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The Judson (NAIA) site no longer shows the Doug Porter announcement, so that deal may be off. Something to do with the Singapore meeting, I think.

Looks like Doug will return to Wheaton for the 2018-19 campaign, Singapore-related or not. :P

I'd gotten a little excited that he might have been a candidate for the NCC job for a minute to relive the glory System days, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Wonder if he'll sign. Any idea?

I haven't heard but I agree that the bonus won't be much.  But a huge opportunity to improve his status for next year's draft.

Based on a tweet from NCC yesterday, it appears that he signed. At least that's what I assume he was signing in the picture!

That's the vibe I got too.

I went and looked at the Braves' draft tracker and they haven't updated with anything on Mateja's signing. But then again, they also said he went to the wrong North Central (Minnesota instead of Illinois).

North Central's schedule for 2018-19 is out.

Much like the 2016-17 campaign the Cardinals are only playing nine home games, with the opener coming on Saturday, November 10th against Knox. They're playing in two tournaments, one Thanksgiving weekend at Wilmington College in Ohio and at Wartburg College's Holiday Tournament the week after Christmas. Other non-con's include the trip up Maple to play Benedictine, road swings of home-and-homes with UW-Stevens Point and Dubuque, and a trip to St. Mary's (IN).

I continue to be bummed about the lack of home non-conference games, but I think some home dates are planned for the following year to help balance it out.

Not knowing how much I'm at liberty to share I don't want to delve into too deep of detail, but I can say it was her call. She told the team earlier this week, and before bringing it up to me she said she wasn't sure if I'd heard or not, so I guess it's out there to some degree. I didn't see it coming, not after how excited she seemed about the incoming recruits.

I do know that they're going to be undertaking a nationwide search for a new coach. Michelle was hired in June of 2010, so it's not like there isn't precedent here for a summer hire.

The alertness of those keeping score or broadcasting or refereeing was fully tested, too!

And this is why the phrase "Wholesale line change for the Cardinals" became part of my lexicon for five years. :)

So I just got a bombshell dropped on me: Michelle Roof is leaving North Central, I believe effective end of next week.

Last night I got to attend North Central's postseason banquet and see off the last remnants of the team that made the NCAA Tournament three years ago.

The main highlights:
-Maya Walls was Defensive MVP
-Mayson Whipple was Offensive MVP
-Freshman Bekah Foley was the inaugural recipient of the Helen Muleya Memorial All Smiles Award
-Mayson Whipple received the Liz Pearlman Perseverance Award
-I think Michaela Reedy got the Cardinal Spirit Award or something like that (I was distracted by my 1 year old's elite escapability)

And as far as next year I hear rumblings that North Central's incoming recruiting class is supposed to be fantastic.

And BTW, that wasn't best small college radio station in 2015... it was best overall college radio station.

Even better! I just couldn't remember for sure.

At one point during my time at North Central, I was entrusted with John's home phone number, in case there was an emergency during non-business hours.  I did the only responsible thing one should do with that: I and my news person called him live on the air really early in the morning to wake him up on his birthday.

I still have his cell number for similar reasons, though the only non-emergency thing I did with it was text him a picture of my brother with Michael Phelps.

That you weren't taken out by the ready to assemble sniper rifle in John's briefcase is nothing short of a miracle. :)

Unrelated to off-season recruiting, but worth noting from a North Central sports coverage standpoint: Friday is WONC's 50th anniversary.

It's also a nice sendoff for our radio mafia don longtime general manager John Madormo, who's also been the men's basketball academic advisor for I think at least as far back as when I started at NCC as an undergrad. I'm hoping to make an appearance there, but with my schedule I don't know if I'll be able to.

The station's won its fair share of awards; they were the Small College Radio Station of the Year or something back in 2015, and my senior year we won an award for Best Play by Play for the NCC/UW-Whitewater football playoff game that I did color for.

I just wish they'd stop going back to 15 minutes of music during halftime of basketball games they cover. [insert "Back in my day" rant here]

With six of nine schools making the 2018-19 tourney, standards have certainly been lowered. And only the saddest inept team(s) will not be in contention down to the final week or so of the regular season. Not much difference in finishing 3rd 4th 5th or 6th.

As titanalum94 said, a six-team tourney is in keeping with what neighboring D3 leagues do. And part of the reasoning behind adding those two extra teams is that it enhances playing opportunities, which: a) is in line with D3's credo that sports on this level is all about the student-athlete experience; and b) is a recruiting boost.

As a refresher, if the 6 team format were in place this past year, here's what the field would have looked like:

(6)Carroll (5-11) @ (3)Carthage (11-5)
(5)Augustana (8-8) @ (4)Elmhurst (9-7)

Highest remaining seed vs (2)Wheaton (14-2)
Lowest remaining seed @ (1)Illinois Wesleyan (15-1)

The year before would have been:

(6)Carthage (8-8) @ (3)Elmhurst (11-5)
(5)North Central (8-8) @ (4)Augustana (10-6)

Highest remaining seed vs (2)Illinois Wesleyan (12-4)
Lowest remaining seed @ (1)Wheaton (14-2)

The odds of your 6 seed being 8-8 probably isn't great, but you're also probably not going to see a 5-11 team a ton; probably something more in between the two.

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: April 06, 2018, 01:58:19 pm »
To break up the heavy amount of green in recent posts on the board... ( :P )

The CCIW is naming its awards for Coach of the Year and Most Outstanding Player starting next season. The COY award will be named after former Wheaton coach Beth Baker, while the MOP award will be named after the recently retired Lori Kerans.

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:21:04 am »
Recruiting news out of the land of our green-clad friends: Morton's Caylie Jones has committed to Illinois Wesleyan. She's 5'8" and according to her recruiting profile can play either forward position. That same recruiting site lists her as averaging 15 and 10 per game, with 55 percent shooting from the floor and a 75 percent clip at the stripe. (I can't attest to the accuracy of these numbers, but it's the only batch I could find at a quick glance).

She knows how to win too, being part of a team that won three straight state titles before getting bounced in their sectional title game this year and she finished her high school career with a record of 131-10.

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:05:45 pm »
Admittedly, I only got through a couple pages of that second article I shared before quitting. :)

The "having Tess and Jamie" question is an interesting one. Had both been four year Cardinals they would have had one extra overlap year in 2013-14, when the Cardinals went 4-10 in CCIW play, but were only two games out of the #4 seed. Tess played a few games at the end of that year (including a win down at the Shirk when such a thing seemed unthinkable), but adding her for the full year, plus a full year of Jamie is probably worth the three wins they would have needed to get in the CCIW Tournament that year. They probably would have gotten bounced by Carthage in the semis again, though maybe having both Tess and Jamie eliminates Stephanie Kuzmanic's pushoff on her game-winner when the two teams met in Naperville that year. (I'm not bitter or anything. :P )

The Emily Zgoda question is harder to think about when you factor in why she transferred to Albion, but those same factors also open up what-ifs with the 2014-15 team and how much the chemistry and bonding of that team helped propel them to the NCAA Tournament (and it's one of the reasons why that team will always have a special place in my heart). It's an interesting what-if though that probably has more bearing on the 2016-17 team with Whipple missing a majority of the year.

I think the more interesting four year what-if for North Central? Therese Pettersson. We almost certainly win more than five games this year if she's around. :(

Calvin alumnus Matt Snyder (whose handle is KnightSlappy) over on the men's boards has made it a personal crusade to show coaches how wrong they are to sit down key players for long stretches of the game due to picking up an early second foul in the first half or an early third foul in the second half. Since KnightSlappy is a numbers guy, he always brings the science whenever he engages this topic. You should look up KnightSlappy via the member search and send him a personal message; he'll dump so much statistical data on you relating to this that it'll make your head spin.

I look at it like the whole going for it on fourth down in football. Coaches don't do it anywhere near as often as win probabilities or other statistics suggest they should. I think it stems from the idea mentioned in the first article that I shared where coaches get reamed for going with the perceived "risky" idea because that's how it's always been done, even though statistical analysis now suggests that the "risky" move is actually a smart one. But if a coach goes with the "risky" option and it backfires, they get reamed; going the "safe" route is effectively a CYA route.

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:28:59 am »
And your mention of fouls reminds me of another minor criticism I have of something coaches will do : sit some of their best players for long stretches in the 1st half because they've picked up 2 fouls. The player has fouled out of the first half with 2 fouls. I can see sitting a star player for the duration of the 1st half if she has 3 fouls, but not 2.
And then in the 2nd half, why sit someone because she picked up her 3rd foul? Often, good players end up playing fewer minutes than they should, due to being "in foul trouble." The rules allow a player to keep playing with 2 fouls, 3 fouls, 4 fouls. Yet, coaches decide to impose additional restrictions on their own players, stricter than those in the rulebook : commit your 3rd foul too early in 3rd quarter and you've fouled out for the next 6 minutes; commit your 4th and you're banned from playing most of the rest of the game, as if an unused 5th foul can be carried over to the next game so she can commit 6 in that game.

That was the interesting thing going back to North Central's System years. Michelle Roof kept her line changes the same regardless of foul trouble. Granted, you could get away with that with a 15-woman rotation where you're only playing 45 seconds to a minute at a time and that probably played a role. But over the five System years, players fouled out 4, 9, 12, 14, and 4 times in those years for a total of 43. Without looking up numbers across the rest of the conference in that time span, I don't know how those numbers stack up.

But it's an interesting dilemma. I remember reading something somewhere along the line that the strategy of sitting your best player just because of foul trouble isn't the best strategy. Bearing in mind foul trouble though, if you're keeping a player in with two fouls in the first half for example, how effective can they be on defense? If you value not picking up that third foul before the intermission, you can't play as aggressively on defense, and the other team will target that player on offense to try and force that third foul. Of course, by and large this shouldn't impact a foul troubled player on offense, and if your best offensive weapon is in foul trouble, you do cripple your team by sitting them due to said foul trouble (unless you have a catalyst on your bench that you can plug in in that player's spot, but even then is it an equitable swap?)

It's a risk-reward analysis, something that coaches have to do multiple times in every game. And a lot of common coaching doctrine seems to lean more towards the risk-averse side of the spectrum, which in and of itself isn't a big deal, but you get into the old football cliche of "Prevent defense only prevents you from winning" or the more general cliche "coaching not to lose instead of coaching to win." I'd be interested to see a statistical analysis of keeping your rotations the same regardless of foul trouble versus the generally accepted method of sitting players with two fouls before halftime, three in the third, four in the fourth, etc.

I did Google a couple articles relevant to the question. See here and here for a more quantitative analysis.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: March 19, 2018, 03:19:37 pm »
For the CCIWers out there, how will Wheaton fair? They were the 4th best team in the conference and also were in and out of the regional rankings. They lose #2 scorer Samuelson, but return everyone else. Some guy named Francis might be able to carry the load (again). Can they leapfrog NCC and grab a Pool C bid next season? I haven't really looked into Carthage either.

I'd think Wheaton would be a team in contention even without Samuelson as long as Aston Francis keeps doing Aston Francis things and the rest of the team can continue to complement him like they did last year. Carthage is an interesting case. They have those young, talented bigs in Perry and Johnson plus should have a full year of Kienan Baltimore, but the question might be with their backcourt. They lose Derek Mason, but still have Jordan Thomas. If everybody's healthy they'll probably be in the mix too.

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