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I hate to admit it, but ust3 did finish in first in the regular season in B-ball and will probably get in to the ncaa tournament. I just hope sju isnít one and done this year.
Yes, camera person couldnít figure out that when the ball was stolen by the other team it might be a good idea to follow the ball instead of showing the empty half court.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day with family and wishing you peace and happiness!

I am worried there might be copyright infringement.

Hazzben-that is what I was getting at-not that i thought there was some conspiracy against SJU-us against the world as one person stated. Again, the better team should host, just how do we determine the best each year?

Actually, I was being truthful-I donít care where SJU or UST plays, just seems unfair that a different group of players impacts the following year. But, Duff, I will listen to why you think so.

I love how the year before factors in to the following year playoff seeding! I guess each year isnít a new year.

They did the rotation thing in the 80ís and 90ís, thatís why SJU played at Dayton in 89 and 91-not a fan of that.
How about the stadium for the DII championship-would like that for DIII-crazy highschool stadium!

He probably sails east!

Not sure about the fake punt there-leading by 8.

Beer is not dumb-come on! Or fishing.

I was done in November-remember 2 months of Christmas

Whatís with Frosty and Rudolph being showing the beginning of December-used to be these were shown a few days before Christmas. Christmas is like a two month event now.

Portillos is a great Chicago beef joint-did you get the beef or the Chicago dog, which would be pretty difficult to eat while driving. Portillos is a Christmas tradition here-beef on Christmas Day.

Umbh was very good at getting the turnovers. Couple less by SJU or UWW and it would have been a different game-gotta protect the ball and make smart passes.
Should be a good Stagg Bowl.

I think I stayed at one in grand forks-very classy.

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