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A poster on the WIAC board had alluded to being familiar with Aurora so I asked if they could expound. Great insight! Sounds like they have a high-powered offense which will be a test for our secondary. It was also mentioned that their coach, Don Beebe, has already done a great job moving the team in the right direction. I believe they said this is is first season at Aurora. That being said, I would feel much better about our chances to make a deep run if we did win by 6 touchdowns! Should be a great opening round test! Thankful that the committee didn't send Martin Luther back to Collegeville & that there is a path to the semi's for two teams that have not been their in the last number of years. Both UMHB & Mount Union could make it. I ran Versus' Sports Simulator against each matchup all the way through the Stagg Bowl & based on the predictions, it liked Wheaton edging North Central for the title 35-33. It predicted that St John's would fall to Wheaton in the Quarterfinals 36-13. I hope it's wrong obviously!

I love it - an all-CCIW Stagg Bowl! :o ;D

Well, they are very different in makeup. Apples and oranges, really.

Why must we be so bound to apples for these idioms? Why not a superior fruit like a pomegranate?

Guavas and Kumquats! ;D

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: November 15, 2019, 11:09:53 pm »
Illinois Wesleyan today used a 32-6 2nd quarter to propel them to an 84-75 win over UW Stout.
Kendall Sosa continued her outstanding scoring, tallying 25 via overall very good shooting.
The Titans got 20 pts, 5 assists and 3 steals from Sydney Shanks.
Riley Brovelli had 18 pts, 11 rebs, 4 assists. Not bad.
Samantha Monroe had 16 pts and 7 assists.
The IWU bench saw only 27 minutes of action.

The downside is that Stout outscored them 69-52 the other three quarters. :P

A good season cannot be achieved on one-quarter bursts! :o ;)

Oh, well.  I'll stop being Debby Downer - a win is a win.

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: November 15, 2019, 08:14:33 pm »
Wheaton held Lake Forest to 26 pts for the first three quarters and won with ease, 73-50.
The Thunder scored 30 pts from 30 3FG att.
Hannah Frazier had 17 pts, 9 rebs, 4 stls; Jill "Hannah" Berg had 5 blocks and 10 rebs, while Hannah Swider scored a quick 14 in 19:00. Hannah Williams played 20 minutes in her return from injury.

LOL!  Seems like everyone else on the Thunder is named Hannah, why should she be left out?! ;D

As I said several times this past week (on various threads), it all depends on which Titan team shows up.  If it's the first half team (which trailed Millikin 12-7), it will get VERY ugly very early; if it's the second-half team (which beat Millikin 33-0), we've got a puncher's chance of the upset.  Unless NCC is even better than I think they are (we each lost to Wheaton by 14 points ;)), alas it was the first-half Titans that traveled to Naperville.

I'm assuming you are a lock for pool C.  May the Cardinals and Thunder both have deep runs to rep the CCIW well. ;D

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: November 09, 2019, 10:07:05 pm »
Congrats to the NPU Vikings on the tourney championship!  I only caught about the last 40 minutes, but seemed to be a well-played, even game.  (NPU 2, IWU 1.)

Both my sons' played many of their hs games on football fields; live I hardly noticed.  On camera, wow are those different lines annoying! :o  I had a terrible time knowing whether or not the ball was out of bounds!

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: November 07, 2019, 10:54:16 pm »

I have no doubt that you accurately and objectively described the out-of-bounds behavior of thata player and coach. As someone who spent his career in education (HS, college & university levels), as you apparently have also, it is simply shocking to me that the coach gets away with this. As we both know, he should be fired tomorrow. Is he perhaps also the AD at his college, such that the AD won't take that step? True enough, there was some outrageous behavior by D1 coaches in other sports a generation or two ago--I will leave out names, since this is about D3 soccer now, not other stuff a long time ago. But, it's beyond belief to me that the administrative people would knowingly condone this by overlooking it. Even if common decency and their reputation were cast aside, the liability concerns are staring them in the face. What if the NPU player had received broken bones/major concussion? Or worse? Either way, this is actually a crime, as far as I know--a felony to be precise. Something very serious needs to happen, IMO, and maybe this thread will actually result in that. I hope so.

Dave Di Tomasso is not the AD at Elmhurst, but he's been there a long time. He's been the head coach of the Bluejays from day one of the program's inception back in 2004, and before that he was the head coach of the Elmhurst women's soccer program for six seasons, when soccer was a women-only sport at EC.

Trust me,  NPU's AD (who is also the former men's soccer coach) gave the head referee an earful at halftime, informing him that the incident had been caught on videotape. I don't think that this is the end of the situation, although, practically, there's little or nothing that anyone outside of the Elmhurst administration can do to the coach or the player. It seems more likely that the referee will face consequences for this than either the Elmhurst coach or the player who committed the mugging.

Ultimately it will come down to provable evidence, so the game tape would tell the tale most effectively. I'd say Coach Grahn should grab the coaches angle and the broadcast angle and send it to the CCIW office to see what there is to be done.

Mike Krizman from the league office was actually at the game last night, watching from the press box. He left before I could get his thoughts on what had happened.

I didn't see it (nor, apparently, did the ref! ::)).  While (IMO correctly) the law very rarely intervenes in sports "muggings", if the action was as you describe it (and I don't doubt that it was), being a 'stomping' during a lull in play it would be hard to defend as 'in the heat of the moment'.  The Elmhurst player certainly would seem to be a candidate for at least serious investigation for felonious assault.

EDIT:  The reference is to Garo Yepremian who, incidentally, would fit in quite well at the moment.

I'm pretty sure you would be ecstatic with someone with Garo's PAT stats as he was 444 out 464 for his career - which is over 95% success rate. It's too bad he is only remembered for his gaffe in the Super Bowl.

Well it was no small gaffe.  John Wilkes Booth was a loving father.  Damned shame about that one gaffe which spoiled it all.

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

Since Garo's 'gaffe' only spoiled the shut-out, but in no way endangered the win, I think 'gaffe' is appropriate.

I never understood/agreed with the often cited Location is an issue for the Main schools....  Tufts is the only one with a real advantage location-wise.   Willy Town, Amherst, Clinton got nothing on Brunswick...  the CT schools may have a "closer to home" advantage, but alot of the players are far from home anyway.... 

This was just my personal experience and certainly others are more willing to go to school further from home, but I vividly remember driving up to Colby from south-central Connecticut for my recruiting trip and I turned to my father about halfway through the nearly 5 hour drive and said "Dad, I'm not going here."

Colby was actually a top level NESCAC program at the time while Trinity was in the midst of a 5-3 season and the previous year had finished an astonishingly bad 2-6. Again, for many recruits the distance may not be an issue, but knowing that I'd need to make that drive multiple times a year and that my parents would need to make the trip at minimum four times each fall was enough to drop the Maine schools off my list. Tufts, Trinity and to a slightly lesser extent Wesleyan all have an advantage in that regard because of how accessible they are to the rest of the country. Of course, all NESCAC schools get kids from all over the country but I do think location is a factor in the CBB's struggles.

Also, about 60%-70% of Trinity and Wesleyan's rosters are from either CT or MA. They shop locally and it's been paying off.

Also notable about the Colby hoops analogy -- I think the Colby coach realized pretty early on that he isn't going to beat out the top half of NESCAC squads for guys who are over 6'5, skilled, and athletic.  So he has focused on getting small, tenacious guys who can shoot the ball, and has given his players free reign to launch 3's.  Recruiting to a system that is significantly different from the competition can give you a chance both to find hidden, overlooked gems and also to challenge teams in game-planning.  Granted, that strategy is harder in football than in basketball, but Mike Leach showed how it could be done at Texas Tech. 

Mark Harriman ran a pretty successful program by recent CBB standards especially by using a triple option, which no one else in NESCAC used.  It took him awhile to figure it out, but 2012 through 2017 was Bates' greatest run of success in several decades  (winning or tying for every CBB title and even managing three non-losing seasons in that stretch).  The odds of Bates landing an elite pocket QB who Williams, Trinity, Amherst, Midd, Tufts or Wesleyan want?  Almost nil, considering the QB would be (unless he's from Maine, but almost no chance of that) be going much further from home, to a school with little successful football tradition.  But the odds of Bates landing an elite triple-option QB when no other school is running that system?  A heck of a lot higher.  You can also recruit different styles of linemen, etc. 

In the end, hyped coaching change after hyped coaching change hasn't really helped the CBB schools compete with the rest of the league, which have (collectively) a natural recruiting advantage.  I'd say the best approach is to try to do something really different, rather than trying to compete with, say, Trinity and Tufts on their own terms, for the same pool of high-academic players. 

I fully agree with this point. The CBB isn't going to compete with the top tier teams by trying to emulate what they do with inferior talent. For a time Georgia Tech, and Navy and now more recently Army have all been relatively successful against Top 25 teams with an option attack. I don't know if a Maine school will ever again compete for a NESCAC title but a creative approach like this could at least lead them back to respectability.

Well, well, well....the week of the “Battle of the Birds” and Hs5-3 and NESCACMAN agree.... ;D

We agree 100% that the CBB teams need to think out of the box....doing what everyone else does is not going to get it done in the CBB...the Triple Option is clearly a way to go but we have a better the Wing T!!! Anyone that would know how to defend that offense is either retired from coaching or that offense you can get away with smaller, quicker players and take advantage of angles, mismatches and misdirections...forget the “Air Raid Offense”...bring Tubby Raymond’s offense back to the NESCAC!!!

One other point on on the Colby basketball analogy...keep in mind, in hoops you only need 2 or 3 good players to be football, other than at the QB position, you need a lot more than 2 or 3 good players to compete with the rest of the NESCAC...all of the CBB schools have at least 2 or 3 good football players, and we would argue that both UBates and Colby’s current QB’s are at a minimum more than serviceable in the NESCAC, but you need 7/8 good players on offense and defense to win in this league for a total of 14-16....not an easy task...

The bolded phrase IS the solution!  The only team to win four straight D3 national titles was Augustana (1983-86), running the Wing T!  (Now, forget coaches who remember how to defend it, can you find anyone still alive who remembers HOW to run it?! ;D)

EDIT:  The reference is to Garo Yepremian who, incidentally, would fit in quite well at the moment.

I'm pretty sure you would be ecstatic with someone with Garo's PAT stats as he was 444 out 464 for his career - which is over 95% success rate. It's too bad he is only remembered for his gaffe in the Super Bowl.

Yeah, and even though he died in 2015, he STILL might be better than the current Johnnie kicker! :o ::)

East Region football / Re: East Region Fan Poll
« on: November 07, 2019, 10:05:32 pm »
wally, no offense taken. ;)

And, as I said in an earlier version of this post on another board, while I (a Titan fanatic) think if the 'good' Titans show up they have a "puncher's chance", someone would have to spot me a cart load of points for me to actually bet on them! :P

East Region football / Re: East Region Fan Poll
« on: November 07, 2019, 07:50:10 pm »

This bracket is based upon what I think rankings are going to be at the end of the year and not now. I see B-W jumping NC-C if they win out having the same winning percentage and higher SOS and St. Thomas or Gustavis ending up on final WR giving Bethel a RR win. Additionally, Hobart and/or Cortland being on the ER, giving Ithaca a RR win, Linfield winning out and remaining on WR rankings. Then that would put them at the table against what I believe a comparable Ithaca (1-1), Wesley (1-1), Redlands (1-1) and Bethel (1-1), and Susquehanna (0-1), but you'd still be behind B-W. Regardless, I think at the end of the Day it will come down to Susquehanna, B-W, and NC-C. If Johns Hopkins makes it onto SR rankings, then Susquehanna is (1-1). I think it's the CNU game that may end up hurting NC-C. What NC-C could consider is common opponents with Wesley. The committee may or may not look at point differential. If Wesley squeaks by CNU say 13-10, I'd think the committee would take a hard look at that. I definitely did last week when Salisbury played CNU.

Now taking those potential and subjective factors into consideration, that's my reasoning. Do I expect things to work this way, highly unlikely. I want NC-C in the bracket because of how they went out schedule and always are willing to schedule out of region.

That is a far take, but I don’t believe the B-W / JCU winner will jump NCC in the North.  I think the fact that Hope is above both of them points to that.   And their final SOS should be fairly close.

Agree with this.  I think if there was concern about the strength of NCC's profile, they could have been ranked below Hope (as we did in our mock rankings last week) and then you'd have the table set for BW or JCU to slide ahead with the week 11 result.  JCU still has to get through Heidelberg this week, which I don't think is a layup for them btw. 

The one spot where I think North Central can really be damaged (outside of their own trap-ish game this weekend) is if WashU gets clipped in the last two weeks and they lose their RRO win.  The Bears should be ok, and should be plenty motivated to send Coach Kindbom out on the highest of notes, but that's a thing to watch for.  I do think JCU and BW are playing for a spot at the table in the 4th or 5th round of Pool C selection and the winner winds up in a last in/first out situation.

"trap-ish game"?  Isn't a trap game one where an opponent gets somewhat overlooked due to anticipating a stronger opponent the following week?  That seems rather unlikely since IWU (this week's opponent) just beat Millikin (next week's opponent) by 28 points this past weekend! ;D

A more likely problem for NCC is which IWU team will show up on Saturday?  If the team that trailed Millikin 12-7 at the half is their opponent, the game will get VERY ugly very quickly; on the other hand, if the team that demolished Millikin 33-0 in the second half shows up in Naperville, they have a legitimate puncher's chance of the upset.

Otherwise, agree totally with your post.

I should probably nip this in the bud before things get out of hand. Despite what you might have heard, I’m a total a$$hole who’s emblematic of all that is wrong with the Tommies.

Thank you.  It was destroying my sense of reality when posters were calling you a good guy! ;D

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: November 04, 2019, 09:09:17 pm »
Did I miss (or forget) an announcement at some point, or does no one know why Raven Hughes (who would be a junior) is no longer on the Titan roster?  I think she would likely be a first-team All-CCIW player if she were here.

No way to have mount, uww, Wheaton and umbh as the brackets-way too much travel. Now an East teams get a #1 if all win out.

You're forgetting MANY recent seasons where no legitimate East #1 was available and UMU served in that capacity.  Most east coast teams can make it to Alliance OH without a plane ride.  Brackets headed by UMU, UMHB, UWW, and Wheaton would look VERY similar to many brackets of the last 20-30 years.

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