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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: Yesterday at 10:05:14 pm »
Hey... didn't Dave promise an early preseason top 25 before the weekend was over in one of the Live Fort Wayne shows? ??? ;D

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: Yesterday at 09:54:38 pm »
I know Alburtus Magnus has been atop the GNAC for awhile and during this span they haven't been competing for real regional significance, but they only graduate Pitman, their 6th leading scorer. They return 92% of their scoring from a 20-8 overall record, share of the regular season GNAC title and won the GNAC playoff championship. I think if you are including St. Joe's, even with the Calhoun Program Rocket Boosters strapped on the Blue Jays, the Falcons should also be included as they are probably the favorite for next years GNAC.


Total Salary = $50,000

CAPTConnor Duax10,400
UTILZac O'Dell10,200
UTILCam Wiley10,100
UTILNate Shafer8,000

George Visconti7,200
UTILRyan Ingram4,100

SALARY USED = $50,000

Alright, one last fantasy league for this season, this a new one and hopefully you guys enjoy it. This is the D3 Hoops National Championship Showdown. I got this idea from DraftKings, so you will have a salary cap of $50,000 (you do not have to use all of it) that you have to stay under when constructing your lineup. Each player and their season long Fantasy Points Per Game as well as their salary is listed below. Your roster will comprise of 5 players, no lineup or team restrictions, and 1 team captain for a total of 6 total players in tonights championship game. The player you select for team captain will have their points multiplied by 1.5 (if they score 20 FP, it would score 30 FP as captain), but the catch is their salary will also be multiplied by 1.5. The other 5 players will score normal points and salary will be as listed below. I will do all of the scoring, and please everyone make a roster, it will make watching tonights game even a little more exciting than it already is!


GBen Boots25.4$10,500
CJack Flynn23.6$9,900
FAdam Fravert27.8$11,200
GBrett Wittchow23.3$9,600
FConnor Duax14.7$6,900
GDavid Vlotho10.4$5,500
GEric Peterson6.6$1,900
GBrian Wilman3.7$1,200


GCam Wiley23.5$10,100
FZac O’Dell23.8$10,200
GConor Harkins21.8$8,900
GGeorge Visconti15.6$7,200
FNate Shafer18.2$8,000
GColin Shaw9.2$3,000
GRyan Ingram9.3$4,100
GAbass Sallah8.2$2,600
FJustin Tucker7.3$2,000

Round of 64

1. Aston Francis - Wheaton
2. Dimitrius Underwood - UT-Dallas
3. Kevin Dennis - Morrisville St
4. Sean Bryan - Salem St
5. Hakeem Animashaun - Salem St
6. Geoffrey Gray - Emerson
7. Jack O'Connor - Emerson
8. Marcos Echevarria - Nichols
9. Ty Nichols - Keene St
10. Ryan DiCanio - Loras
11. Dakota Bennington - Eureka
12. Cam Fails - Hanover

Round of 32

1. DeAnte Burton - Nichols
2. Ryan Clamage - Rochester
3. Dom LeMorta - Alfred
4. Josh Ruggles - Loras
5. Anders Nelson - St. Thomas
6. Daniel Rosenbaum - Pomona Pitzer
7. Jason Bady - Yorkpa
8. Reece Dupler - Wooster
9. Micah Elan - Pomona Pitzer
10. Tim Roberts - MIT
11. AJ Jurko - MIT
12. Da'Quan Davis - Arcadia

Sweet 16
1. Matt Morrow - Nichols
2. Buzz Anthony - RMC
3. Anders Nelson - UST
4. Marcus Curry - Guilford
5. Kena Gilmour - Hamilton
6. Bobby Casey- Williams
7. James Heskett - Williams
8. Kyle Scadlock - Williams

Elite 8
1. Ben Boots - UWO
2. Marcus Carter - CNU
3. Cutch Ellis - CNU
4. Jason Aigner - CNU
5. Brett Wittchow - UWO
6. Adam Fravert - UWO
7. Anthony Wallace - Marietta
8. Kyle Dixon - Marietta

1. Jack Flynn - UWO
2. Ben Boots - UWO
3. Cam Wiley - Swarthmore
4. Zac O'Dell - Swarthmore

South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:56:14 pm »
Haha, you are welcome Ypsi! It was the same thread, I had to mention it. It was good enough to make me chuckle the first time around! The second time though...  :D ;)

South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:12:45 pm »
Amazing season for Guilford! Congrats on a fabulous year!

Congratulations on CNU making it to the final four.  It would be nice if they can bring the championship to Virginia!

Until Ft. Wayne took over, the championship was almost ALWAYS brought to Virginia! ;D

And I forgot, grats to both RMC and GC. Thanks for representing the ODAC so well. Get better and to the final four next year.

I guess I will be pulling for CNU to bring the trophy back to Virginia.

Until Salem lost the FF to Ft. Wayne, the trophy came back to Virginia EVERY year! ;D

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:16:52 pm »
Drake, NABC All-Americanawards are very lazy... they take the POY from each region and place them on the first team. They then take the second and third best players from each region and make the second and third team all-America. So yeah Booker made it over Francis and Garver, but we knew that yesterday, and it’s not the correct way of selecting AllAmerican teams, in my eyes at least.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 13, 2019, 05:51:38 pm »
I don't understand why everyone is "making an argument" about Francis when we all agree that the NABC  got it wrong.

I guess it’s more about the process than the results, in my mind.

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:39:46 pm »
Ryan, I know you probably don't think this way, but your posts almost suggests you don't believe Coplin has "a lot of talent." Ryan Garver is a very deserving player, Drake mentioned that in his original post. NWU had an amazing season, finishing at 27-2 and winning a competitive ARC where as Augsburg only had a solid season in comparison, finishing at 19-9. That had a lot to do with the selection, as did seniority as Pat mentioned. But, Booker Coplin was named to the MIAC All-Defensive team this year, showing that the Coaches believe he is much more on both ends of the court than his eye popping stats show.  Both Coplin and Garver are both very deserving of high praise and being named West Region POY, and I hope NABC votes for Coplin as their POY so they both get rewarded for their great seasons.

Turns out that that's exactly what happened, Smitty:

Sometimes things just workout! Gotta love spreading the wealth. Both players can now say they were West region POY, as both are very deserving.

Maybe that’s what the NABC voters were doing in the Central region!?  ??? :P ;)

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:37:36 pm »

These awards are not decided by numbers.  Numbers mean very little in evaluating how good a player is.  Especially for the coach's awards - these are the guys who see these players day in and day out, break them down on film, etc.  They usually know what they're talking about.  Mistakes can be made, of course (I don't really get Boots over Francis unless you're rewarding his full four year career), but you're not going to find a lot of numbers involved in these arguments; numbers really only get you in the ballpark.

You think the people deciding this have seen both Robert Duax and Brady Rose play? 

I don't buy it.

I agree with Titan Q here. I can almost guarantee that teams from the CCIW don’t follow much of the WIAC outside of the box’scores, unless they have a WIAC team on their schedule that year. I think we are only kidding ourselves saying that coaches are breaking down film from majority of the games for a lot of these players nominated. Even so, film can be misleading if you only watch a couple of games. At least season long stats give us the picture of the WHOLE season. I agree to the point that players can be be better than what their numbers/stats suggest, but when handing out post season awards it makes the most since to base  our considerations mostly on numbers since no one out there has enough time to watch all of these players games.

I do not mind using seniority and career accomplishments as a tiebreaker, but previous season stats and awards are not my favorite way to determine this years awards. So, yes I agree Dennis and Clamage are very worthy of Region POTY, more so than Ed Rupkus based on the play this year. Also, team accomplishments for sure should play a role  in voting, and it to the outside viewer, it appears that it plays some sort of role. It is another  good tiebreaker when two players have pretty equal season stats. I know its not a perfect science, but this one was quite the surprise in my eyes.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: All-American Pool
« on: March 12, 2019, 08:50:38 am »
2015-2016 Lucas Johnson won POTY from a Benedictine team that really surprised a lot of people and brought an undefeated record to Salem to eventually fall to the Tommies in the Natty Champ game.

Johnson was not even recognized to Central All-Region team in 2014-15

I was also quite shocked by this selection. I bet Patron will be honored by the NABC as player of the region. He was also announced to the All-Star team today, so it has still been a good week for him all things considered!

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: All-American Pool
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:29:38 pm »
So I understand Turrell won’t be an All-American, but if he was you shouldn’t get points for that if you had him as ROTY. Likewise, Grizzlies should get points if he did make an all American team, as he specifically noted him, unlike other posters who just had Turrell as a ROTY.

I saw the POTY and ROTY votes and All-American votes as separate entities.

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