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Round 1
1. ronk - Booker Coplin - Augsburg
2. Hoops Fan - Zac O'Dell - Swarthmore
3. Smitty - Connor Raridon - NCC
4. Osprey - Adam Fravert - UWO
5. Greek - Jack Flynn - Oshkosh
6. Grizzlies - Buzz Anthony - Randolph-Macon
7. NCF - Connor Duax - Oshkosh
8. nescac1 - Matt Folger - Middlebury

Round 2
9. nescac1 - Grant Robinson - Amherst
10. NCF - Jack Farrell - Middlebury
11. Grizzlies - Nate Schimonitz - Nebraska Wesleyan
12. Greek - Conor Harkins - Swarthmore
13. Osprey - Nate Shafer - Swarthmore
14. Smitty - Matt Cappelletti - NCC
15. Hoops Fan - DeAnte Bruton, Nichols
16. ronk

Round 3
17. ronk
18. Hoops Fan
19. Smitty
20. Osprey
21. Greek
22. Grizzlies
23. NCF
24. nescac1


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Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: Yesterday at 07:44:29 pm »
Have you heard that directly Ryan, or is that just rumored?  My guess is Hixon won’t quit for at least two more years given the strength of this year’s sophomores.  And maybe longer.  Also, is Toomey even a lock for the gig?  Lots of other candidates from the big-and-growing Hixon coaching tree come to mind ... seems foolish to (if offered the job) give up a bird in the hand - and one close to Toomey’s North Carolina home - without a guarantee that he will be the successor.

No, entirely speculation.  Sorry.  I should've said something.  He just seems like such a logical successor, whenever that happens to be.  No reason for Hixon to go anywhere anytime soon.

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: Yesterday at 04:55:21 pm »
Aaron Toomey is a finalist for the Hampden Sydney job:

That’s a good gig: great program for many years that has recently fallen on hard times, ample talent base to recruit from.

I thought he was waiting for Hixon to retire.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: OFFSEASON: Mega Draft
« on: Yesterday at 10:47:01 am »

Sure.  I'm traveling less this summer.  Sounds good.  I hope to do better this year.


I'm going to do this, but I want to wait until our player draft is further along, to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Championship Belt
« on: Yesterday at 08:54:43 am »
I'll bet Stevens Point has already started practicing in mouthwatering anticipation of a potential BeltTM matchup next season...

(Too soon?)

Really? Is that necessary? They started last week.

Today's the day, by the way.  It's the deadline for UWSP to submit their plan for accommodating Semling's show-cause order.  If he survives the day, he's definitely staying for the long haul.  The show-cause isn't super odious, so I always expected he'd be fine, but the doubters won't have much evidence by tomorrow.

I forgot we're choosing based on NCAA tourney play, not on regular season play; took Coplin as best player available; now I have to hope they make the tourney.

I was a little startled that was the pick, then thought, "No one believed Aston Francis would get five games; who knows?"

1. ronk - Booker Coplin - Augsburg
2. Hoops Fan - Zac O'Dell, Swarthmore
3. Smitty
4. Osprey
5. Greek
6. Grizzlies
7. NCF

Round 2
8. NCF
9. Grizzlies
10. Greek
11. Osprey
12. Smitty
13. Hoops Fan
14. ronk

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: March 20, 2019, 06:27:11 pm »
I know they're basically a catchall placeholder conference, but how long will the ACAA continue to exist?
Of the 6 teams they had this year, three are leaving (Thomas More to NAIA, Alfred St to AMCC, SUNY Delhi to NAC) leaving them with just Finlandia, Pine Manor, and Valley Forge. There isn't much in the independent ranks to try to bolster their numbers as New Rochelle is closing leaving just UC Santa Cruz and Maranatha Baptist as the only options (and I don't see either joining).
Are there enough schools in the pipeline still working out a permanent conference to keep the ACAA going for the near future?

I believe you have to have seven full-time members to be a conference.  I believe there's a two year grace period, if a conference falls under, to get back to the right size.  I suspect it's more likely the members will join other conferences or go back to being independent.  Pine Manor and Valley Forge have logical conferences near them - if they get their administrative houses in order.  Finlandia has been trying to get into the UMAC for a while; I suspect they'll keep at it.

West Region / Re: MBB: American Rivers Conference
« on: March 20, 2019, 06:22:52 pm »
While Whitman loss four starters, they still have a wealth of experience and talent coming back. Whitworth does as well. The rest of the NWC is improving. I suspect the West - for it's last year of existence in it's current form - will be a bear.

I'm not sure the Whitman defense will ever be as good as it was with Butler and Hewitt running interference, but they have plenty of guys coming back who've played big minutes.  I suspect they'll just get 5 or 6 more minutes per game next year.  They've still got two or three guys who've been all-conference first team selections in the past.  Kind of crazy.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2019 NCAA Tournament
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:23:45 am »
Chicago and WashU will probably be in that region.  But yes we're going to see a few regions heavily lopsided towards one conference or another.

In the above example, it would have been hard to find a team from the NACC, SLIAC or HCAC to rank.  I think the ranking ratio would lead to 6 ranking spots.  It would not have been far fetched to see this ranking.   

1.  Augustana
2.  North Central
3.  Wheaton
4.  Illinois Wesleyan
5.  Elmhurst
6.  Chicago

I assume the new "Great Lakes" would be MIAA, OAC, NCAC, PAC, this year (and many others) it would be all Ohio schools in the 6 ranking slots.

It also means the Pool C process will have 10 teams at the table instead of just 8.

I know Ryan indicated there are alignments located some place ... I am not aware things have progressed that far as of yet. Mainly it is speculation on everyone's part. I suspect the national committee will take that up along with next year's tournament schedule in the offseason.

A number of coaches I talked to last weekend definitely represented that they'd seen the proposed lists.  The New England split seemed less solidified than some of the others; I'm sure it's still a work in progress.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:28:46 am »
Hey... didn't Dave promise an early preseason top 25 before the weekend was over in one of the Live Fort Wayne shows? ??? ;D

I think it was an early preseason All-American list.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« on: March 18, 2019, 06:30:14 am »
One of the more interesting things that Mike Schauer said in the Wheaton postgame press conference on Friday night -- and Mike always says interesting things when you put a microphone in front of him -- was that the semifinal against UW-Oshkosh was the eighth game that Wheaton played this season against the three teams ranked atop the Central Region by the committee (Augie and North Central three times each, UWO twice). That's a quarter of all the games that Wheaton played this season, which is pretty amazing.
Wheaton went 3-5 against that group, beating each team once.

In the 3 wins Aston Francis averaged 42.3 PPG.
In the 5 losses he averaged 31.8 PPG.

Will WC be ranked above Augie and North Central both of which beat them 2 out of 3?

Possibly. Beat ranked Wooster, Augie and Marietta.

My guess is above NCC, below Augie.  But just a guess.  I could argue ANY order of the three.

That's where I ended up.  For a while I had NCC as the best, since they were 2-1 against both Augie and Wheaton, but the other losses on the schedule (especially the loss to Loras) kept me from making my decision so CCIW dependent.  Three great teams regardless.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: All Americans
« on: March 18, 2019, 06:28:40 am »
Smitty Oom, are you going out to Fort Wayne for Championship Weekend? I'm excited to see the All-Star game in person, but I'm trying to figure out how well it will be attended as it is directly prior to the Championship game. Likely going to risk buying general admission weekend passes when I get to Fort Wayne and show up to the All-Star game at about 3:30 when warm ups begin.

That arena is much larger than Salem, where we've been in the past, and there's never really been issues getting a good seat for the All-Star game.  The big X-factor is how many local, hoops-crazy hoosiers will show up to watch.

It was pointed out by sac on the MIAA board that Final Four tix were $15 apiece, which is a rather steep price to pay for a casual fan who doesn't have a strong rooting interest in any of the four teams. That may have helped to keep the attendance down to 2,000 or so, when I think that a somewhat lower ticket price might've brought in a much better house.

Not just the $15, it was the $8 service fee per ticket to do it online which is nearly everyone's first action these days.  First words out of my mouth when I saw that was "screw that".   Whether that's standard or not its a deterrent when you have no dog in the fight and you're looking at $23 to make sure you get a seat.   Add in a parking fee and then the usual overpriced grub inside the arena it gets to be an expensive day for an average fan.

Most D3 games are around 7 or 8 bucks if they even take admission at all.  Now you're asking people to pay twice or even 3 times as much.

It needs a rethink or we're all going to have to be happy with lackluster crowds.

This is the first year they did pre-sales - and they reported 2700 of them over the weekend.  With something like 3600 total sold, I'd say that's a pretty significant percentage.  That does include the team allotments, which have always been available ahead of time.  I'm not sure what you want to do with that data, but there it is.

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