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Men's soccer / 2016 Recruiting Classes
« on: February 25, 2016, 09:25:30 am »
Great addition to the website to basically add a live tracker of programs 2016 commitments! You never know how many of these are actually legitimate or who is going to try out for programs but cool to see none the less.

Men's soccer / Final 4 on the move
« on: December 11, 2013, 07:19:34 pm »
My first thought when I saw KC as a location was that the final 4 would be played at Sporting Park which would have been incredible.

However it will be played at Swope Park. This sight was used for the Big 12 womens tournament this year. I'm yet to see good pictures online of the park. Of the ones I have seen it doesn't look like there is much seating in the form of bleachers. The sod looks great though and Sporting officials speak highly of it.

I was beginning to think San Antonio was the new permanent home. Toyota Park is such a great venue to host as well.

The final 4 going back to Greensboro is fine by me. Great venue there as well. What do people who have been there for the final 4 think of that location? Did they put on a good show?

Ideally it'd be nice if there was great weather every year at the final 4 which is why San Antonio always was nice to look forward to. No one saw the weather that came to San Antonio this year coming. At least we can prepare for a freezing cold Kansas City (same weekend MLS cup was played, which set a new record for coldest MLS cup ever) instead of being mislead by San Antonio. Greensboro weather is usually around the mid 40's-mid 50's around then I believe.

What are other peoples thoughts on the change of venue? Kansas City is sort of a head scratcher.

Side note: Division 1 released their next 4 college cup destinations today and with the exception of BBBA in Houston one year, they are all cold weather locations (minus Cary, NC which is hit or miss)

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