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General football / Difference between D1 and D3
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:44:19 pm »

This young man breaks it down for you.   ::)

For those that have a pulse on the NCAA what do you think could be the downhill effect for the potential of the D1 conferences realignment into "super" conferences.  Short term, does that mean more revenue for the NCAA to help the lower divisions.  Long term, do these conferences break away and tell the NCAA to get lost and we have to go to the NAIA model (schools pay own way for post-season, etc)?

What do you think?

Yeah...this has been done very well out on the East and South board so I figure we should knock this around out west.  I won't go into great detail but give you my 10 ten list: 

1. 2004 Linfield (Champs)
2. 2003 SJU (Champs)
3. 1999 PLU (Champs)
4. 2000 SJU (Just a FG away from Champs)
5. 2005 UWW (Beat #1 on the road, Stagg Runner up)
6. 2006 UWW (Great run but felt the '05 team was better)
7. 2005 Linfield (Would have been Stagg Bowl bound if not for UWW)
8. 2002 SJU (Defeated an excellent 'Cat team but fell short to the River Walk QB)
9. 2003 Linfield (Gave the 03 champs their toughest and closest game of the playoffs)
10. 2000 Central  (Great defensive squad and wanted to mix it up a bit)

Of course I'm putting Linfield on the top with such a great offense, but 2003 SJU did knock off Mount, and 1999 PLU did with 5 games on the road in their pasting of Rowan.

General football / D3 Videos on the web
« on: August 28, 2006, 01:20:22 pm »
With the explosion of popularity in video sharing sites (i.e. You Tube, PutFile, etc, etc) this would be a good thread to start linking video clips of D3 football in action.

Pat may want to add his 2 cents in on any issues with linking video content on the board but in most cases I donít see anyone throw a fit over old d3 football videos.

Iíll start it off with the latest clip of my Linfield fan site (

****Season Preview Specials Next Week****

Sept 5th:  Season Preview of Linfield's Defensive Returners

Sept 7th:  Season Preview of Linfield's Offensive Returners

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