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Men's soccer / Great Lakes Region
« on: October 06, 2015, 10:51:39 am »
I found myself posting about Great Lakes region teams in just about every other topic, none of which are really focused on this region, so I thought I'd create a spot for it for anyone else interested in the region...

Kenyon now 4 from 1 after week 4 loss to DePauw on D3 Soccer poll.  Will be interesting to see where they land on NSCAA later today.  DePauw made it into top 25 for D3 as well.  Current Great Lakes teams in D3 top 25:

#4.  Kenyon (down from 1 after 1-0 loss to DePauw)
#9.  Denison (up from 13 following W's vs Heidelberg and Hiram)
#13. Carnegie Mellon (down from 7 following big 4-2 loss vs Brandeis
#17.  Thomas More (up from 24)
#24.  DePauw (just made list after 1-0 win vs previously #1 ranked Kenyon)

Receiving votes: Case Western (98), OWU (19)

I think I'd put TMC ahead of CMU in my own ranking due to the draw at Westminster, but it's not a quantitatively objective opinion. 

Interestingly, Massey now has:

TMC 1st of all Great Lakes teams at #8
Kenyon 2nd at #11
Denison 3rd at #14
Case Western 4th at #22
DePauw 5th at #25
OWU 6th at #34
CMU 7th at #46

I think Massey has it closer to my sense of current team strength/ability than D3 Soccer.  Kenyon vs. TMC would make a very interesting game, as it did last year in round 1 in Gambier, ending in PK's... 

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