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West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: January 13, 2015, 07:43:41 pm »
13 of 18 are listed as underclassmen?  That may play into it but I see 18 guys on a roster as an issue!  Good grief!  I hope they do a four team tournament at the end of the season at Linfield with a 6 man alumni team being one team! 

As for the state of the conference, is the conference down talent wise overall or is the talent just pooled in a couple teams?  That Whitman LF score has to be some sort of record...

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: December 13, 2014, 04:43:16 pm »
It's still Portland Bible!!! :o

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: December 09, 2014, 05:26:15 am »
Not to hate on Batuik, but his lateral speed was never his greatest attribute. 

We don't have three point shooters?  Are we watching the same game?  Cali and Potter are hitting over 40% with a solid sample size.  I do agree though that we are having a tough time finding the net, so that's why I'm so perplexed on why one of the best scorers in the conference is getting splinters.  8 minutes a game on average?  Unreal!

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:47:44 pm »
Slowly is 5,10,15,20, then 30 a game while ramping up things in practice.  He had one game where he got 10-15 minutes and then boom, zeroes.  He was all conference and now can't sniff the court.  That says either one of two things, linfield got some unreal posts or he isn't on the same page as the coach.  What waste of talent on the bench.

And so far no, I'm not impressed.  Even when we were horrid my senior year we wouldn't ever lose to a team like Portland Bible...

Good to be back!  Someone needs to represent for the cellar dwellers!!   

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: December 06, 2014, 12:14:35 am »
Hey everyone!  Batuik getting less than 5 minutes per game?  On a team that is 1-5?  At least Dotes knew what kind of talent he had!

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 25, 2014, 11:51:26 am »
Tillema plays for the West Region WIAC, but is on the East squad.  Ironic much?

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:15:13 am »
Pretty sure he's talking about the high school gym, Grants Pass, OR.

Although the school has been remodeled and that may not be the exact same court playball played on.
Go Cavemen!

I don't know how many it could hold, but it was cool!  And that is exactly how it was back in 2006 even.  Great atmosphere!

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 14, 2014, 07:37:16 pm »
I just used Hope and Calvin as examples for the "bowl" style seating. I think it gives the court/arena more of a "big time" feel. Any new basketball facility at Whitworth doesn't need more than 2,500 seats. But you are absolutely right about filling seats being more important than a mostly empty palace like Van Noord. Here is the Fieldhouse during a playoff game. Currently they have to bring in temporary bleachers on the end caps when they expect the main bleachers to reach capacity. 

If Whitworth was able to make a gym of similar seating capacity and just utilize a smaller space better, that place would be rocking.  It gets loud and noisy already but imagine the same amount of fans at a WW game in a space scaled to Whitmans gym... It would be nuts!  I know many of you have never been here and sits fairly obscure but the best gym I've ever played in was in Grants Pass Oregon.  They had a bowl style but what was so unique about it was the floor sat 7 or 8 feet below where the bleachers were.  Both benches, scores table, and basketball court were sunk into the ground.  It was amazing

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 14, 2014, 12:37:21 am »
Nope, Rat, you are correct.  Whitman gives loads of money to Bridgeland as I sort of outlined when I said he interviewed at Linfield in order to be the bully and turn Whitman upside down for its lunch money.  He got more than lunch money.

So another institution tried to lure an employee away, and WMN decided to do what they could to retain that employee? Yea, this is completely the same as a lunchroom bully stealing other kids money...

Blackhawk, thanks for trying to nitpick.  I still stand by my analogy because Bridgeland pursued the job at Linfield without any intention of taking it.  Linfield opened it's search to applicants, Bridgeland applied.  My sources at both schools say the job was offered but was declined after Whitmab offered up a 400k budget increase (imagine how happy their women's program was!!).

As for Linfield not wanting Doty so they didn't support him, I've been saying this the whole time!  Support for the program suffered monetarily and in other ways as well.

Whitman, if I remember correctly, has a huge endowment fund and they are putting it towards their sports programs.  I agree tat there gym is a cool place to play in.  The crowds my last couple years were a funny (albeit nerdy) bunch.  Clever. 

I am very interested in what direction WW will go for it's possible new gym.  If they want the biggest and baddest in the conference but still have a flair for the old field house, they can always take design cues from the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville...

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:13:20 am »
Yes, if LINFIELD can pull off 12 wins next season then I will give playball a jar of Tiger Balm for his back.

I guess you don't understand anatomy or how the body works.

WW is the gold standard in which the conference needs to look to when it comes to basketball.

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:26:49 pm »
And how could one not think highly of WW? Whitworth demands respect. My goodness, they've won the nwc the last 10 yrs in a row?! But it's time to take the next step. Duke and NC don't celebrate ACC titles. It's time for a national presence.

Playball, Bridgeland had the highest budget, he should be doing better. Care to elaborate? And why does Bridgeland have the highest budget?

With the current d3 landscape as well as the recruiting limitations without the ability to offer scholarships, your ACC analogy falls flat on its face. The NWC is not the ACC. And Whitworth very much has a national presence, even without a title.

playball can correct me if I'm wrong but Whitman gives more university dollars to their men's basketball program than any other NWC school. I think you two are just using the term "budget" differently.

Nope, Rat, you are correct.  Whitman gives loads of money to Bridgeland as I sort of outlined when I said he interviewed at Linfield in order to be the bully and turn Whitman upside down for its lunch money.  He got more than lunch money.

Another reason for low student attendance at Linfield Basketball games (besides losing records) is how the academic school year is set up.  We have Jan Term which is not a requirement for all students so a lot of students don't comeback until February for school after Christmas break.  Fox has may term, so during their entire basketball season, students are on campus.  How does that effect other sports? How many fox kids are going to be missing out watching baseball, not many.

Konrad Ross and crew were on scholarship.  Its tough to compare scholarship teams and non scholarship teams.  Non scholarship guys play because they love the sport mainly.  Scholarship guys are pretty much employed to play.  Also, the Cascade Conference has a national pull since they are always well represented in the end of the year tournament.  Would I rather play in the CCC or NWC if I could go back and choose all over again?  I would still pick the NWC since the schools have a very different feel about them.

Look, a team needs size and Linfield was lacking it in the right positions.  Our bigs were slight and small.  Our guards looked slightly muscle bound which caused them to be a step slow.  Thats a bad combination for a basketball team.  Since someone brought up Nate Montgomery I will go a little further in depth.  Jon Weber who played HS with Nate, and Linfield with me, said that Nate was very overlooked and kind of a goof ball.  He developed after all possible recruiting hoopla could fruition from playing in HS.  Nate was a workaholic who had the drive that most people want, but dont work towards to attain.  Actually, it wasnt just him that had it from those Hayford WW teams.  David Riley would shoot and shoot and shoot, making the assistants wake up early and open the gym up or stay late to close it down.  Im sure Bo Gregg was the same kind of animal as were all the 15 Gebbers that went there and everyone else who played. 

Buc, is the glorified aircraft hangar used for any graduations or any other things of that nature?

Linfield as a whole needs to change its outlook on basketball.  When I missed 8 games my junior year with an inflamed disc in my back, I went to get treatment on one of our away game days.  Were any trainers around to help?  No.  I went out to the football field as it was one of their game days also, pretty sure it was against UPS.  I asked to get treatment from one of the ATC's and was told to "bug off, its game day."  Would this happen at any other school?

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 09, 2014, 06:35:15 pm »
I had all but called it a year on the ole' posting up board and had turned my attention to Mesa, where my beloved Cubbies are fine tuning their youngsters for a World Series run.

Off topic but watch out for CJ Edwards.   A great young prospect who was drafted way late (47th rd) and has over achieved.

Bridgeland also has the highest budget in the league, he should also be doing better

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:31:10 am »
One of the best games statistically from Farnsworth, too bad WW gave up so many FT shots.  Rough way to end a season, but technically only one team is happy at the end of the year.  Great NWC season and I'm already looking forward to next year!  Man, I wish the college sports over here we're set up more like a European club system...I could still be playing!!

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:23:04 am »
Will D3 ever get a tournament style like D1?  Financial decisions can't be his behind while the NCAA is raking in BUCKS!

Correction: D1 football and D1 men's basketball are raking in bucks thanks to fat TV contracts. It's their money, and D3 is basically their welfare case. It's hard to gripe about what you're given when you're the one with your hand out.

All are under the umbrella of the NCAA. 

West Region / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:02:34 am »
Can we send Pincone some Karma points? Those two things will never get old with me either.
 Does anyone have any idea how the leaguw will end up next year? If anyone right now, can pick the top 4 teams in league and be right this time next season, I will meet up with you and buy rounds of whatever you want (alcoholic or not) all night long!!!!!!!!!!

Whitworth, Whitman, L&C, and ugh, George Fox. 

Wiser's Whiskey and coke please and thank you.

As for my predictions that are way to early to actually be educated for next year....

1)WW squeaks out another championship
2)Whitman takes second in a tie breaker, beats WW at home loses on the road, etc.
3)L&C beats who they should and steal a couple they should've lost.
4)George Fox's guards carry them to 10-6 and fourth place finish
5) I still hate Fox and it pains me to put them in the playoffs
6)UPS splits with Whitman, loses one to Pacific and Linfield and finishes a game out of the playoffs.
7)Linfield picks up a quality big, but being a freshmen he struggles.  (Sophomore year for the kid will be better overall and will make playoffs)
8)PLU starts off ok (5-3) but then underwhelms to a 6-10 record
9) Pacific struggles as they always seem to have injury issues in Forest Grove (bad floor?)
10) Willamette beats Linfield in Salem for their only league win. 
11) Lunt still looks like Rumplestilskin when Greg Adrien blows a call in the second half of a close game
12) Lunt and Bridgeland fight each other in the first matchup spurring the second meetings home court fans to put on a faux wwe styled halftime show
13) Bridgeland shows that old man strength and wins the scuffle
14)2 NWC teams make the national tournament, will play each other in the second round (which stinks)

Thank you for taking note and I will revisit this at the end of next season!

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