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New York Region / BB: General NY Region Talk
« on: October 18, 2007, 02:03:28 pm »
This is a thread to pick up in the appropriate location from the NCAA tournament thread in the national topics.

National topics / Scoring Questions
« on: June 17, 2007, 09:26:34 am »
Rather then jumble up any of the conference boards I thought I would start a new thread to discuss this type of thing.

OxyBob, Paul Heering, Scuba16, Spence, Franelia, John McGraw & anyone who I missed from the last scoring discussion we all had based on a question I asked about earned runs back in April.

I have not looked in the rulebook, to search out the correct "rule quote" from the book, but I have another question about earned runs.  The box score has not been posted yet, but the announcers referred to these two runs as being earned.  (and the same situation occurred in a game last night with one run being scored as earned). 

Here is what happened (I was listening on the internet so I didn't see any of the plays to be able to provide insights, just from announcers comments):
batter #1 - ground out (one out)
batter #2 - walked
batter #3 - double off the LF wall, #2 advances to third base
batter #4 grounds out and no one advances (two outs0
Pitcher throws a wild pitch - #2 scores earned run
pitcher throws anohter WP - #3 scores earned run
batter #5 reaches on an error by the SS
batter #6 grounds out.

In my opinion you can't score either run as earned as if the SS had not committed the error they would not have scored.  The only way I would have scored them as earned is if batter #5 had gotten a hit... as that would have driven the runners in.

I think it should be like when the pithcer leaves a game, you wait to close out his line until all his batters/runners are done.  In this instance you can't score them earned/unearned until the inning ends and you rebuild it... without errors, Passed balls and wild pitches.

I guess my question is that I know you consider PB's in rebuilding an inning, I always thought you did the same with WP's.  What do you guys say on this?

I look forward to hearing any thoughts and comments you guys have!

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