gets even bigger with the addition of David Schmelter to go along with the Black twins.  Going to be a serious front court to contend with in a couple years I'd imagine.

I thought the Black twins were going to Case Western Reserve? At least this post earlier said that.

Looking ahead to next season, CWRU has gotten commitment from 6'6 twins, Eric and David Black, from Cleveland St. Ignatius.  Both were All-district selections and their team plays in regional semi tonight.

Are there 2 sets of Black twins?

Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC MBB
« on: April 14, 2014, 07:08:46 pm »
Good reply as usual Old Guy. Plus K.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: April 13, 2014, 07:29:22 pm »
The Cortland jinx strikes again. Plattsburgh just can't get a break against the Red Dragons. I'm beginning to think a 10 run lead heading into the bottom of the 9th wouldn't be enough. Coach Doorey must be pulling his hair out over this latest loss.

note to jdex: I'm working on that address you requested for a former Cortland coach. Hope to have it shortly. If not I will see coach K on May 4th at a basketball banquet and get it then. Plus k for all the baseball updates. I go here and check before I hit the YAC website cause you're so good. ;)

In the news that slipped by me recently. The honors continue to roll in for Coach Dunne. This one the biggest of all.

Greg Dunne from Brockport State was recently named as the winner of the  2014 Glenn Robinson Award which is presented annually to the National Coach of the Year. There were 12 finalists nominated from Division III schools and Greg was chosen as the winner and presented the award on April 4th during the Division I Final Four competition in Dallas Texas.

Nice to see a coach from the SUNYAC and the East Region grab that honor. Congratulations again Coach Dunne  on a great season.

Here's a link to the complete write up:

East Region / Re: Empire 8
« on: April 13, 2014, 04:39:54 pm »
In the news that slipped by me recently.

Greg Dunne from Brockport State was recently named as the winner of the  2014 Glenn Robinson Award which is presented annually to the National Coach of the Year. There were 12 finalists nominated from Division III schools and Greg was chosen as the winner and presented the award on April 4th during the Division I Final Four competition in Dallas Texas.

Nice to see a coach from the East Region grab that honor. Congratulations Coach Dunne  on a great season.

Here's a link to the complete write up:

East Region / Re: Liberty League
« on: April 13, 2014, 04:39:47 pm »
In the news that slipped by me recently.

Greg Dunne from Brockport State was recently named as the winner of the  2014 Glenn Robinson Award which is presented annually to the National Coach of the Year. There were 12 finalists nominated from Division III schools and Greg was chosen as the winner and presented the award on April 4th during the Division I Final Four competition in Dallas Texas.

Nice to see a coach from the East Region grab that honor. Congratulations Coach Dunne  on a great season.

Here's a link to the complete write up:

Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC MBB
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:29:16 pm »
As a follow up to Hoya's last post...saw Amherst's HBC's son....M. Hixon win the 3-meter dive at the Div. 1  NCAA meet last night on EspnU.  One of two titles...helping his Longhorn team compete for the Team Title.  In the interview he was modest and stressed helping his team.  Only a freshman but well spoken in his replies.   Wonder if his mother was at the meet.

Regarding what hoya73 first mentioned and amh63 notes in his above post about Coach Hixon's Sports Illustrated this week, cover date 4-14, with UConn's Shabazz Napier on the cover, Michael Hixon made the Faces in the Crowd feature on page 18 for winning those 2 Division I diving championships. Article mentions that he was the first Longhorn to sweep the springboard events since four-time Olympian Troy Dumais did it in 2002. Last year Hixon and Dumais finished 5th in the three meter synchronized dive at the world championship held in Barcelona.

Also in the same Sports Illustrated issue on page 22 there is an article about a 7'1" high school sophomore from the Sudan who fled that African nation with his family in 2002 because of the bloody civil war there and went to Uganda, before ending up in Australia a year later. His name is Thon Maker. In Australia he met a man named Edward Smith, a transplanted US citizen from Hawaii. Smith started a program called Next Level Basketball Program in Australia twenty some years ago. The magazine states "over the past two decades Smith has  helped develop an array of players who made the jump from Australian clubs to U.S. colleges. Luke Martin, a point guard, went on to play at UTEP; shooting guard JAMES WANG became the No. 4 alltime scorer at D-III Williams College; forward Ater Majok started 22 games at Connecticut. All three played professional basketball overseas."

That's twice in the same issue a NESCAC connection gets some ink. Good week for the conference. :)

Incidentally that 7 footer Thon Maker is supposed to be quite a talent and they compare his game to Kevin Durant. He also has a 6'10" younger brother. Both boys along with Edward Smith who is now their legal guardian moved to the US and live in Northern Virginia. (perhaps in nescac1's neighborhood?...who might know something about them) They attend the Carlisle School in Martinsburg, Va. According to Sports, and ESPN all rank Thon among the top 3 sophomores in the country and he's being recruited by Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Arizona.         

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: March 31, 2014, 04:50:33 pm »
I was watching the live stats of this game through the first 6 innings at my house. Left home to go do a few errands and go into my store with Cortland up 5-0.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled up the live stats to see that Cortland had won 8-7. I thought i was looking at a mistake at first. Cardinals struggling at the plate for the first 7 innings with just 1 hit finally brought out the lumber in the 8th.

Plattsburgh actually gained the lead at 7-6 with their big 8th inning. As usual the Red Dragons found a way to win, tying the game in the bottom of the 8th and winning it in the bottom of the 9th. One of these days the Cardinals will get lucky. 

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:03:12 am »

Living a scant 65 miles from Syracuse and following the Orangemen through football season after football season growing up, I was well aware of Jim Brown's All American lacrosse career as well as his storied football legacy. I just figured one Syracuse story was enough for the time being. ;D But glad you posted what you brings back some good memories.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think there was talk that Jim Brown could have been an All American in a 3rd sport, Track and Field, if he had decided to do so. 8-) 

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Posters' Poll
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:36:38 am »
Looking at the final poll, next year will be one of the more challenging pre-season polls in recent memory, I would have to think.  Whitewater will be a strong pre-season number one, returning Young, Evans, Odegaard, plus some young guys who are no doubt ready to step up.  Williams will still be very good,  a top-10 caliber team (at least in next year's climate of uncertainty) led by Duncan Robinson, but Mayer just dominated the entire NCAA tourney and is a huge loss.  IWU loses a ton of talent up front, although will have a strong perimeter game and also still looks like a top-10 team.  Amherst is minus Toomey plus two other stellar starters, and the Jeffs have their most question marks in years.  It's hard to imagine Stevens Point even in the top 25 in light of who they graduate and the limited production returning, but perhaps they get there just out of respect for the program.  Same goes for Wash U. and Mary Washington.  St. Norbert graduates four starters including the top two players.  Wooster loses Thorpe, Dickinson Honig, Albertus Watson, Calvin Kruis, Emory Davis, Wheaton Peters, Wesley Langan, UTD Schleigh, VWU Woodmore, and on and on. Cabrini seems to return the most other than Whitewater, but Cabrini did not look great late in the season and in the tourney, and there aren't any other returning top-20 teams that won't feature enormous uncertainties. 

This year featured a simply awesome group of seniors in Division 3, and a lot of teams are going to be decimated.  Meanwhile, next year's group of seniors seems strangely shallow in talent.  I know that to be the case in NESCAC, the league I (obviously) most closely follow, where there were three underclassmen, but only one junior, on the all conference teams.  But it seems that way nationally, too -- there is Walton-Moss, KJ Evans, Ross Danzig, Xavier Brown, but that is about the extent (maybe a few others, but not a ton) of returning guys are look like surefire nationally elite kind of players.  All that combines, in my view, to make next year the most wide open year in Division 3 in recent memory, after a clear number one, all bets are off.

One school in the final poll that might not be in bad shape next year is Sweet 16 team, Plattsburgh State. They had an 8 man rotation that averaged from 12 to 29 minutes per game. They only lose 3 players from that rotation and in an unusual occurrence they will be re-acquiring 3 players that didn't play this year but were major contributors during the 2012-13 season.

One of those players, Jordan Moody, did play in 6 games this year but left the team before Christmas to do an internship that left him unable to complete the season. He averaged 10.0 ppg last year and was averaging 11.8 ppg this year when he had to call it quits. Jordan is a 6'2" senior guard who has speed, hops and the quickest first step on the team. He has started 28 of the last 35 games he played in and averaged over 22 minutes per game.

Another player that didn't play this year will be 5th year senior Reggie Williams. Reggie fractured a bone in his foot before the season started and when he was unable to practice by January the decision was made to wait till next year. Reggie is a 6'6" 240 lb forward who had been promoted to the starting lineup toward the end of the 2012-13 season, when an injury to another player opened up a spot for him. In the last 8 games of that season Reggie averaged 10 ppg and 6 rpg while getting 21 minutes of court time per game.

The 3rd player that the Cardinals will get back from the 2012-13 season is Kalik Parker, a 6'4" senior G/F who led the team with 52 three pointers that season. Kalik had double figures in 12 games and ended up with a 7.6 ppg average while grabbing 3.4 rpg.

To lose three senior starters and have them replaced by, essentially, 3 returning senior starters, is rather unheard of. Plattsburgh will be deeper next year than they were this year without even adding any new recruits.  The coaching staff is trying to get a 6'8" junior college transfer that is a rebounding machine and a 6"4" G/F/ out of NYC, but if the returning players from this year's team improve, as they should, that,  along with the three from the 2012-13 season, should keep the Cardinals in the mix as a Top 25 team. Any decent recruits will just be a bonus.               

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:36:19 pm »
Vandy and amh63.

So this is where you guys disappear to. Vandy, I remember this winter you mentioned the lacrosse boards and now I understand your involvement with the Midd coach being a family member. I kind of follow the Middlebury women as they usually give the results of their games here on my local tv channel 5. I knew they had a long history of doing well in the NCAA's, now I know why. 33 years as the head coach for Missy Foote....WOW. And win #400 just the other day..double WOW. You and your brother must be proud. 8-)

amh63...I saw your post on the SUNYAC hoops board and that is what led me over here. Also saw your karma was +287. That was the same number as mine so I had to give you +k so you could say you're one up on me. :D I gave you one as well Vandy so you needn't feel left out. ;D

I grew up in Carthage New York. One of my good friends when I was 14 through 21 years old was a guy my age named Larry Powell. This was back in the 1960's and lacrosse was not a sport that was played at the local high school. I went away to college and settled in Plattsburgh in the 70's and lacrosse still wasn't a sport played by any of the local schools in this area. (still isn't). My buddy Larry Powell stayed in Carthage, got married and started to raise a family. Fast forward to the mid 90's and here's the result of the family Larry started back in the 70's.

From what I gather he produced 3 of the greatest Lacrosse players that have ever played the game.
The three in the picture from left to right are Casey, Ryan and Mikey. Casey looks just like his father.
The brothers all went on to have great careers in the MLL and win numerous awards in the pros.
I know there is a 4th brother named Mason who was born in 1994 and was supposed to play lacrosse at Cortland State last year but I don't believe he did. Not sure where he ended up. He was also a goalie on his high school hockey team that won a state championship, so maybe he went that route instead.

I suppose I'll have to lurk here now that I know Vandy  and amh63 are hanging out here. I won't have much to contribute but I'll at least learn a few things I'm sure. Hope I didn't bore you with my little story of the Powells.       

m-man, I see you have Hamilton listed with your East Regions teams.  Whither?


It's a retro thing. I know the Continentals are technically in the Northeast Region (I even had to correct nescac1 about that a short while ago on the NESCAC board) but I'm so used to Hamilton as an East Region team that I always look at them as such. After all, they are pretty much smack dab in the geographic center of the East Region. ;D

Thanks for the kind words. Plus K.     

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: March 26, 2014, 09:49:00 am »
I sent you another PM a few days ago, did you get it? I received no reply and thought I would get a response from you on that one, as I asked a couple of questions.

These were the Massey ratings of the SUNYAC teams and other East Region teams shortly after the start of the season on November 20th 2013. They are followed by the final Massey Ratings after the NCAA D3 Champion was crowned.

The SUNYAC started out the year as the 17th ranked conference in the country.

Nov 20.2013 Ratings:

#21    Cortland
#61    New Paltz
#69    Plattsburgh State
#85    Geneseo State
#87    Brockport State
#121  Buffalo State
#139  Oneonta State
#152  Oswego State
#229  Fredonia State
#269  Potsdam State

The rest of the East Region teams:

#56     NYU
#65     Nazareth
#72     Hobart
#96     St. John Fisher
#124   Stevens Tech
#135   Ithaca         
#138   Rochester
#143   Skidmore
#149   Hartwick
#159   Hilbert
#179   Clarkson
#188   Hamilton     
#190   RIT
#198   Medaille
#205   Morrisville State 
#216   Sage
#228   Utica College
#246   St Lawrence
#277   Bard
#287   Alfred
#297   Union
#300   Vassar
#301   RPI
#304   Wells
#333   Elmira
#366   Keuka
#368   SUNYIT
#387   Cazenovia
#389   Cobleskill
#390   Houghton
#393   D'Youville

Final Massey Ratings as of March 26th:

The plus or minus figure to the right is the difference in ranking from November until now.This shows the separation the top 4 schools, (they were the 4 semi finalists in the SUNYAC tournament and the top 4 seeds) had over the rest of the pack. All 4 of these schools had an abundance of juniors and seniors in their starting lineup. That experience was the difference. Brockport reached a high of #6 during the course of the season, Plattsburgh was as high as #11 and Geneseo reached #26.

The SUNYAC ended the season as the 12th ranked conference for a gain of 5 spots from the start of the season. We peaked at #9 in mid January. The overall non-conference record including a 2-3 record in the NCAA tournament was 46-29 for a .613 winning percentage. One of the YAC's better efforts in recent years.

#12    Brockport State                       +75
#13    Plattsburgh State                     +56
#36    Geneseo State                         +49
#106  Oswego state                           +46
#143  Buffalo State                            -56
#150  Cortland State                         -129
#168  Oneonta State                         -29
#294  New Paltz State                       -233
#327  Fredonia State                         -98
#329  Potsdam State                         -60

The rest of the East Region teams: 

Vassar was the biggest mover and their finish in the Liberty League was somewhat of a surprise. Alfred's upward movement mirrored their push for a playoff spot in the Empire 8 as they finished in 4th place and made the E8 tournament for the 1st time. Morrisville was a big gainer after their NCAA tournament success but their SOS and the NEAC conference's SOS held them back from a bigger gain.

Ithaca, Utica College, and Rochester probably didn't expect to have the disappointing season they went through. St John Fisher also came up short of pre-season expectations as they failed to make the E8 playoffs. This was obviously the year of the SUNYAC as they dominated the Regional Rankings from start to finish and received the only at large bids awarded to the East region for the NCAA tournament. We'll enjoy it while we year could be the year of the E8 or Liberty league. Rochester will look to continue to rebuild and get back to being a force in the UAA once again.   

#67    Hobart                                    +5
#74    NYU                                        -18
#79    Nazareth                                 -14
#90    Stevens                                  +34
#114  St. John Fisher                         -18         
#115  Hartwick                                 +34
#132  Vassar                                    +168
#134  Morrisville State                      +71
#141  Skidmore                                +2
#152  Rochester                                -14
#153  Hamilton                                 +35
#156  Clarkson                                 +23
#170  Hilbert                                    -11
#171  Alfred                                     +116
#174  RIT                                        +16
#218  Medaille                                  -20
#244  SUNYIT                                  +124
#255  St. Lawrence                           -9
#260  Elmira                                    +73
#268  Union                                     +29
#278  Sage                                       -62
#317  RPI                                         -16
#328  Cobleskill                                +61
#331  Ithaca                                     -196
#338  Utica College                           -110
#374  Wells                                      -70
#380  Cazenovia                               +7
#383  Bard                                       -106
#385  Keuka                                     -19
#397  Houghton                                -7
#405  D'Youville                                -12     

The final D3hoops Top 25 poll was released on Tuesday and the East Region ended up with 4 teams receiving attention.

Morrisville State on the strength of their NCAA tournament run ended up in the #16 spot with 228 points. Just like last year the Mustangs got hot at the right time. 

Brockport State dropped in the final rankings from 11th down to the 22nd spot with 124 points. The triple overtime loss to Morrisville was the big hurt. With a healthy John Ivy I don't think this game is even close and as it was the Golden Eagles blew a 20 point 2nd half lead without John. Give Morrisville credit though they went on to defeat Hobart and Stockton. I'm pretty sure a full strength Brockport team would have done the same and may have even matched up better with Amherst than the Mustangs did.

Plattsburgh State finally made it into the Top 25 as they were placed in the #24 spot with 107 points. I'm fairly certain they were underrated all year long and I believe they should have ended up with a much higher ranking. The only two teams on the entire right side of the bracket that I was hoping to avoid were Amherst and Williams. I felt they could win a game against any of the others. They made it to the Sweet 16 and that was what I hoped for when the season began so I got my wish but the defending champs ended our season for the 2nd year in a row.

Hobart didn't crack the Top 25 but did receive 14 points in the Others Receiving Votes category which was good enough to put them in the #31 spot. The Statesmen concluded another fine year and managed to win a first round game over then ranked #21 Scranton, before falling to Moville.

Here's a link showing the complete final rankings of the Top 25:

That concludes another outstanding basketball season that ended up as one of the best in recent memory for the SUNYAC. With 3 teams getting NCAA bids and a Sweet 16 berth for our conference, we've certainly set the bar high for next season.

Speaking of next season...I hope to post the personnel  that each of the SUNYAC teams will have returning next year. It's something I'll be working at, on a team by team basis and when I have it all put together I'll post it as one post. It'll probably take me a few weeks to put it all together.   

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