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I believe Greek Tragedy appropriately used air quotes here.

True true...

Sounded like they "voluntarily" decided to leave before the vote.

If you want to buy that story line ...

Kind of like the story line the newspaper that covers Thomas More wanted to believe (that TMU decided to leave the conference ... in a quick year ... on it's own).

Calvin has NOT had a full-time assistant at least through the KVS era.
Wasn't Christner full-time faulty while a men's assistant?

You are confusing full-time assistants ... and an assistant who is also a full-time faculty member. I am talking about a full-time assistant whose job is pretty much to be a basketball assistant. A full-time faculty member who is also is a coach ... has things they have to focus on as a teacher.

Consider he was teaching (basically full time),
What do you base that on?

What? The fact KVS was a full-time faculty member and full-time coach? The fact he was a full-time faculty member and a full-time coach. Are you arguing otherwise? The school rearranged his teaching schedule the year he was DIII MBB Championships Committee Chair so that he would have less classes to teach in the spring semester so he would have more time to focus on the committee. They loaded an extra class or two on the fall semester. That's pretty well known.

The fact new head coaches of teams are no longer teachers (at least for new hires; coaches under the former policy are still teaching)
All faculty/ coaches teach, some staff/ coaches teach. All staff/ coaches have additional duties. No one at Calvin is a full-time coach.

That is not true from what those at Calvin tell me. Now, they may have some administrative duties to help off-set the "books," but that's not an unheard of thing.

All faculty/ coaches teach, some staff/ coaches teach. All staff/ coaches have additional duties. No one at Calvin is a full-time coach.
What classes does Ryan Souders, head soccer coach at Calvin, teach?  I believe that Calvin has changed their policy and some, but not all coaches, do not teach.
I did a little checking. This academic year Souders team-taught IDIS W32 The Leadership Code, he's also in charge of athletic recruiting and acts as a liaison between admissions and athletics.
IDIS W32 is an ungraded, 3.5 week interim course that was co-taught.

I am quite sure the coaching rule was adjusted prior to his hiring. He's coached for seven seasons - that times out about right.

As I have written here before - coaches hired in the recent history of Calvin are no longer required to carry a full teaching load as well as full-time coaching. Those who were still there (Ross, KVS, etc.) where required to still teach - they were grandfathered into the new rule.

If UST goes to Division 2 NSIC, there will be no chance non-conference games and the continuation of the UST vs. St. Johns competition ,one of the best in D3. The WIAC football schedule has room for the continuation.

 If UST joins the WIAC, does that mean the conference name has to change?

UST and the entire WIAC will move to D2, and operate as the Upper Midwest Conference. 🤩 🤫

Ah ... too bad WIAC school's can't move up or that would be a fun conversation to have. :)

Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« on: Yesterday at 12:20:11 am »


Just let us know when you see the white smoke emanating from the Long Center.

 The only smoke so far is from Canio burning his notes of the special defense I had suggested for Thomas More's Temple and Saner in the Final 4 semifinal.   ::)

Maybe it is time to just enjoy the games, ronk. Sit back and relax. :)

Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:51:02 pm »
I was trying to get to Salisbury for the women's weekend of games ... but too much going on that I need to handle at home. I'll be obviously watching the games online.

Interesting set of games coming up this weekend.

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NEWMAC
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:48:28 pm »
I usually don't get all that hyped about recruits. I agree that you have to wait and see.

That said, the resume for Ainge seems a bit better than most recruits considering where he played and the fact he had 18 starts last season.

Does it mean automatic success? Heck no. We have seen many a "great" recruit from DI fail to live up to even remote expectations (St. Joe's Conn had a pretty interesting DI recruit - with NBA aspirations -  that didn't even finish the season last year). I just think this one might be one of those that seems to pan out.

Who knows. He has to be in uniform in a game before we really know.

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:46:19 pm »
I have ranked the Northeast conferences below in tiers. Ryan, I agree that RIC is a step up from Nichols based on the strength of their respective leagues. However, at this point in time (things can change quickly in D3) it is important to note that Nichols has much more momentum (winning more games, more likely to win their league, post season success) than RIC. They are also going to attract a stronger pool of applicants this year than they might have about ten years ago. All of this is based on not knowing some of the important factors that make coaching jobs attractive, or unattractive. Salary (including assistants); recruiting budget; support from administration ($/other); admissions standards; etc.

Tier I
UAA just Brandeis

Tier II

Tier III

Tier IV

Let me give this a try:

First, I think you just eliminate Brandeis. I don't think it is fair to put a conference in the equation that has only one team. Second, Brandeis has been pretty poor in recent years but is also improving. It is just hard to gauge them. If we are talking about a national conversation, UAA can be brought in. For a region specific especially with just one team (Central and Great Lakes have two, FYI), I think it just makes it a cloudy conversation.

Tier I:

Tier II:

Tier III:

A few points:
- I think the LEC is definitely competitive and at one time I would have put it in Tier I, but it seems to have taken a step back (for them) in recent years. I would be interested to see where it goes in the future.

- I am not sure why anyone would think the GNAC wasn't in that second tier. The top teams are always competitive and you can never discount them, especially in the NCAA Tournaments. Albertus Magnus has helped elevate the conference and Johnson & Wales and others have lived up to those expectations as well. Now enter St. Joe's (Conn.) under a Hall of Fame coach ... it could get even better.

- Watch out for the NAC. I think it is getting far more competitive and it isn't done growing. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a Tier II soon - I even debated if it should be there now. I decided, for now, to leave it in Tier II. I have a feeling next year will be pretty competitive.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:38:54 pm »
I think his point is that it's been 10 years since the previous change and posing it as a question emphasized that it wasn't as frequent as had been suggested.

You would be hard pressed to find a conference anywhere else in the country that has swapped teams around even in divisions. The MAC is grandfathered into a clause that when they do make swaps - no matter when - it feels odd to many in other large conferences, especially. So while it might have been ten years since the last switch - albeit several changes in a quick succession as well - to those who make no changes and have one AQ ... they take exception.

Remember, from the outside it looks like this: the MAC is a two-division conference akin to the USA South, ASC, and others ... who swaps teams around when it is necessary or convenient without treating those changes like they are two separate conferences. They treat them like two different divisions. Thus, no matter when the last one took place ... the fact it happens I know drives other conferences and other members crazy.

I am not arguing either way on this. I get both sides of the equation and understand both sides perspective. The grandfather clause allows the MAC to do what it wants ... but that does not mean other DIII members take kindly to it. That is all I am trying to point out. Ten years ago feels like three to many others (at least from what they express to me in conversations).

Just something to keep in mind per the convo about full time assistants. As I understand it after having several in-depth conversations with those who would know ... Calvin has NOT had a full-time assistant at least through the KVS era. That was one of the major drawbacks, I feel, with what KVS could ultimately do with the program. Consider he was teaching (basically full time), coaching, and having to recruit along with any other projects he was interested in, asked to do, or whatnot on and off campus.

I know not having a full time assistant was a challenge for the program. It doesn't mean those assistants KVS had were not helpful. I am sure John Ross assisted in a major way, but he too had his own responsibilities like teaching and coaching the women's tennis program. The part-time assistants had other responsibilities they had to be a priority as well.

I am curious if Calvin has considered or has added a full-time assistant. The fact new head coaches of teams are no longer teachers (at least for new hires; coaches under the former policy are still teaching) is a HUGE benefit for any program at Calvin. However, the full-time assistant is also an important factor in my opinion. Not all programs have full-time assistants and it isn't a clear path towards success (there are just as many programs without full-time assistants who are successful as there are those with several full time assistants who are not successful) ... but I think it would help Calvin in a major way.

Atlantic Region / Re: MAC Freedom League
« on: May 16, 2019, 02:03:35 pm »
I have been hearing for YEARS that Lyco was not interested in trips to Hood and such from their location and that the travel to Freedom teams was more in line with their location. Add in the fact Stevens is in the Freedom now, and Lyco going to the Freedom makes sense from the point of view of the MAC.

Furthermore, this is a bigger move to have the Freedom truly be the eastern side of the conference (and Atlantic region, for now) and the Commonwealth be the western side (and Mid-Atlantic, for now).

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: May 16, 2019, 02:01:31 pm »
When is the last time a school crossed over within the MAC?

A few years ago when Arcadia jumped to the Commonwealth.

Actually, it was Alvernia moving to the Commonwealth for the 2009 season.  Arcadia moved to the Commonwealth in 2008.  Either way, it doesn't happen often.

A - forgot about Alvernia's move.
B - you knew the answer and asked it anyway? LOL
C - I would argue that frequency (third significant move, four or five schools in general, in just over ten years) is high. No. It doesn't happen every two years (when schedules are done), but it seems to happen every time the MAC goes through an increase/decrease. I can't think of any other conference (with divisions: ASC, USAC, etc.) that has had nearly as many moves in their divisions. The MAC tends to make adjustments more often than schools, even Stevenson, change conferences. :)

Yes, I knew the answer.  I asked to see if anyone else did.  I knew that the movement within the MAC is far less frequent than is sometimes implied here.

I do not know how often Stevenson moved prior to joining the MAC.

So next time ... just state the answer. I don't understand the point of the game played to ask a question one already knows ... instead of just putting the information into the forum normally.

Correct "sponsored a legislative proposal" means it has to come to a vote in January.

That is also the case for the "Conference Composition Legislation."

Those two will be in front of membership in January.

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NEWMAC
« on: May 14, 2019, 02:30:26 pm »
According to the Boston Globe, Danny Ainge's son, Crew, is transferring to Babson after playing two years at Utah St.
Nice get.

It made the twitter rounds yesterday... Globe jumped on it as if they cared. NESN beat them.

Sorry - just having fun with it. :)

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