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Men's soccer / What do offseasons look like?
« on: January 11, 2020, 01:31:26 pm »
I'm still getting used to the the D3 soccer season. One question - now that the student-athletes are back on campus, what do various team's offseasons look like? workouts? meetings? team oriented? Is there lots of variation between programs...the top ones vs the average ones?


Men's soccer / Re: Re: Liberty League
« on: November 26, 2019, 01:55:19 pm »
I agree...very interesting information for a thread of its own. I'm happy to start one.

I am not a religious person, I'll say upfront. I'm not a table pounding athiest, either. Religious discussion doesn't offend me in any way. (It's kind of like most things where you have a choice... Don't like the show, song, play, etc -- don't watch or partake. Change the channel, walk away.

I, for one, would find a deeper dive on this topic very informative.

I'd be interested as well.  Historically at least in soccer Messiah, Calvin and Wheaton are the big 3.  I didn't realize that North Park is a deeply religious school, and then there are Hope, Gordon, and I'm sure many others.  I would guess there are some deeply religious colleges that also are really bad at soccer....just as there are some upscale New England-style academic D3s that excel with soccer and some that don't.  Some of these different types of colleges also have some fairly circumscribed recruiting pipelines (Messiah/Calvin types from deeply religious high schools, the NESCAC type kids, the NJAC kids, etc, etc).

Another fascinating topic (to me at least) is the psychological hold that our interest has on us, and how strong that hold can be over a number of years....for the Falconer types, ex-parents like myself still following far more closely than our own kids who played, current parents, parents who you can tell are on the site every day long after their own kids' seasons have ended.  I know there is at least something to how we identify with our schools and become passionate to a degree that some of our narcissistic equilibrium (or lack thereof) fluctuates with the successes and failures of our teams.  And when our teams get bounced we're wounded to some degree.  There is something very personal at stake that leads many of us to keep coming back for more.

If there is further discussion maybe we should move out of the Liberty League thread.

Men's soccer / Re: MIAA 2019 Season
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:38:43 am »
Looks like 2019 will be the first time the MIAA has had 3 teams enter the tournament.

Kalamazoo Announcement -
Hope Announcement -
Calvin Announcement - ...

MIAA Sends Three Teams to NCAA Division III Men's Soccer Championship

Posted: Nov 11, 2019
For the first time in Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association history, three teams will represent the MIAA at the NCAA Division III Men's Soccer Championship. MIAA regular season and tournament champion Calvin, along with at-large selections Hope and Kalamazoo, will compete for the 2019 NCAA title. Both Hope and Calvin will serve as First/Second Round host sites.

Calvin (19-1-1) will face UW-Whitewater (15-4-2) in the first round at Zuidema Field Friday, Nov. 15, with the winner of Ohio Northern (13-6-2) and St. Norbert (16-4-2) awaiting the winner of Calvin/UW-Whitewater in the Second Round.

Hope (14-5-1) will take on Ohio Wesleyan (13-5-3) in the first round at Van Andel Soccer Stadium Friday, Nov. 15. University of Chicago (11-1-5) and Dominican (Ill.) (16-2-3) fill out the First/Second Round pod in Holland, Mich.

Kalamazoo (11-4-2) will challenge Centre (16-3-1) in a neutral site contest at John Carroll Saturday, Nov. 16 in Kalamazoo's first NCAA appearance since 2001. John Carroll (17-2-2) and Washington and Jefferson (12-7-2) make up the First/Second Round pod.

The 2019 NCAA Division III Men's Soccer Championship sectional rounds will be contested Nov. 22-24, with the final four teams facing off in Greensboro, N.C. Dec. 6-7.

Men's soccer / Re: MIAA 2019 Season
« on: November 06, 2019, 09:38:18 pm »
Hope over Kalamazoo 2-0.
Calvin over Albion 5-1.

Live feeds showed cold weather with a touch of snow.

Kalamazoo had an interesting season with 3 solid ranked wins (Ohio Wes, North Park and North Central, all 1-0 scorelines)). They only gave up 11 goals, but only scored 28 goals and couldn't solve Calvin or Hope. Looks like they had a game vs Chicago cancelled earlier in the season.

Hope screwed themselves with losses against all their ranked opponents (save Kalamazoo), including North Park, Ohio Northern, Chicago and Calvin. Tough part is that they were less than a minute away from beating Chicago...ouch. So, unless they can upset Calvin, their season will be over on Saturday.

Calvin is playing very well and obviously a top team. But among the top teams, their strength of schedule is on the lower side. Their best wins are vs Chicago and Ohio Northern.

If the chalk holds, the MIAA will once again feature only one team advancing to the tournament.

Men's soccer / Re: MIAA 2019 Season
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:23:16 pm »
Something changed after the original bracket posting

Trine is #6 and plays at #3 Kalamazoo
Albion is #5 and plays at #4 Adrian

Men's soccer / Re: MIAA 2019 Season
« on: October 31, 2019, 08:51:33 am »
Conference tournament has been set, with a few positions settled last night.

One key question - how good is Kalamazoo? They sit at #4 in the Central Region rankings. They have only given up 8 goals on the season, and have given up more than one goal just once (2-1 loss to IL. Wesleyan). But they have only scored 25 goals, and were not able to beat the other top teams in the division. It is hard to depend upon 1-0 wins all the time.

Team          MIAA   Points   Overall
Calvin          7-0       21        18-1
Hope           6-1       18         13-5
Kalamazoo   4-2-1    13        10-3-2
Adrian         3-3-1     10       11-6-1
Trine            2-5        6        6-9
Albion          2-5        6         7-9-1
Alma            2-5        6          5-11
Olivet           1-6        3         4-12-1

Trine played their way into the conference tournament with a 3-0 win over Alma...or maybe Alma played their way out of the tournament. The three-way tie for the final two spots, and seeding, came down to goal differential -  Trine, -6; Albion, -7; Alma, -9

#1 Calvin
#2 Hope
#3 Kalamazoo
#4 Adrian
#5 Trine
#6 Albion

Saturday's Games:
#6 Albion at #3 Kalamazoo
#5 Trine at #4 Adrian

Wednesday's Games
Albion/Kzoo winner at #2 Hope
Trine/Adrian winner at #1 Calvin

Men's soccer / MIAA 2019 Season
« on: August 21, 2019, 01:31:48 pm »
Hello to the Board.

The MIAA pre-season poll was released today:

Note: The preseason poll for MIAA men's soccer awards one point for a first-place vote, two points for a second-place vote, et cetera. Coaches were not allowed to vote for their own programs.

Rank - Team - Points - First Place Votes
1.   Calvin - 7 points - 7
2.   Hope   - 17 points   
3.   Adrian- 20 points - 1
4.   Trine   - 23 points   
5.   Kalamazoo   - 31 points   
6.   Albion - 36 points   
7.   Alma   - 42 points   
8.   Olivet - 48 points   

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