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I don't think St John's will have any trouble with Martin Luther. Whitworth will undoubtedly be our 2nd round opponent. I think they'll be more of a challenge, although the real test will begin in the quarterfinals against Mary Hardin-Baylor.

I dont think the Bennie Soccer team would have trouble with Martin Luther. As others have said, rest the guys that are dinged up.

No UWO, Tommies, or Linfield. If someone would have thrown that at me before the season I would have said I'll have what your smoking.

A little more parity in D3 Football is great for the sport.

So, based on what I am hearing, the Karnas crew is the equivalent of Teddy Valentine doing a B1G basketball game. "I'm going to make sure everyone knows who the most important person here is." After all, everyone paid to see me officiate, not watch the kids play.

There was a coaching decision in the Bethel vs UST game that could have swung things the way of the Tommies that I haven't seen much about and is something that has gotten a lot of attention in higher levels of football. When UST scored to go down 21-13 with only minutes remaining in the game they went for, and succeeded, in getting the 2 point conversion to make it 21-15.

Had they been able to get the ball back, a TD and XP would have given them the lead/win at 22-21. Had they not gotten the two point they would have had to go for 2 again to tie it at 21.

The thinking in going for 2 early on is your success rate is slightly better than 50% when going for 2. Assuming you'll get a successful conversion at least once, if you're able to get it after the 1st TD you're in great position to win the game with a TD and XP after the 2nd.

Interesting scenario. I bet part of the line of thinking was also that "we are on the road and not the better team on the football field right now", so if there is a possible opportunity to win this in regulation, lets jump at it. What is unique about this, as you brought it up, is that it was done on the score before the opportunity to tie it up. Buffalo Bill (Dana Holgorsen) did it against Texas two weeks ago to win, but that was on last possession.

Phil Esten will be new AD at UST:

When people brought him up as a candidate, I didn't think it was a serious possibility. The pay range must have been a bit higher than I may have thought.  Great hire. Has spoken at a couple of UST events and has always presented himself as a strong leader. He has facilitated the transition back to success for Penn State football with the hiring of Bill O'Brien and James Franklin. Maybe he can chat with James Franklin today and tell him to bring back Erdmann for a final year on scholarship. They need a McSorley replacement.

Honest question:  With U$T missing the playoffs, do they start the search to replace Caruso?


As offensive playcaller. How much of that sweet sweet Tommie$ $$$$ would it take to hire Heckendorf away?

They need to do something there, and I wouldnít hesitate to call Heckendorf. The offense against Bethel Saturday reminded me of the Bethel playoff game years ago went Waldvogel went down. It was a game plan doomed to fail from the start. QB development has regressed too. Fenske elevates his game whereas Perra regressed. An autonomous O coordinator / QB coach much like Killian was, is absolutely necessary.

Furthermore the secondary may need some coaching adjustments. The upperclassmen secondary were the weak links on the defense. They were fairly unathletic and frequently out of position. These positions have had changes in coaching recently with a relatively young UST grad that played scout LB responsible for them. They may need more experience coaching there as well, given how poor the performance was and how strong the next wave talent that got playing time this year could be.

West Region football / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:33:43 pm »
Glenn needs to find an Offensive Coordinator that can call plays in the off-season. His play calling is horrendous, and thatís being kind. Perra regressed in his time at UST. The change in QBís should have been made a while back. Hopefully weíre talking about a Sexauer and Frankl QB battle to start next year, because Jones isnít it.

A disappointing Tommie team. Not a tough bunch. Thankfully there were some nice young players. Their big weaknesses in the secondary rested with the couple seniors.

Bethel could do a lot with that Defense in the playoffs.

West Region football / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 10, 2018, 03:37:10 pm »
Bethel D is very good.

Caruso is extremely stubborn at QB though. A change has to be made. Perra isnít even close on most of his passes. He is gun shy in the pocket as well. Really holding back the offense so the D can key on Parks.

Tommie secondary is as bad as it has ever been in the Caruso era. Safeties that measure under 6 feet, weigh less than 180, and run 5.0 40ís donít belong on the field in a high caliber defense.


Pat made the case in the podcast that last season's run to the semifinals (and SJU's first-round exit) would give the edge to Brockport.

But ... Brockport only reached the semis because it was in a soft region. UST gave UMHB a much tougher game than Brockport last season, but its early season loss likely cost it a top seed. How many games would Brockport have won in the UMHB/UST region last year? Looks what happens when an outsider (often MUC) gets put in the former East bracket? And the SJU-NC matchup was a crazy first rounder. Look what usually happens when some of those East teams go west. Recall the hype a while back when St. John Fisher hit Summitt Ave. (Or -- to go back a ways, RPI at Collegeville).
Still, it's moot if SJU can't finish off Thomas More on Saturday.

I caution you not to try to make this argument with Frank on Twitter or you will get blocked quickly and not be able to enjoy that sweet sweet east coast content.

The truth can be very hard to stomach.  :P

I remember Hobart and St John Fisher yucking it up on here before they made their trip West and got bludgeoned. The East is weak. We should be ok saying that at this point. Recent history proves it.

The Toms have two issues on offense.

Perra hasn't progressed over the last two years as many might have hoped. The tools are there, but not so good with pocket presence, decision making, or looking off defenders. Seems like a great kid, but not quite the level for big opponents. Not so sure Ronnie Jones is the answer for a deep playoff run either. Wonder where Frankl, the Iowa State kid might be. For some reason the QB position in the Caruso era hasn't been true meritocracy, like other spots on the field. It takes a multitude of errors and struggling for the reigns to be handed over to an underclassmen. See Greg Morse, Matt O'Connell, and other when they have struggled for examples.

Secondly, the play-calling took a hit when Killian left. He was a magician. Caruso has a number of strengths as a coach, but play-calling and head coaching is hard to do jointly in a close game, and it shows from time to time.

Good to see the D step up when they needed it most!

West Region football / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:20:04 pm »
Who do Tommies start at QB against Bethel next week?

Can we borrow Erdmann please?

Has Hamline been competitive since the mid-80s?  They've been at the bottom of the MIAC as long as I can recall, which is the mid/late 90s.

Hamline beating UST in the season ending barn-burner in 2007 was likely the straw that broke the camel's back for Don Roney. As we approach the season of thanks, I am quite thankful to Hamline for that monumental victory.

I knew Hamline was bad, but I didn't realize just how dreadfully awful they are this year.  This'll be a yawner.

Unfortunately, yes, they are really bad. If you remember, we tried to help them a year ago with suggestions on this board. If memory serves me, I think Bench had some good ones. Might have to be another January topic  ;D

My very quick thoughts......

If Hamline comped the hourly rates pre & post game at the Midway Motel, that would definitely draw more people. Interesting folk too.

Maybe Bigfoot hunter could come back as Head Coach and they could do a halftime show of him chasing a guy in a bigfoot costume around. I would pay to see that.

Hire Ray Grant as recruiting coordinator. Part of the job requirements would be to post outlandish predictions on the upcoming season on D3boards.

Get Justice Spriggs more eligibility. He is a really talented football player, and it feels like he has been there for 8 years already, so whats the difference. It could, however, be quite detrimental to your health to be Hamline's QB for a prolonged period of time.

The two common opponents on both Whitewater and SJU's schedule have now been completed. In a potential fight for the final 1 seed, we have:

SJU 27 - Stout 0
SJU 42 - Concordia 14

UWW 40 - Stout - 10
UWW 24 - Concordia - 6

I don't know that the scores lead to any favoring of one over the other. One made the playoffs in 2017 and the other didn't. It could come down to that. We'll see where things stack with regional rankings coming out.

MIAC Champ SJU 8-0 In Serious Trouble.
Although in the standings the Johnnies are enjoying their best season in years an underlying concerns continues to develop. The J's Defense which is typically a strength continues to be exposed as mediocre at best. The J's are currently ranked 49th in Total Defense their worst ranking since 2014 when they finished #53. Their Rushing Defense has gone from #2 in the country behind UST in 2017 to #41 and Passing Yards Allowed from #2 to #116.
Concordia pushed the Johnnies around on Saturday and even though they run the option it was the Fullback dives that really hurt them and we also saw UST rush for 270 yds. The J's Linebackers have been absent all season and we have seen too many instances of receivers running free in the secondary either due to the LB's not being able to keep up or safeties coming late to the party. The Lone bright spot is the D line which continues to shine but did slip this past week.
Thomas More will come to town in two weeks with a very strong rushing attack (266yds per game) This will be another good Pre Post season test for the Johnnies Defense, I think we need to see vast improvement or what has been a very promising season so far may very well end in a 2nd or 3rd round disappointment.

Also could be a factor in scheduling difference between 2017 and 2018 too. Far be it from me to be the Tommie that tells you to quell the alarms, but SJU will be alright. There may be a few chinks in the armor. I do agree the LB's aren't quite as skilled as previous years. But the D-line and a couple of individuals in the secondary play really well.

Against the run, they have been relatively favorable compared to "good" opponents averages.

                      SJU          Season Avg

UST                270          310
Bethel             122          213
Concordia        130          222
Stout                 29         160

SJU needs to hope for good playoff weather in those 2nd and 3rd round games too. They are likely going to be in a bit of a shootout, and will need to lean on the passing game to advance.

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